Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wars My God Starts and Finishes

Be encouraged, oh my soul
for war is upon you.  
The fight my God manifests 
when I worship Him.  
The praise that extends 
into the heavens 
as His glory comes down 
to cover my life and situations.  
War more fierce than fire in wind.

The wonders of His sound 
that shakes all mountains I had.  

The assignments released 
as I cry 
my love to the maker, 
the only One God, 
whose goodness is my driving force 
to find the amazement.

The dance of my feet, 
give speed to His delight 
He breaks the enemy’s attachment 
to my mind and my steps.  

I give such high praise 
for it is all about who He is, 
who and what 
His work does in my life, 
His spilling of Grace 
over me; 
for I cannot obtain 
an ounce of freedom 
from my own worry and fret.  

I lift my thought, 
my complete exultation 
of how deeply I love Him; 
for He is absolute 
with constant out pour
 and the power 
of electrifying current 
goes from Him.  

His presence is like a fire 
that takes my total stare 
as I meet its beautiful captivation.  

Mighty, like a sound so high 
it is only heard with aid, 
is the warring God 
with all power, 
looking upon me and giving orders.  

I take what I am, who I am, 
where I am, and I offer to Him 
my surrender and acknowledge my praise 
to join the city of God 
and decorate this wall 
with voices of who He is.  

Over and over 
in waves non-stopping force 
is resurrection work 
piercing my heart 
to conform to the One I adore.  

He has fountains 
that will never dry 
and He connects their direction 
to my life.  

Revival fire causes war within me 
and His fight is fierce 
as I worship; 
declare who He says He is, 
who His existence melts, 
where mercy endures, 
why I am, 
to give my heart full of praise 
that His glory 
fills the heavens and earth.   

War, my soul cries, 
war as I blow the Shofar 
to call all my thoughts 
into right standing 
to inhabit He who comes 
to those who praise.  

For my God starts and finishes
Wars for those who praise Him.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Faithful To Know His Promises When I Cannot Remember

I come, my Comforter,
 for the songs that keep coming up 
swing me into a giggle 
to replace my lack 
I have tried to fill. 

Frantically I attempt 
the rushing mighty ‘must do’ 
that pushes me into high gear 
and when it is over, 
I find something 
that raises a million more questions….
”What was I wanting it to accomplish?”  

It has a nice feel 
to give power 
to my screaming want list 
but if I stop and think 
about what it paid, 
I giggle for it is so short 
of that place 
where I have laid down 
my own mountain 
and pursued Your presence 
that is constant 
and takes me to the ultimate prize.  

I love how no matter what, 
You direct to the riches 
that will expand my heart 
to bigger and better.  

May my eyes never grow weary 
of finding this?  

May I still my soul 
to know that after I hear Your Name 
for 10,000 years, 
I will have only begun 
to know Love together with Trinity?  

For Holy means eternal perfect, 
past forever correctly designed, 
and my heart becoming the strong 
You created me to be 
in Your Holiness.  

To know love like this, 
I must have it to the extreme 
You meant it to be.  

The sense of love 
can be confusing 
as it will lean to its own understanding; 
but the pureness of love 
walks tall beside me 
whether I am in step 
or if I am completely sideways.  

Love will embrace me 
with the power of truth 
and not the silliness 
of padded compromise.  

Faithful to know Your promises 
when I cannot remember 
or seem to crawl out of my own pain, 
may I say Your Name 
as a believer and 
child within this kingdom forever.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Can I Walk Up To His Presence

One might be facing a devastating event and call upon the Name of Jesus, and faithfully His Voice, His wonders come in like a flood for us to behold.  But what about those who want to walk up to this place and wonder about at will.  How is this done?  How can I come boldly to the throne...?  How can I 'be in' His presence? 

Think about
'Inside' His presence, 
inside His Name, the kingdom of my Lord named Jesus.  

Eyes to see Poppa and to feel love created so advanced beyond us but we can go and come back to tell about it.  Inside His presence, inside His Name, Jesus, the simplicity of amazement, where the body designed to last me only while upon earth, has not my thoughts.  

Walk with me, walk slowly and move only as the wind blows.  

Lean forward and He will show you how His love comes.  
Listen for whispers and not the banging of demands. 

Look before you as if a door, His door, His line you want to cross.  Walk to it and look around.  No need to hurry for it is always there.  Ponder what might be inside.  Allow the gift of imagination have you as He awakes in excitement of who has come to dine with Him.  See Him lighting candles (pathways) as He turns on all the possible encouragements about you to stay - and dare to knock. 

See Him calling for assigned angels to make preparations for the room you will enter.  Have you enjoyed the longing to know?  Tell Him.  Have you enjoyed the curiosity of what this could be all about?  Tell Him.  

Feel His yearning for you to come.  Feel His eyes piercing with a burn He dreams you will be so encounter by, that you make Him ‘your’ choice.  His toes begin to wiggle, His shoulders pull back and for a second He closes His eyes to imagine you in His arms; in His kingdom His son, Jesus, walked out for you, for now – not just for the here-after.  

For Poppa is, was, always will be, and it was a grand day when His decision was made to create you.  For these moments He did so, and with this, He burst forth in song over you.  Now as always has been, so relaxed in His own love, He has confidence that never falters, He lifts His song of you higher as a dance is what His heart orders.  

The wind of His dance fans the flame you feel and your yearning takes steps forward, for how can a heart not be excited of such life pumping within.  

You cross over. You stop - not knowing what to expect, but wanting to ‘feel’ what drawing closer gives to your sensitive emotions; looking around for emotions that taste like none other.  

For His tangible presence travel all around you!  Closer, now so much closer, it’s as if you feel you’re breathing much softer, which is odd for before you hardly notice you have been breathing.  He is inside.  

Often something reminds you of your earthly humanity, and you moan you lost the presence of Holy.  But that yearning, this pain of loss, takes you right back to where you were – there inside.  Inside His presence and all the nerves of your body gives sigh of such a place.

Inside, now inside, you may weep or leap, but most react in some humanly fashion.  Being human becomes secondary to being spiritual, and what comes out of your mouth from your heart fascinates you in a new way.  Now, you speak to hear yourself - rather than speak to be heard.  Enlightened, you realize when you have seen/heard others in this place, it isn't their right or wrong, it is ‘His love’ that took them here.  You realize the door you imagine is your heart not open, with His love knocking in constancy for entrance. 

If you are new to this place, you fight with your mind to stay for it knows you well and you do not deserve such a visit of Holy and facts will rise up to remind you.  But as this place begins to saturate with the mysteries of Poppa God’s love, your own royalty or famine you tag yourself as being, fades; and deliverance for the richest and poorest become on ground level with Him.

His first question is almost like a little child awaiting with so much excitement, you find it amazingly simple; yet your own mind fills with more complex thoughts racing than you can keep up with. 

He asks, “What can I do for you?”  

Overwhelmed with His love, a conversation begins. Here, inside His presence, you melt.