Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Sitting within the presence of One so pure, I am taken to the truth of hate and its beauty and design for all pain while on earth. Wondering about in this troublesome emotion, I have pondered its continued push to not leave me.  Why be such a companion?  Why pierce my heart with this insistent but gracious pond of memories and acts of foolishness.  Why bother me day and night with begging pleas of attention. 

I run to another thought, thinking maybe, just maybe it will go away.  But I find it dead center in this phrase as well.  Hate is in my life.

I find the mind very confused while the heart seems in perfect peace.  I give stage to the heart as cries come from One so pure that unless I learn to hate what One hates and love what One loves, I am stranded in the breaking process of failure.  

It is difficult to look at others and find hate as a safety, but encouraged to continue, I proceed. 

Eternity speaks and now I’m seeing not just today but the tomorrow of my soul.  Hate must be addressed so it can find its destiny.  The war must be called to attention so change of the fairest delight can make entrance.  

So I dare look it in the eye.  Ugly, vaporous stink more than substance.  Its sticky blackness is smeared in unbelievable places.  Places I would not have dreamed it could take form. Walking about on me, and other non-suspicious minds all around me, with its slow crawl to invade and cover.  

How terribly embarrassed to be such a welcome vessel to house such sneaky intruders!  Screaming for the awakened hearts everywhere to see the invasion, I am shut down and thrown into a corner, guarded by words swearing I will not have leave.

But as my heart is held in this awareness, I notice the wide open world of song about me; as if I see, but the warriors of another army came to blind my enemy from seeing me.  Now bound to truth of love and hate, Beauty comes and chooses me as decor for projects I've yet to discover, while swiftly guiding me to stand as display for perfect announcements. 

Waiting; I find waiting in this amazing room my new favorite meal.  My indescribable breath-taking movie theater of adventure, I’m frozen to watch activity One is doing.  

I’m curious to wonder if I would ever want to leave and yet it appeared I was thrown in to die. 

Hate, when held to be the salvation Love is doing, separates you to Heaven from the hell you live in at times. 

Safety In Speed

Catching the Wind is impossible, 
or is it?  

Like a sailboat upon the waters, 
with its sail set high 
and moved by the power 
of this unseen 
but wonder of mystic substance; 
I climb 
and speed race often.  

Making the decision 
to be listening for its sound, 
patience to wait with want 
built extreme with desires, 
I open my sail (heart) 
for the exposure 
to be carried by its passing.  

For the adventure 
is the refuge of a weary soul, 
the abundance of trust is mine 
that I previously looked for 
in the ground which does not move.  

Questions come 
with answers packed in songs 
rather than holes left 
by swords of accusations 
from missed marks of attack. 

Now in the safety of speed, 
I am where I am going - 
not trying to get there!   

Oh Wind, 
spread your force about me 
and whisk my feet 
from ground that crumbles 
and take me 
to the safety 
of Spirit’s tornadoes.