Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jesus Blushes With Me Over Poppa's Love

Hearing a voice sound in the afar off … hearing a thought from a distance…catching my attention and all things drop as I run to its sweetness. More beautiful than I can take completely in, for beauty I've seen, but each glimpse appears to me like new.  And none like its sound piercing straight to the refreshing of a mind. 

There it is, caught up in a wind and floating as the breeze carry’s it place to place.  Landing is the furthest from its dream for the weightlessness works wonders to the resting of body and spirit.  I join its drift as I lift my soul to fly with the sights and enthusiasm of love’s call.  Looking not backwards, but just as I am, rising to sojourn with my Lord, His Name, Jesus, who blushes with me over Poppa’s love and generous heart to extravagant gifts.  “Jesus”, I say, and I giggle like I am being tickled with a blowing kiss of sensational affection. 

Taking me to a faster heartbeat, the wind rocks me to its fascinating strikes.  I laugh with delight as it covers me with His observation.  Giving up my time, my own hungers, my wondering, seems as if it were my choice; and yet His love was so charming, my mind only switched to see His face , hear His sound, and I was overcome with gracious beauty.  Now I wonder but in a new kingdom, with same need for time and hungers but the choices for my appetite streams from heaven’s rain.   Difference in kingdoms is that one kingdom is for what it offers now and then dissolves, but His kingdom offers the astonishment of now - to live eternal.  I have tasted the love of my Lord and I set into the eternal.

Hear the sound, oh I hear the sound and it draws me to never return to the kingdom of now.  How painful are the pleasures that fade.  How precious the kingdom of eternal.

Gathering from His Sound that drips love with every step.  Like a sound released to never find end is love exchanged in the kingdom of eternal.  Like a wanderer in search of east from west, never finding the wall.  His Sound, His love breaks the enemy my soul entertains that I am not enough, I am not of worth.  It melts the steel wall built to withstand shame and kisses away guilt.  His Name Jesus explodes freedom to never stop until eternal reigns to shout Poppa’s love above all things.  Swelling upon, within, around the vessels of his creation; accomplishing His perfect will done with zealous pleasure.  “Jesus”, the Name sings known and unknown knowledge to man.  “Jesus”, the Name moves known and unknown joys to wreck the enemy that was sent to put down the glory of such sound.

I Am His Pride Of Who He Is

Thank You Poppa
 for times with Your Face before me 
and Your Grace upon me..!!!

Rocking back and forth in my chair as His Substance whirls like a sweet voice that has entered, and the emotions of my soul consumes what it brings me.  Daily I wish… oh I long to be the creation that runs to His feet and sits… sits, as what He is all about has my eyes and my attention.  

Where is the Holy Mountain… oh, it is the cloak that is rendered to give my cold body warmth to mend my sadness.  For I was taken away by silliness and He is furious at what took a child’s innocence.  Our innocence.  But watching me run, watching me weep in His Love as I jump to be held and whirled by His Voice into the air that causes me to giggle again like the child He made me, tickles Him into showing me off to all the eternal of who He is.  

How sensitive His whole being is that I have more than enough to find the Light of His Joy.  For watching me crawl, walk, or run…I am His pride of who He is.  

 my gift from Him,
my sisters and brothers of love…!!!  

Crawl, walk or run… 
the giggle of love you give Him 
is delightful.

Oh to be looking for Him.  To climb over the hills and look under rocks to find the Word that whispers but has the power of untold changes.  Sifting for me like a filter, instructions for my next clue, my next adventure that will surprise me like a gift for no reason.  

Brightly coloring His steps so I can pick up on His wonder and enjoy the race; as each glimpse breaks me into laughter.   Behind every turn, He listens for my steps so that He can lead as a calm Poppa with such confidence in His plan for me.  

Spirit flows - 
as together 
the teaching I receive along the way 
has the flavor 
I was craving.  

When I do not know which emotion to release, the trees and fields of the world around me burst into the praise of dancing to encourage me keep going, Trinity is speaking.  Lifting their strong hold so as to decorate for Poppa; as long as needed!   Spirit raising me to meet Word, I look for His Son, Jesus.   

Oh to be looking for Him…!
I know no love like His.