Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nobody Attitude

Oh True One, One of Simple Love 
that carries the whole of creation.  

My many words 
take a back seat 
to my heart that speaks 
with a single attraction 
to You.  

For I do not want 
to just speak of You 
but I want to 
feel You move, 
I want to feel Your power 
that shifts me 
and takes me 
from earth to Glory.  

Full emotions of life 
like a text to a son… 
carrying my thoughts 
to hug him with extreme emotions, 
attempting to convey 
what is squirming so passionate within.  

This sunshine that consumes me, 
this mama love; 
Oh God, 
I yearn 
to hear the same from You. 

Love from a Perfect Father 
which has eyes for me.  

My God, 
the only Absolute, 
who is Holy, 
moving His Spirit to find me 
in only weakness, 
lifts my head to cause me to know 
my face is upon Your Heart.  

My body wants to crumble 
under such love, 
crawl under something, 
as my eyes drop.  

But You pick me up 
so gently under my arms 
so that I am 
to resist, 
and sit me on Your Lap.  

You hold me and smile 
as I embarrassing accept unmerited favor.  

Eyes now staring 
and a smile across Your Face, 
You wait for me 
to tell You my story today.  

Listening so intently, 
as if You have nothing else to do.  

Difficult to believe 
You have such an attention 
to my silliness, 
I cannot but smile back.  

But then it hits 
and I am changed from 
rags to riches and 

Somehow I was 
wearing clothes of a beggar 
and within a twinkle 
I look about me 
and I am draped 
with the apparel of a princess.  

The music in my heart 
changes and now I hear 
the Waltz of Your Heart Beat 
and it seems to sing 
its Love Song for me.  

Closest as I dare to know, 
I lay my cheek against You 
as I hug this moment.  

Oh it is Rich. 
Love that has substance now, 
melts upon me as if it is oil.  

So warm is this oil 
that flows so slowly.  

Like a walk in a misting rain, 
I raise my head 
to feel it with all that I am.  

For now it seems 
to be the total of my atmosphere, 
inside and out.  

I hear You say… 
Go Play, sweetheart.”  


"Oh yes, 
for my Love Covers you.  

I look about me 
and see such Beauty.  

Again with such question, 
for it is not easy 
to dare think so much is for me.  

I speak… 

He looks deep within my heart’s eyes 
and says again 
with the Whisper of His Heart, 
I am there, everywhere.” 

The Potter has looked upon His work 
and is satisfied.  

I expand my heart 
as I release the tears that burst.  

I allow the pain of my 
“nobody” attitude 
to run away
as tears come.  

For I realize the ONLY thing 
that has kept me 
from Knowledge of His Love so ready, 
is when I have allowed 
such a message 
have its toil upon my being.  

His chase for my heart wins, 
as I surrender in my words 

“I’m Yours.”   

Not as one might think 
of how that requires, 
but as a Knowledge 
of a claim from a maker.  

Arguing that a maker 
did not design and make, 
only prolongs the clay 
from enjoying who made it; 
nothing to do with fact of creation.  

So I lose my argue, 
I rejoice that I was made… 
made from One 
that knew His Plan and Purpose 
from His Beginning and End.  

His Glory will fill the earth 
as His Love is planted 
in the hearts of His creation.  

We are in His Hands.