Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Saturday, March 31, 2012


I cry so deep, my Lord, oh I cry so deep.  The thirst I hold has my mind, my soul, my heart, with all the waiting of forever waiting.  The wait that sounds of loud trumpets and dancing joys.  Reaching to the ultimate of existence for the drink that will come as I cry for its fountain that flows so sweetly.  I wait with my heart pounding as my eyes dance with a countenance of expected glory to fall.  My heart sings so loud the heavens are awakened, the greater things fall around me to play as I move to the pull of desire.  Beauty takes its form within me that has me following so fast towards this place filling up.  The Holy of Your Name takes me into something different each moment so that I am in constant thrill.  The trees smile, the earth dances, the sky shakes, as the glory takes over the earth.  Silence has lost its grip and now voices take on the Spirit who directs this New Song.  Revealed is the emotions of a Love soaking its substance to capture me for none other sound or drink.  Oh dance, my soul, oh dance to the rhythm of a Name God Sounds upon my soul.  Sweet Glory rings a note that carry’s me up and up and up and up.  My arms surrender to an outstretched position so that I miss nothing.  My head is lifted to see the tops of mountains where I was once lost in its valley.   I send every emotion I own to be painted in His Love so that I will be adorn in His wardrobe.  No wait has ever taken me like this wait that sings.  Come and fill me, come fill me as I wait.  Oh what a glorious wait.  Will I ever be the same after this moment?  Will I ever know the person I was after I have tasted this drink of Your Love.  I am in a fire of desire for You, my Lord, my souls desire.  I am gone in an existence of Alleluia’s that dance its praise.  I am wasted in wanting nothing else.   Your Face I seek.  Waiting, crying out forever, waiting.  Oh what a beautiful place of wait.  Oh God, can this grow?  Can this wait be of greater abundance?  Oh how purposely I sing my praise.  My dance seems more like a run.  How fast can this glory spread?  I breath, oh I breath for I lost consciousness of its movements.  You are the Greater Things.  You reply to the thirst of my soul with satisfactions I can gaze upon.  Waiting, oh I love waiting.  I knew so little of waiting.  I sink into Your waiting. Oh, I wait, wait, wait for I am in Your Glory.  I am Yours and I wait as I sing and dance for I cannot stop.  I wait as You prepare my life, my eternity, my New Song for each moment of forever.  I love You with all that You have given me to know.  I love You with all that You have soaked me in.  Love me deeply for there is where I wait.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Your Smile Is Worn On So Many Faces Before Me

Poppa, Your warmth has lifted me to such a wonderful Place, I am so blessed. Your Smile is worn on so many faces before me.  They disperse Your Sweet Comfort with such affectionate healing You have intended it to accomplish.  You are truly the Kind Nurturing my steps find as I journey through my days Given.

Seeking You is like knowing the greatest of treasures is about to be mine; and then – there it is – so tender in the hearts You Created to inflame Your Glory upon the earth.

May I exalt You?  May I cover the sky with my words of praise?  May I cheer of Your Love shown about me in this blanket of passionate people who carry Your Zealous Spirit?  May I listen as I watch Wisdom tumble from heart to heart creating the Build of Your Work within us?  May I run to catch every Thought Spirit has to Fill me with?  Oh how sweet, oh how pleasant to soak in such a room as Your Presence.

Shining is the face that holds Your Countenance and Rich are those that hold it not, but frivolously scatter all they have; allowing Love’s Smile rest upon every passerby - never in a panic to hoard.

Oh, may I?  May I chase You as I would a beautiful fluttering butterfly in hopes it would find my finger to land?  May I reach to the sky?  May I childishly assume You are here for me?  May I open my heart with dreams it will be filled above capacity with the romance my imagination takes me.  May I?  Oh, may I?

Seeking You is like knowing the greatest of treasures is about to be mine; and then – there it is – so tender in the hearts You Created to inflame Your Glory upon the earth.

Your Smile is worn on so many faces before me.