Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Awaken By His Love

What a Special morning after Christmas as I am awaken
with an extra satisfaction in my heart that
amazed me
and caused me to ponder its soft
and refreshing increase of affections. 
You know how mushy you feel when you received what
you wanted for Christmas or your birthday…
something that satisfies your heart in great measure
 and it carries an extra ump to it.
This is as close as I can come
to explaining my heart
as songs of worship
explored words of praise from my heart
 and stirred me awake
 out of my calm deep sleep this morning. 
Amazing yes,
as I slowly become conscience
 of the morning hour nudging me of its arrival;
speaking to me as I sense the vibrating
of songs happening inside me
and the Joy it offers me of Comfort
while the waves of its Messages make melody
all through my being of the One I love
and who Loves me deeply. 
The Sounds slowly penetrate my consciousness
with its tender kisses until I respond. 
So pleasing and rich to my soul
as my spirit is lifted! 
I understand in part
that this One finds pleasure in my praise
but reluctantly I must admit
I worship at times with almost a non-connected mind.  
Like entering a store and absent mindedly begin singing
the song playing while I shopped. 
But this morning there is a beautiful awareness of connection
 as a love affair is tied
and accepted in my mind, heart and soul,
with He who walked
the same earth I now find my days numbered in,
so, so, long ago. 
A Love that gives pleasure to both I and He
and causes the little girl in me to jump out of bed
with giggles! 
 Worship to honor generated from
true feelings
towards the One who has won my affection
and such Good towards me.
One who has awaked my eyes of love
to desire a playful reunion
after the slumber of a fulfilled night’s sleep;
excited for the day as the heart of my passion
runs for the search of which fun thing to do first?
A heart so completed and full;
choices so many,
oh where do I start? 
What a wonderful play-date He is,
this One who has knocked upon the door
of my awakened heart this morning. 
A firm foundation of Love
poured upon my thoughts,
causing the voice of my inward treasures
to expose its face with the words of my song to Him. 
My countenance speaks the loudest
of its fulfilled joy. 
Nothing within me has the strength to remain silent. 
All my emotions explode
as my arms reach to accept the call of His Dance. 
Carry me
in this abundance and power of its existence! 
I must begin the process
of shedding the weight of such Love
as it leaves its tracks where my feet walk. 
My body overly filled with this Substance
spilling in order to continue moving. 
I must hold hands,
speak with a smile,
give my ears to the sounds of all the beauty around me. 
The simple becomes brilliant
 and the complicated becomes simple. 
Heaven comes to earth
and torment has passed far from me. 
My eyes begin to wonder around
to soak up all the satisfaction of this Lightness
as the weight of weariness drops its hold. 
The sounds of this day
become the background for my song to He who I love. 

And there it is… I hear His Name again
I say and hear it with a smile
as Love boils inside me with this Heat of Passion. 
Over and over and over
I listen with Passion
of this love and soak in all His Name holds
for it carries
millions and millions of stories and pleasures. 
So many experienced
and so many more to explore! 
My heart beats more excitedly
as my entire attention has been captured. 
The Passion I ran to
has encircled the room I occupy
and its silence consumes all my hearing. 
With all creation, the earth and the skies,
I join in declaring it is He who I give praise
and my own heart of devotion. 
The air that fills the atmosphere
holds His Presence with this silent Power.
My love knows only to return to this Source
that first awakened me
this Christmas day after
 and express my affections
as I walk in its Life giving
I know only to enjoy…
only to accept His Touch
to my heart
and sing back my love. 
I love His Goodness and hold it dear today.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Gift of Jesus was Sent Again Today

Father, it is the most honorable day of the year here in the earth where You sent Your Son so long ago.  Before I was born, before I was able to hold His Hand and Hear Your Voice; before I knew how to weep, to laugh, to witness anything inward or outward, Your Son arrived so humbly.  The massive earth Formed by Your Hands accepted this tiny baby and the angels rejoiced for no One was or ever would be born like Him.  It was a history day Created for the Light of Your Glory to Shine.  Mankind would never be the same as heaven sent its Beauty and Substance to us in the form of a baby who grew and completed Your Will of Capturing our hearts towards You as He Gave even His Life to save us. Teaching as He grew how to Hear Your Voice and See Your Face.  And here I am this morning being Visited by Your Spirit that Sings to my heart the Glories of His Amazements; Visited by the same Gift sent to earth so long ago. How it makes me marvel.  God, the Father of my creation also, You who have placed the Greatest Gift within my heart… I am taken into a praise that Saturates my thoughts with a Powerful Love I crave from morning to night,  I am so humbled as I see the Worthiness of This Beauty and how it blesses my life and how Your Love Falls upon Your children as we can but seek this understanding. For our salvation was this done and the life we live be surrounded by abundance of Your Splendid Works.  Hidden for Your children only are the Unknowns.  Oh how Your Coming Marks my days with Moments of Love, how it Marks my days with Memories, Your Visits so Kind.  How my days become places and stories of Your Work as I speak His Name on earth.  The Name so Tender yet conquered this world with the Enormous Power of His Love. My Jesus who called me to Follow.  Who Whispers to my heart all the Marvels of a Kingdom not of this world.  Whose Beauty is so far passed my escape that I have been Set for eternity to its Claim.  For again I am visited by the Christ (mas) Love You Created for Your Glory and Presence to Manifest the Wonders of Your Story.  This morning I am awaken to the Song of Your Love as I hear of the Holy Night of my Savior’s Birth within my heart.  Sweetness of what this Christ child Gave in all His Walk, from beginning to eternity.  I am taken to the very thought of His first appearance to man and how Hope was revived in the weary world.  As I recall my own first recalled memory, so young but vivid to my mind, Your Acceptance and Love for me, I am overwhelmed with what a Mighty New Place I was taken to as I have grown and lived in Your Love.  The Christ child was born for me, for His Power and Glory was Shone in my heart and I wept with Joy.  I sang to my friends and my family.  A Savior had come; a Savior had Given me His Life to Live forever.  I proclaimed a New Place for His Dwelling.. in my heart to Live forever.  What a Marked Day for me and how I have treasured so many Marked days since of those Visits from Him that Changed my mind to the mind of Christ. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When God Speaks, What Will I Do?

Recently I’ve been challenged to see Jesus as the baby/man that He was on earth.  Learning and listening to His Father for instructions to find just how His life on earth will develop and for what reason He came.  The detailed Example He was for us to find the Father.  I was reading this morning in Matthew 17 and found an interesting thought as I carefully read deeper than my normal routine.  I have to admit that since this challenge I want to read everything that is written in RED… :0)  Matthew 17 is the story of Jesus taking James, Peter, and John on top a mountain alone (that was interesting…. Why alone… did these three have something others did not have?  Because I read later, on the way down the mountain, He tells them NOT to tell of this event until He has risen, it makes me think they must have been more trust worthy; for how many times did Jesus tell someone to not expose what He did for them and they went immediately out and declared it all?)   But the real interest I had was when Jesus begins to talk to Moses and Elijah… wow… mighty men of old and leaders of great world changing events for the Kingdom!  I can’t help but wonder…. WHAT did they talk about; and yet my thoughts immediately tell me that they must have been encouraging Jesus, this Son of God not yet ascended on High, still on earth to endure such hardships and travail over man kind with the work God had given Him, just as they saw the call from God fulfilled in their lives.  What a Glorious time for Moses, Elijah, and Jesus…. but what about James, Peter, and John?  They were absolutely absorbed in this Sweet Presence that was an actual visual before them as they just watched with such satisfaction going on inside them.  Ahhhh… allowing the ‘Sun’ of this mighty hour consume their insides as NEVER had they FELT such amazing Substance as the Glory of God and the visual of the Light so bright to look upon.  Jesus’ face brightly shone, his clothes even turned into a white that appeared as light.  They were able to look upon it and be amazed, enriched, adorned as it no doubt caused them to have a brighter reflection on their own clothing.  Oh how I relate to sitting in the Presence of the Mighty God; soaking in His Delight as He Pours out His Spirit to allow me to see the Insides of His Wonders.  His Love shooting down every care and worry as all my affections and attention is on Him. I am overcome and ready to stay there FOREVER…!  FOREVER..! BUT… have I had GOD ALMIGHTY show up like Peter, James, and John did?  I read that a Lighted Cloud came and overshadowed them…  WHAT?… a BRIGHTER LIGHT…?  They were fine as they watched the Light of God’s Glory upon others but what about when God Him Self shows up to manifest to you and not by way of another?  …. They fell on their faces… scared beyond anything that had ever scared them before.  It appears they were NOT going to MOVE nor look upon this Light for Jesus had to literally go over and touch them to let them know it was okay.  It was life changing. I can only imagine how speechless it would make them. To Peter, staying on that mountain and building a ‘room’ for each of them was a great idea as long as he was allowed to just sit and enjoy this Glory as it flowed off of or through some one other than him self; but I don’t read of any complaints as they actually start back down the mountain when they had their socks knocked off by a Reality of God speaking to them indivually.  I think they were ready to move on… completely overwhelmed with the Penetration of that Voice which told them that Jesus was His Son….LISTEN TO HIM..!  I don’t know about you but I don’t think God EVER speaks to just be saying this, that, or the other. He Speaks to Move things. Moses or Elijah didn’t need to know who Jesus was; Jesus knew he was the Son of God.  So God had multiple reasons for this encounter and I believe a big one was He wanted these three guys to LISTEN to JESUS, get serious and LISTEN TO JESUS.  As I read this story I can’t help but cry as I relate… Oh God…. help me LISTEN TO JESUS..!!!!   Something within me becomes scared for I am aware of God’s ability.  Didn’t He create all things out of nothing…!  What will I do when God turns to me and says it is TIME for me to LISTEN…!  Fall on my face… of course.   Then the Wonder of it all hits me… oh for the amazing Love Jesus was for me before I was even born and would need the Salvation He Brought.  For He is the Way… the Perfect Way to know and understand my Father!  He has showed me that ‘it is okay’. Matt. 17:7 But Jesus came and touched them and said, Get up, and do not be afraid.(Amp Bible) This is too much..!  Not only do I see that Jesus completed the call to allow for my salvation but He shows me it is okay to even be in the VERY PRESENCE OF THE FATHER, Listen to Jesus and hear the Father for myself.  Oh God, how Lovely is Your Holy Name and Work upon man kind.  I turn my heart to hear Your Voice and come unafraid for Jesus is still showing me the Way through His Life.  He has the Answers and is the Salvation to my soul.  I give my hearing to the Call of Your Work in me.  I get up from being afraid and in aw I accept Your Loving and Embrace.  I am Yours to Teach and Train…!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Accepting the Duties of His Ownership

Good morning Lord, I am finding another moment of searching my soul to be so difficult.  I’m so guilty of wanting all the Riches of Your Kingdom without the Duties of its Ownership.  This morning I just want to express my concern and leave it at Your Gentle Side.  I see my list of wrongs with sorrow, not in pity, oh Lord, not in pity; but in repentance and in need of the Correction with Your Love.  For Your Word is like the powerful heat of the sun on a cold day.  I walk out into the blizzard weather to find in spite of the chilly stand I must go through; there is warmth that I appreciate with sincere attention, for it gives an easier attempt at passing through its tunnel and I cannot help but voice with gratitude the shining sun.  This morning I voice the gratitude of Your Son who gives me His Wisdom along with His Mercy and Love while I pass thorough this awareness of my sin.  Show me how to follow that Mighty Unction that Sounds its Plea within my hearing that I might not sin against You.  While I Wait on Your Purposes in me to be Fulfilled, help me to be humble and not stray away from the Sun’s Warmth and run under the shade of darkness.  I am longing for Correction because the Reward is Life.  Life so abundant that it’s Character is the Delight of Heavenly Sources.  The result of shedding sins coat is the Pouring of Spring’s Sunshine to warm the insides of my bones.  Heavenly Sources that Refresh and take me back to the playful child under the Watchful Eye of her Creator.  Asking not for more than my share for knowing the Order of Your Kingship and delighting in Your Provisions I am Given the Ultimate Care for my best in mind.  Playing in Your Secured Guardianship as I submit to the Taking of my cares.  My Father, who has the keys to my heart, I lay down my right to be right or wrong and give You all Rights to make Your Word Known to me.   I give in to the breaking of my stony heart that I might find it moldable and soft for the Renewing of Your Ways Accomplishments.  It is my desire to accept Your Favor by accepting Your Call.  I take hold of the Name of Jesus as I follow His Example to Hear Your Voice and Obey.  Sound out Your Love in me.  Your Kingdom come and Will be done in me as it is done in Heaven..!    Amen.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mysterious Substance

Tonight I bow my heart to the cry of my inner most being,
my need and desire to be in the arms of Love’s Embrace. 
I begin by making the choice to find this Passage
so I may yield to the turns it will lift my thoughts to. 
The Place that gives me the Breeze of Fresh Morning Air
that Awakens something that was not there
prior to its swift crisp hit sending Signals to all my senses. 
For when I find the call that Love Brings,
I find the importance my own mind held
suddenly loses power to be supreme. 
I become awaken to a New Search that gives lasting Beats
that come to my surrounding with
Waves of His Name Sounding its Beautiful Tune. 
A Vision forms before my eyes
that captures the need within me to look closely,
look with a desire that develops into a countenance
across my face. 
For I am now beginning to find
the Character of my Love is with enormous bounty. 
Spilling out around me comes
the voice of my uncontrolled love
returning to His Glorious Robe of Pureness. 
My eyes become fixed,
fixed upon His Beauty,
only moving to behold His Complete Array of Light
and ever so careful to follow His Movements. 
For He fills all the rooms of my heart
with mysterious Substance from what He is. 
His Answers of Life brings to me
heavens Purposes for my steps to make. 
Searching Him I find
His Sounds are made of unblemished unknown Knowledge
that have been sent for the lifting of my walk. 
I listen with senses that are delicately created
for more than my words can mention. 
Of something more I seek.  
For I want to know loyalty to His love
from my whole given time,
faithful to come and watch,
trusting His Touch will heal all. 
Everything within me embracing the
Tingle of His Presence
as I am filled
with His Emotions that have Wisdom as its Power. 
Oh how wondrous the Moments of Encountered Silence
that is piercing to mark its Truth in my soul. 
I am Shaped into a
hidden unrecognizable image
found only as I mirror His Face. 
As I but sit here, sit with the gift of my love before Him,
I drink of water that is found no other place
and it forms New Actuality. 
What was is gone,
what is – is forming anew. 
I behold Him and change. 
His Love is my love...!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Love Notes

Jesus, it is almost your birthday and because You are so special to me I want to give something that gets Your attention.  Not that you notice me but that You see love that You so deserve.  When I was a child the best thing I knew to do when I liked someone was to give them a love note.  Inside it made me feel like I had just given them a million trillion dollars for it was my love, to them, my love.  Sometimes I was not sure if they loved me back in the same measure but I sure knew I was full of it when I wrote it.  I know how You feel about me for the many love notes I have received from You; I love them.  How special it is to receive a note from someone that loves me. So, right now, for a gift…. I just want to write You a love note.

Dear Jesus, I love You so much and here are a few reasons my love feels such passion to be with You with great desire.  Sometimes in the middle of the night, when my affections are asleep and resting from thought, I hear Your Sweet Voice and Smile knocking at my non-conscience, non-alert state of awakeness.  Heart quickened by the passing of Your Song but mind asleep, I am only nudged slightly just for Your Kiss of Attentiveness over my resting being.   Your Snuggles are warm and always given when my feet become cold.  Quickly You have just the right weight of covering to bring me back into the comfort of a place to lay my head.  I am only taken into a slight desire to raise an interest for Your intent is not to bring me out of my rest but just to assure me Your Eye watches even as I sleep.  I smile with thankfulness and lean back into the sinking pillow of Your Spirit that softens my dreams of You.  And I rest.  I rest with knowing that before You walked this earth You saw I would be.  You befriended me in Your Dreams and with Passion You Sought to give me Life.  Your Heart beats were the timing of a clock that would give precise working to my place of existence.  I fall back asleep with the Guarding of my world from One who Sees before time was - to beyond the end.  I have days that are numbered by Loves Wisdom.  All my days have been designed to allow the Streams of Your Father’s Passion for me to give Him Pleasure.  My dance that giggles His Heart makes His Moment as His Eyes finds me loving You.  He finds me writing a love note to You and shows it to His Creation.  Saved in a Special Place He puts them for the Glory and Remembrance of why He gave His Son, the Blessed Love of His Own Life.  Jesus, I love You and thank You for Loving me is such this way.  I just wanted You to know that tonight. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh God, Be Moved By My Needs

We often fear the consequences of our confession but we rarely think about the consequences of our concealment.


I have opened my eyes and find need. 
So quick to see the shackles on those near
not realizing my own ankles travel with chains. 

God, I am so moved by the Love Covering my ugliness. 
Oh God, be Moved by my needs
and take Hold of my heart with Compassion and
Cleanse the grim so that my irregular heart beat will be made Strong
with Perfect Beat to the Timing Heaven Gives
over Your Kingdom of Righeousness. 

so often, on goes the turmoil of a soul
seeking vain satisfactions
when the Riches of Glorious Pampering
by Words of Beauty of Spirit Life
is in the reach of each breath;
access to Your Throne simply with a turn
toward the Rock of Your Voice
rather than selfish massages that send false messages of calming the soul.
Oh how feeble the attempt to reach heaven with works of
ugly darkness that dresses itself as light. 

I melt with repentance over my own loud obnoxious words
that tear into the atmosphere with damage
and ask the Giver of Life to Form in me
the Name of Your Son, Jesus, upon my lips
by Filling my conscience and unconscious
lungs of thoughts
with only the Air of Your Vocabulary
that Sounds of Light Knowledge from Deep. 

Psalms 34:9 says, Worship God if you want the best;
worship opens doors to all his goodness. 
Verse 7 says,
God’s angel sets up a circle of protection around us while we pray. 

 Father I pray, I worship and I repent for falling so short. 
You are always the same, never changing from the Miraculous. 
I am in need of change. 

Continue to Expose so that I am broken
as Mercy and Grace are Close
to Keep the Doors of Your Purpose Working
in my eyes and heart. 

I become so excited of Your Plans
when Your Correction and Protection have my hand
and I find my eyes focused on its Journey Upward
to the Open Heaven it will bring. 

I trust in Your Protection as I lay open my heart in prayer
for repair by Your Loving Correction. 

My mind will often find fear
and fear brings a run to make the anxiety of its lie
set up war fashioned by my own hands. 
I am learning to set down my own weapons
and wait for the Captain of the Army’s Commands. 

I exalt the One that is the Prize of surrender. 

Jesus, who has already fought my battles and has
Raised the Sun this day for me. 
I give place to something Beautiful in my life and
deny deceitful words lungs to breath.   

I want to only keep praise upon my lips as the
Wisdom that was in the beginning,
before the waters and land of this earth was ever formed and divided,
made Way for us
to carry the Smile of the God You are. 
A vessel Created to Hold Your Love
and bring upon my day the Work of Your Kingdom. 

Thank You for Opening my eyes that I might see. 

Your very Spirit Dwells in me, Your Son, Jesus Christ. 
I study
to show myself approved
by the Greatest of Who You are in me
as I lay down my life for

Continue the Work that makes me more like You.

In Jesus Name I pray with the safety of Your angel
who sets up
a circle of protection
as I pray.

Psalms 34:5 .... Never hide your feelings from him.
(The Message)

(Unknown who said this) 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Prayer for His Life to Sound

Father of All, and to the One I carry my heart to daily; tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Christmas but a moment away.  Glorious holidays that ring in Beautiful Songs and Melody of hearts turning from our own gratifications to those we love.  I have such an enormous amount of things to give thanks for.  So numerous in fact, I am embarrassed of the list when I think of the struggle within my heart at times; but grateful for Your Eternal Hand so Strong, so in Faith of You I am setting my thoughts to You this morning to redirect unhealthy mourning or things of dread into dancing, senseless crying and whining into laughter, and the worry of unknowns into excitements of Your Plans.  

I am setting my need before You as a call to Blow Your Mighty Breathe into the lungs of my being so that my vision is vertical and not horizontal as I inhale the Fresh Newness You have for us in this season.  I ask that You Lift my head as I open my eyes to see You. 

Take the discouragements or disappointments of my heart, and of all those who happen to come across my path, whether it is through this blog or as I travel my day, into a Knowledge of Merriment and Hope.  Give us Discernment to focus on Appropriate Details that have been Placed in our Path by Your Generosity and for the Enjoyment of our Life in You. 

Help us let fall those things that try to weigh us down and keep us from Singing Openly Your Praise with our voice and our countenance.  For we are excited to be the sons and daughters of the King and have Open Door Invitations into the Royal Company of Your host of Universal Praise that will Sound the Song of Jesus’ birth and celebrate His Life Given for us so we may be a part of His Kingdom.  How Awesome You are, how Generous You are to Yours. 

How Special is Your Love that takes us to see things so differently when Your Guidance we are following.  As we Soak in this Abundant Generosity from the Belly of Your Own Laughter and Joy, we are challenged to let go of all upside down thoughts and step out into this unknown Place of Rest and watch what happens as we hold nothing back; giving all rights to Your Arm of Mercy as we call for this Mighty Blow of Your Life Giving Breath into our spiritual lungs that Swells with Knowledge of Kingdom Promises so we Grow more Alive in our Walk with You. 

When out of our lips cry the ridiculous lie that life seems unfair, we speak the Truth that we are Favored by the King and Taken into His Courts with Praise as His Own.  We are Rich in Blessings that are eternal and Locked in Your Heart.  We have Steps of Fruitfulness yet to discover that give our eyes Vision beyond the sight of our known.

Doors of Prosperity for our soul await us now and forever.  We are pregnant with the seeds of His Righteousness that will burst through all darkness and reveal the Son of Glory.  Jesus' Blood flows in Constant Motion through our life, Giving us an Exaltation for His Work and Power forming our days.  We are resting in Who He is.  We are free to rest not in our own work but in His.  This is our desire… to follow Him all our days and Sing His Holy Name forever…!  Amen.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lab Reports

I work at a Medical/Dental clinic where I sit as the Administration Assistant.  My job has amazingly broad duties, and I love them all, but much of the time I am taking care of the credentialing process for our providers/physicians, keeping all their different licenses up and networked with required facilities.  We are growing so fast and in process of building our second medical clinic … we presently have two dental clinics but they too are busting out their walls.  Yesterday I wore another favorite hat (or I should say apron-because I literally did have on an apron) … we had our thanksgiving luncheon and I got called “Miss Suzie Homemaker” or “ Betty Crocker” throughout the day for I was in the kitchen preparing/warming both dishes and tables, while de-boning our luscious turkey.  In this picture I am peeling potatoes :0-)

However, today I had told the RN that I would pick up Lab/Hospital reports from the hospital on route to work since the person who normally does this is on vacation; but I sure didn’t realize that when I followed through with this agreement I would receive my own Lab Report.  It isn’t easy reading your own Lab results: because reading it can be a challenge.  But sure enough, it clearly had my name written on its page.  I was traveling down the hospital road when I questioned my heart as it just seemed to not have much pulse, you know, the kind that keeps a smile on your face.  Again a song was sounding on my CD with those words that question Jesus what He is thinking, what is He feeling, they wanted to know.  As I listened I began to take on that same question myself.  My Lord, I am troubled and it is not a place I normally stay very long but this seems to be lingering, why… what are You Doing, what are You Thinking, I really, really want to know. 

I’ve learned that in every situation God ALWAYS meets me, I just have to be persistent and seeking, that just about totals the equation. So again I asked … Lord, what are You Thinking and Feeling… I really want to know. 

That’s when my report came in…!  Oh yeah, it was me all right.  I saw myself in a flash, a visual, with clarity, shocked at all the things in my hands, trying to maintain a balance but obviously it was giving me a shaky stand as I was barely holding up.  Have you ever seen someone with their hands so full and you instantly are moved to ask them if you can help?  Politely they respond… ‘Oh no, I’m fine, I can handle it.’  You watch as they only have a small visual corner to walk their path for the load is more than they can carry yet insisting on doing it alone and will even attempt to open their own doors.  What can you do?  They are clutching to every item as if allowing another to help carry it would be less than their own responsibility to complete their journey.  So you watch; wondering when something in their load is going to come crashing down. 

Then again it happened!  The Second Page of my Lab Report!  You know, where it gives a suggestion or solution on what to do.  I felt the Sweetness of His Eyes of Passion for me.  I watched as He opened His Arms.  “Give me your hand” says the Gentle, Calm Voice … His Whisper as a Soft Heart Nudge.  Without thinking my reply was, “I can’t, my hands are full.”  In that same Whisper that Brought in a Warm Blanket as it Spoke to my chilly heart, He replies, “Exactly.” 

I wept… oh yeah, I wept for first of all that I heard His Love … second that a small piece of Understanding was forming.  And third… even though it was discipline, I know He disciplines those He loves.  I was loved.  So now I am swimming in thoughts.  What do I lay down?  Do I lay them all down?  Do I just not care about anything?  Should I just spill it all and let someone else carry it?  If my hands are so full I can’t take His then it appears to me the easiest solution would be to just drop it all.  I mean doesn’t it say to lay ALL YOUR BURDENS down for He cares for me…!!  But somehow I just don’t think that is what my Report meant.  For He tells me to ‘pick up’ my cross and follow… ‘put on’ the whole amour of God… ‘lift up’ my praise to Him…  be the ‘good Samaritan’ and feed the hungry.  On and on His Words tells me of Job Duties of my position.  Yeah, Job Duties assigned by the Mighty One. 

Where I work, 40 hours a week, one day I am working non-stop with a physician and then the next day I am cutting up potatoes with a cutesy apron on.   Job Duties..!  So I knew I needed a Physician to talk to me about my Lab Report.  What better Physician than His Word… of course… there is no other.  So I begin to ask because that is what He wants… Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened..!  I asked all morning while I work.  I’m off at noon on Fridays so I am over anxious to get home.  I struggle, I seek, I read, I go to talk with my mother-in-law.  I have to get an ex-ray of my hand so I do that.  I come home… I ask…???

What are You saying God?  I kept praying, I had been trying to follow His Guidance..:0)  well, I do… I try sometimes and to me it appears to lead nowhere so I just keep on keeping on.. :0)  I read the Word, I begged… I can really be a child at heart when it comes to this sort of thing.  I'm a good begger when it comes to wanting the things of God.  But I wanted to know… how do I reach to take His Hands if my hands are full…!??? How???  Then I hear His Voice once again.  Oh how Lovely is the Smile of God.  How Priceless for I can find nothing else that compares.  I hear Him Say with Clarity and Comfort, “In all things give thanks!”  WHAT?  How does that apply?  So I keep reading, keep seeking as now I have His Voice, a Job Duty, something to follow.  And there is was... my search for Him took me to it and it illuminated everything!!!… I found it in I Thessalonians 5:

16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
19 Do not quench the Spirit. 20 Do not despise prophecies. 21
Test all things; hold fast what is good. 22 Abstain from every form of evil.
23 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 24
He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.

So I have a new Smile… yeah, a NEW SMILE.  For today my Duties in the Lord is to Give Thanks in everything.  And how do I do that… TEST everything about myself, EVERYTHING that I am holding on to.  Keep what is good and THROW OUT what is a form of evil.  The Great thing about it is the part where ‘He who calls you is faithful, who also will DO IT !”  So I am mindful and have been summoned for court duty.  I will take my load before the Mighty One and one at a time I will allow Him to Judge it.  Is it Good, is it bad… He is my Maker and Judge.  My Job Duty is to take it to Him and trust… for then He will do it.