Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, May 30, 2011

Knowledge Of Need

Today I am rejoicing in such a Mighty God that has the stability of Always..! 
He is ALWAYS.  An Absolute. 

I am unstable but have learned to be fearless in taking my brokenness to His Love to Heal.  I found this broken prayer that I wrote March 3 of this year.  What a hand full I must surely be.  Many times, the most needed times to call out to God is the hardest. 

Father, I just want to say thank You for pulling me out of my despair time and time again. 

 Knowledge of Need...
What happens when the sun sets on your heart? 
The darkness of your soul comes out as you walk the road that sees no end. 
You run awhile,
you make noises,
in hope someone might surely hear. 

God has brought you to meet yourself and the image reflects your fears. 

I am at this place, knowing I am walking,
walking with His Love takes me to His Face so Powerful
but oh how difficult when flesh gets smashed and crushed by the Knowledge of His Word. 

Today I lift my voice in praise after His Precious Spirit
makes Repair and Builds back the Work of God’s Faithfulness. 

I found a hole in my heart
and out came pouring the tumbling of brokenness and despair

Knowledge of Who God is takes me to
visualize a Place I am not
and sets my heart aflame. 

His Word made flesh so long ago still Walks with me through the day’s journey while I wonder in His Love Portals as Truth Knocks at my heart for the changes that will take me to the side of
Joy Unspeakable. 

 I find a Strength that I knew not was there until I knew my weakness. 

Spilling out the pain of what crushes around me,
I found the Gathering of heavens looking on to see the outcome of one so drawn into the burden of sin and instability. 

For I was taken to the Cross and found guilty
by the Word of Weight so Pure;
I was drawn to the Hill where Footprints had been left. 

 I was Judged and found in want. 
I am that one, the one who hammered the nail

I am the one who tricked Him and demanded He give me answers. 
I stoned His Word in my heart for the pain it brought. 
I am the one, one who hammered the nail of death. 

I was Ordered before His Word and saw His Spirit Alive and I trembled as I cried. 
I wept with a tortured heart as I sent out begs of Mercy. 
My song was of stain from sin’s cloak. 

Oh, what shame, with the world at my fingertips and the pleasures of taste at my call, I satisfied my flesh. 

I am the one, the one who hammered the nail.

In much sorrow I lament.  In hindsight I see His Righteousness. 
I am Wooed into His Arms as Wisdom encircles the Skills of His Life for me.

An Invitation is Written as I watch. 
A Party is in the Making. 
A Spread of Glorious Clothing is Laid Out for me and its fit has been Ordered in my size. 

A Curtain is Opened and I am Directed to Wash in His Blood. 

He forgives me and opens my eyes to see that though I am fallen,
He has Risen and He bids me to Come Join His Celebration;
be His spotless bride
as I surrender to His Change. 

 I am lost but He has the Way and repentance of sin is the Doorway to His Heart.
The Word of Salvation came to Open its Light. 
I am Found by the Spirit of Faithful Watching. 
His Watching…!