Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Women of Bitterness

I must cry with passion this morning for I have just implanted within my heart a beautiful story.  A story His Spirit quickened me to open, to rehearse and ponder as the morning sun rises to say hello.  Oh with Joy I see His Salvation.  With Comfort I see His Hand so large it Holds all.  I am centered in His Hand with room to roam as It Covers my heart and path to explore.  I see birds playing in the trees as the morning give it’s offering to their needs.  From tree to tree they scatter to glean from what their Creator has provided so that today a song escapes to cause the music of Praise echo their flight.  So effortless they soar and mindless to play as earth has abundance to wonder.  And so I sing.  And so I soar.  For I am more Worth, says He who constantly Proves He Loves me.  In my busyness I fly from place to place scattering to find the provision of my needs, for my Creator has Laid out the Harvest for me to Glean His Love, and my Baskets become abundantly full in so much I cannot consume it all.  How sweet to watch as many Drop their best for me to gather, this Love Brought to me, so I too may lay it at the feet of my circle.  For I have daughters of blessings.  Those of Great Price such as the story unfolds in the Book of Ruth, oh how sweet that my Beloved Took my heart to, this dawn of His Day.  This women was given the name of Naomi, but from her loss Naomi changes her name to Bitter for she had tasted the riches to plant and grow life among her loves and yet fallen to lose it all.  Her heart was of great love for her family and this new place of loss made her grow bitter.  But God was placing the Fruit of His Provision around her so her Path would be made clear and she dared to let go of her old god and follow back to the Home, the God of her heart.  Then His Miraculous again gave way to her eyes as she found favor among her circle.  One was devoted to her, one was sincere, one was hungry for what she saw and heard from within the heart of a beginning.  So she remained attached and God gave Favor as birthed within the one so devoted came the son of, the son of, the son of David the King, the man after her God’s heart.  To Glean the Fields of His Kingdom brings the Harvest of Riches unknown, tomorrows of Joy, dances of the Flight of Lightness.  Good morning Son of the Most High to whom was born through the linage of one so broken and bitter.  Bright is the Light that You are Wrapped in and Powerful to Remove bitter from the soul as Son shines to chase away unwanted deeds of darkness and gloom.  For on goes the Life of the inheritance of faithfulness to generation to generation.  On goes the Praises of my heart for I am Blessed with Your Favor.  My children are Carried to hear the Heart Beat of Your Love and Stolen to its Warmth will be their Heart as well.