Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Decision Making

The thought that a decision can change so many things in my life, is a position I seldom ponder; but God seemed to unfold the great heavens and earth with decisions.  Pondering His work and then making that decision to Speak it into this/our now. 

How about the ‘decision’ to bring us to life?  He knew us far before we were.  It had been His decision to call me/you forth.  My decision to follow Christ is a life changer that took my eternity to an amazing treasure gather-er; gathering moments to take with me into the eternal.  He is good.  

This morning, I am pondering what decisions I will make… those big and small, eternal or just this fleeting moment; and graciously I am beginning to see that already in this early morning of this day… I have made several.  I have sneezed several times… I decided to get up and blow my nose. :0)  I have read a few FB post and decided to ‘like’ some.  

I have wondered about, wanting to hear from God’s love - do I press through to hear?  I decided (thought it and decision made) to position myself to WANT to hear – not what I want to hear but ‘what do You want to tell me’?  

Today is a decision making day, as the rest of my life… so in the quiet and in the storm, I position myself to think and make the choice… leaning to hear and move with His Peace as my guide.  My soul sings of His love.  

With more caution, I want to meet God with my decisions today.  

How do we do this… follow Peace!  His Peace!  It’s the calm of all your scattered thoughts. It’s the inhale of a thought okayed by your heart.  It’s the smile inside.  It’s the song that starts with just a hum.  It is a Place…as like the many ‘mansions’ He has promised He would prepare for us, not to cage us but to experience Him.  A roaring area of great love, or mansion filled with His Grace.  It is THAT door you decide to open to this ‘mansion’ He promises…. Open and come on in.  He is always in a Good mood.  :-)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Trip To Heaven

Gettin’ ready for a trip has many acts of preparations and can be a big part of the thrill, as all your imagination lets go and begins to live a little in what might/should/will happen.   

I heard yesterday from a book (I believe) we were listening to … ‘God is with me here on earth but when I get to heaven, I will be with Him’.  Dying was just an invitation to me one time (Want to sleep? And so I did until awaken by the doctor.) But someday it will be an invitation to live there.  The Presence of God, working on earth within my life, makes His creation of greater beauty, for sure, as my affection increases in speedy delights.  

This morning I have this yearning that takes in His amazing invitation to live acts of preparations for this coming event – me living with Him there.  Singing as I hear all music combined to take on His Face as words blend to show my devotion.  Moving with steps that One looking on sees as the dance of love.  Each turn, tilt, slight glance and stare, gives revelation of my love and appreciation of such surrender He made so I could be with Him.  Holding hands with each other for That Day, the Day I see Him.  Marking each face along the way; as if it held the weight of our hearts to obtain such a place.  Giving away; as each of our steps include the sharing of what is inside.  

Closer and closer to Him, which plugs you in to receive new; new substance that was never there before.  Gathering to pour out behind you, as His Love multiplies more than you can contain.  

Oh (hear my groan of want) I am caught up in preparations.  Making a trip that every single salvation that comes my way is this invitation to sing and dance to this Place.  Excitement that carries the right ‘now’ the next ‘move’ the confident ‘word’ the bright ‘light’ that leads on to give this trip its dance now and forever. 

I have but a shadow of what is to come but as I live in this shadow, I live in His Trust that it will be glorious.