Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Heart is 'His'

Oh my Father, today I have yearned from the time my eyes were peeking into the morning to come and openly express something burning inside.  I have a heart that won’t stop dancing this morning.  I am so tickled over these moments and know that just yesterday I was asking you what brings my heart so low. 

YESTERDAY’s THOUGHTS: My Lord, what brings the heart so low?  What takes away the solid from our ground when even our head knows that You are building?  Why does one feel as though the skin is pinched as our structure forms the unity of Your Plan?  I ask myself these questions and find such empty troubling thoughts.  I ask You, You who are the One that gives me Insight, and still come up with only tears. Oh sure, I have answers if one were to insist I spill but when faced with the Lightening of Your Power, I fall immediately knowing I am clueless.  Do I base Your Faithfulness with my own?  Do I crumble because I think You must surely have a few cracks in Your System? Have I secretly thought I have 'tried' it all and it didn't work? Where did Hope travel which was with me only moments ago?  Why does despair show up to visit by bringing along its friend that never stops talking of its eternal plan to live within. Am I lost when this pinch demands my attention, or was I lost long before my eyes beheld its presence?  If so, then when and how does one see the slip which leaves us wondering in this circle unable to find the end because we are unaware of the start?

My Great Father, I am real… I am so emotional and have the thrill of being a woman with genuine thoughts, fears, hopes, to ask what is Real and Deep in the heart You placed within me, and it takes me to all the Corner Places of You as I am fearless to speak my heart to You who knows my secrets before I speak.  For where can I go but to the One that knows me best as I sway back and forth with the music of my soul?  I have moments of glee that give me wings to fly the height of eagles where I see both heaven and earth full of Your Glory and Wonderments; but sometimes I swim in the ocean of despair where my drowning takes all my words and courage to keep trying.   I look back at life and review the waves of its coming full force and the Float back into Your Arms of Mercy every time.  I see the Divine as it Blows over my life with its Air to Sustain me.  I marvel!  Oh how I marvel.   For the Dance of life in You gives me movements to follow the Greatest of all Dancer.  The Hands that Hold mine is so Gentle and His Guidance keeps me moving even when I step on toes.  Father, I release something within that Sings the Notes to this Dance with the host of those giving their heart also to You.  Together with all the nations we offer our heart… the treasure You deserve… the gift from those You Created.  Our heart is Yours…! The Beauty of our Song is from the Substance that You have placed so deep within the center of our existence.  That which we are formed from… You!… the Divine!… the Blood that has given us our transfusion to become the Roar of Your Holiness.  Declaring Your Make of people in Your Image.  Father, who has set the stars in order, who has placed us, your stars that reflect Your Son, in Exact Place of Your Divine.  Together the praise of Your Love comes from our mouth but that is only because our heart is so full of what You have done, how You did it, where it takes us, heights of the Majestic in You.  You are so Holy, taking our breath away and replacing it with Your Lungs, Your Voice, Your Power, Your Goodness, Your Abundance, Your very LIFE…!  With the greatest of ease comes the Song of Deliverance that takes our feet to Dancing.  For we were once dead but now Live as New Creations after the Likeness and in the Favor of Your Goodness.  For what has this world got to offer that can come even to the skirts of what Your Abundance gives.  When I cry, I cry to the Healing of my emotions and I have found that You not only Give the Strength of Your Arms but You Collect my tears and Place them before the Alters of Heaven’s Thrown as Your Treasures from those You Created.  Knowing in our faltered state we are safely gathered to now Receive from Your Fountain of Eternal Rewards rather than temporary warmth of fleshly satisfaction.  Oh God, so far from our understanding and Looking deep to the Ends of Your Accomplishments in us, hear my Song this day of love.  Hear me Sing my Notes together with others of Your Purchased Blood and let it Rise to the Heights of worship that belongs to You.  I dance with the offering of my heart to You and stand knowing You are ALL I NEED.  Guide each breath my lungs take and may it be the sweet offering of praise to Your Ears.  I love… oh how I love You with passion.  Oh how I love… oh how I love with passion…!  My heart, oh Lord, my heart is Yours.  

I am grateful this Thursday... oh I am very grateful.  My heart has been given and in return I have found the Ultimate Love that satisfies.  When did you give your heart?  Have you given and taken like me?  Isn't is amazing how He continues to Stand Waiting for the same Moments our soul longs for?