Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, March 21, 2011

Love That Takes Away My Previous Understanding

Yearning inside swells
as Whispers Fall like soft rain
and begin to Soak my thoughts. 
Come, says the Rain.  Come, Says Love, as the Pitter-Pat of Warm Sounds make Their way to my heart’s hearing.  

So I run to the Mountain of Your Shadow where the Train of Your Glory Fills the Sphere of my existence.  Where Intimacy is so Extreme no other can gather there with me.  Just You and I caught together as a New Song escapes my heart to lift the weight of Love that You have Ravished over me. 

My heart searched and without disappointment, I arrive to find such a Special Intimacy.  An Intimate Place that has Sweetness even at its Door.  I can hardly catch my breath in anxiousness, full with anticipation of what is to come.  I stop at the Door with my eyes wide open to consume and gather all that I can visualize.  

I am overwhelmed with
Love’s First Words,
“ooooOOOoo, Thank you For Coming, My Love for you Is Extraordinary Today!” 

Its Sound hits every weakness I have and suddenly, Strength of Your Song Gives my weariness Fresh Food I find only at Your Banquets.  Tears escape my eyes, for even though my heart knew of Love’s Extreme, the Moment carry’s such Fragrance to all my senses, I allow His Words Surround me in His Captivation of my visit. 

I am so full of need and painful failures and yet His First Words are Fashioned from Pure Love and Acceptance.  The Solid of this Emotion and the Piercing of its Direction towards me is something New Created each time, again and again, forming Higher and Higher in me to be a vessel to carry such a Portion of Wonder.  I wait and I empty myself of thoughts of self worth or words that want to come to qualify such Tender Love Over me and for me!  I find no score in my findings. I accept the Generous Gift in which I have nothing in return to pay, accept who I am, surrendering to His Love.  I step forward Drenched in the Substance of such Great Love. 

I again fall but His Eyes Catch me; His Voice Beckons me to Rise and Live.  I speak, How can I stand? How can I move? For I am trembling as I see with Newness, Your Love so Pure!

Your Love moves me to humility that
takes away my previous understanding. 

Your Arms are Outstretched and without a distraction or waver You Show me that You have been Waiting, and all Your Thoughts are to Bring me Closer to even this Moment.  Even this Day You have Made for me and Your Pleasure over me.  This Moment is of Grandeur Purposes as the Saturating Gift of Your Love Never Lets Up.  You Never Take Your Eyes off of me.  Every word I utter, every step I take, every sound of my heart is Filtered to my Father by Love’s Pure Eyes upon me as He Continues to Make Everything Beautiful for me. 

I give in…everything within me weeps. 

I am His; and by His Love in Constant Motion towards me, and with Love Holding me, I accept such a Gift.  Totally in the Intimacy of Divine, I give my self to play in His Courtyard of my heart.  Reaching to give room for His Jealous Love for me, I surrender to the Call that Whispers its Soft Rain to come. 

I run. 
I run to the Love that Carry’s my world.