Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Loving His Place In Our Lives

Life is so amazing...!  Can you really imagine Jesus walking among us?  I’m not being in some imaginary thought but being real.  This room holds Him.  He is walking right beside my children, me, my family, my home, my every moment.  Now….. can you imagine Him Smiling while He walks or do you imagine Him crying while He walks?? 

I see Jesus dancing with my son this morning as the morning started.  I see Jesus getting tickled over another son’s choice of clothes.  I see Jesus walking in yet another son's footsteps and giggling over how he steps. 

I see Jesus behind all the walls we have up and LOVING His place in our lives.  Loving it like He has the Best Life in the WORLD..!!!!   Do you see that… :0-)  the BEST LIFE..!   Loving me and my family and not finding what I don’t give as His reward or even His disappointments but what I do give and "Feelings" Ooooohhhhh Yeahhhhh "FEELINGS" of how wonderful it feels to be friends with me.  

Like meeting a new friend and you ‘hit it off’… that’s how Jesus feels about me… we ‘hit it off’ and that is how He feels about all my children, grand children, and even my tiny little great grand children.   What a new refreshed light… me as the reward or treasure worth fighting for.  Me, as I am…. Not something I am becoming or was or trying to betray…. But ME…ME…. ‘I’ am worth the fight Jesus made to die.  What a thought.  Can you see it… can you see Jesus dying… can you really see it.  there He is dying and you have to watch because it isn’t a show… it is real.  It isn’t something He is trying to show you… it just is… He is dying because it is what He WANTS to do for me.  He knows that the flesh that is hurting is hardly a pain in comparison of what He is going to have in His Love for me.  For me… for me… what He will enjoy and find such unspeakable pleasure Loving me right now… at this second… with no further knowledge or no further progress of my own.  Wow… the healing has begun.  All the walls…. Falling.  No shame, no blame, just the Love that was Created to Love me.  I want to be just like Him.

Acquaint Me With Power From On High

Fairest of All, Glorious God Above all, the One that Proves Him Self as each day brings a beginning and end.  You ARE my Daily Bread to Live from and You are not challenged by those who speak against You as I am.  You do not wonder how You can answer such questions.  You are the Portion of Grace that I lay against as I take my hurts, fears, unknowns to Your Heart. Friends and acquaintances who declare there is no God, those who cannot find Jesus as anything other than a ‘good person’ - I am troubled; but You are Secure and I am in the Boundaries of Your Love and Passion so I wait upon You as I come today for the Wake of my own understanding in You and sit at the Table of Your Wisdom.  As I am met  with those who shirk a laugh that You are not real, I beg Your Pardon for them, that they may be faced with Your Gracious Love and find no way around Your Heart that Woes them to Dare step into the Flow of Your Work.  For You are not mocked, oh Lord, but You sent a Redeemer that died for the broken and crushed, those wounded of heart too weak to stand.  How often I have prayed for the souls of those in darkness, but in their aim so fierce I find such sadness.  Build my thoughts to know the arrows shooting are but false and have no sting so that I can return the Life so Abundant of Your Ultimate Sacrifice before their hearing.  Release Your Passion through me so I see them as You see them.  
May I become acquainted
with the Power of such Love that was Sent, to give them Hope once again.  I tear down the lies that feed on their soul, as I Listen in Obedience to Your Word within me and release it to our conversations.  Teach me Your Ways as I continue to be a voice and an instrument of Your Wonders.  I am Born Again and Living in the Kingdom of God with the Thunder of Your Power Working in this world.  None is like You, oh God.  None is or has ever been like You.  All things created tell the story of You.  As this Story Lives out its Glory for eternity, I will join its Song and be its vessel as I seek and ask for answers for Daily Bread from You.  Acquaint me with Power from on High.  Every excuse against Your Story is shut down as I declare the Name Jesus Above All to be my Source, You are the Word that has Rule and I trust in You…!

John 3:16-18 (The Message)
"This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn't go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again. Anyone who trusts in him is acquitted; anyone who refuses to trust him has long since been under the death sentence without knowing it. And why? Because of that person's failure to believe in the one-of-a-kind Son of God when introduced to him.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Place For Me

Father, I walk into the Glory of Your song.  I walk into the Glory of things of love.  Sounding is Your Name on the earth now proclaimed.. is Your Glory, Your Glory, Your fame.  Oh, the stop in my heart, the rise of my thoughts. The time that goes away!  My world takes new shape; my eyes see new things.  My heart beats with excitement of Your Name.  Oh Your Glory, Your amazing Glory…!  I will sing, oh I will sing.  I will sing!  Sometimes - with a sound; sometimes - with no voice; but always a song.  

Playing as a child in a swing; excited for the rise.  For how high will my feet take me?  And oh the joy of falling backwards against the wind as I surrender to the gravity of Your pull.  Only then to find that even backwards I am flying high to see a different view.  Over and over goes the play as I push and seek to this rise in You.  

Each trip to new heights cause a certain fear – will I tumble?  Will I go so high, I fall to the ground?  But the branch that holds my traveling swing is my Savior, who keeps me attached and guided as I am released to push with all my strength to go higher.  His gravity will take me back to begin again and find pleasure in the travel.  

Oh Your Glory, Your amazing fame.  I swing to the greatest place; Your place.  The one You promised me that I would love.  January, 2010, Interstate I-70, traveling East … You spoke to my heart and said, “Oh, I have a Place for you and you are going to love it.”  I asked… “Why Lord, have You said this to me, for I love where I am.”  His soft Voice again says, “You are going to need to know this.”  Oh Lord, how many times have I fallen and needed to know that YOU have a Place for me that I will love.  I surrender to this Place, this Place in Your Glory and oh yes, I love it.  I love, love, love it.  A thousand times a thousand I say, “THANK YOU FATHER, I do so LOVE it!”

My song is all about You, all about You.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Cannot Slow Down

My Father, I come to Your Place. I stop my world as I know it and speak Your Name, Jesus, that Your Kingdom reign and take over my kingdom.  Take over my changing thoughts, my struggling heart to find and search the passion that only comes from Your Flow.  I stumble as I run here and there for I cannot slow down, I cannot be careful.  I get lost in overgrown woods that skin my knees and trip me as pain oozes from unsettled disputes fighting and warring within.  Send out the search party.  Send out those You have assigned to me and give them directions that I be found.  Give them Word that feeds and washes me from head to toe.  Even in my weakness, I know Your Passion and have found it has never failed me.  Easily I cry out; easily I am encouraged.  Your teachings are like a favorite book and with each page I am intrigued to never put it down.  Stretching my eyes and mind to consume all the story my whole body will steal.  Stretching and stretching to stay awake, stay focused, stay watching while each moment unfolds a new and exciting adventure.  This is Your Kingdom, the Name “Jesus”.  A Kingdom, a Name that encircles me with glory.  A Name that places me in a position where Your Song carries me, taking my feet off the ground and into the Substance of Your Presence.  I play in the Kingdom of Your Name, the Name “Jesus” as You gather all things good to make my day prosper.  I sing..!

Striking Its Touch To Romance The Skies

Father, every star in the sky has a name.  REALLY..!  Every star, every star has a name given by You?  When or will I know their names?  Why would You say they have a name unless You fully intended to treat man with this amazement.  Will it take eternity to hear each name and meet them all?  It appears they go forever… so unpredictable with color that takes imagination into another realm.  Dreaming of stars with names that identify a purpose in creation, hanging on a God String of plans, pulsating with Your Glory far past man’s attempt to catch a glimpse.  Each with a song unheard, roaring the thunder of Your Name far into heavens unseen.  Striking its touch to romance the skies with Love beyond our knowing. Moments awaiting as a new birth, longing to reveal brightness now hidden.  

Oh, to touch Your Reflections and live!  Oh, to watch the dance of creation unseen!  To hear and learn constantly as a toddler exploring a new world, Your world beyond, while Your Hand strokes us with eyes of Love.  Enjoying us as we run after the bubbles popping and dancing in Your Glory.  

I admit with great excitement, I long to know.  I long to be twirled in Your Arms through the presence of Your laughter.  Awaken me from my sleep that this world sing me into.  Awaken me to Your Place where Joy consumes those who enter.  

If You have named the stars, You have named me.  You have named my children who I have placed a name upon.  I call them by a name of love, how much more have You called them a name of Love, holding them in existence of Your Kisses.  What have You named them?  What have You named me?  You must surely have a special designed life for them, just as You have such an enormous creation beyond eyes see.  You are the Lover of their souls, the Lover of my soul.  Oh how fascinating, Your Kingdom, me and mine.  My babies are Your babies.  Though I am aged, I am Your baby with a name like a star.  

Psalm 147:4
He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.
Isaiah 40:26
Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls forth each of them by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jesus' Name is a Place

Spending the night at my sister Carolyn's house, I slept but tossed and turned a lot throughout the night. When I woke the next morning, the first thing that came to my thoughts was, "Your spirit warred with your flesh through the night."  I thought that was an interesting thought; could not think of such a statement before for tossing and not sleeping.  So, of course, I began to ponder my night and remembered I had wrestled with my pillow.  Funny, I kept thinking it was such a soft pillow and even thought... sure would like to take this pillow home with me.  Odd, I mean I don't normally want to take people's pillows home with me.  I even actually remember thinking with a stern thought..."PUT THE PILLOW AT YOUR HEAD, LAY ON IT AND GO TO SLEEP!"  It was almost as if one thought was telling another thought instructions. Just funny how so many things came to mind after His Spirit shared my flesh had warred with my spirit. 

Then, if that was not odd enough, I began to sense and hear as the Spirit seemed extremely close to my face... as if He was or His Presence was taking my focus and no other would or could interfere. I was totally caught up in His Words.   He said, "When you speak the Name of Jesus, you are speaking a kingdom, not a name. My name is a Place.  You are replacing the things of this world with my kingdom.  My kingdom is Power. It will make the earth shake, the demons shake.” (I heard like a serious, very loud, thunder had struck.  At that time I saw a road between a section of demons on the right and a section of demons on the left.  The road was sort of lower, as if the demons were looking down upon the road. They began to shuffle and move around as the Spirit spoke this to me. I became very fearful and made some adjustments in my position as well by withdrawing.) The Spirit Spoke firm and strong, "Hey, Hey, Hey, Charlotte, this is not about you...Do not be afraid! I have won over the devil and you have my blood upon your life."  I could see like a mirror of myself and I had a perfect strip of blood down the front of my face, from my forehead to my chin.  It was bright red and strangely like a strip well drawn, perfect lines.  I instantly became calm, peace that is unspeakable, as if the demons no longer were there. Amazing! I was so caught up in amazement.  

A couple of weeks ago, while praying, I had asked the Father to teach me how to say the Name of Jesus. When I speak a person's name, all sorts of thoughts or instant evaluations of who that person is, comes to my mind. I often even have an attitude or an intention attached when speaking their name, such as love, anger, concern, etc.  So, I asked the Father of creation, "I want to know how to speak Jesus' Name as the heavens speak and know Him!"  

When this word came, I instantly recalled my question, and here, it seemed, was a new Word of instructions on my "how (?)".  Again...Awesome!  I began to ponder so much.  What an amazing truth...!!!  I could just see a 'Kingdom' lowering to the scene of my declaring His Name.  Nothing to do with me.... EVERYTHING to do with God and His Glory, His Power. I tried to get a visual of how it might be, as my mind tried to gather a spiritual truth.  I speak His Name "Jesus" with an understanding I speak a Kingdom, a Place descending upon a situation. WOW..!  

Then, just as fast as He came, I could feel the Spirit as if He were backing away.  I said, "No, don't; no, don't; no, don't..!”  But I seemed helpless to force this Man of Wisdom to stay in this position.  

I wanted to write. Oh how I wanted to write everything down.  


I shared this thought with my husband, Michael.  He spoke on Palm Sunday morning about when the city sang "Hosanna" and laid palm tree branches for Jesus to enter.  Saying Hosanna means "Lord, save us and save us now."  Michael shared how they had this wrong idea of how Jesus was going to come in and be set up as king and deliver them from their hardships ... they hoped He would 'use' His power for 'their' benefit.  They wanted to be saved from their uncomfortable leaders… to be put in power themselves.  When they discovered this was not the case, they turned against Him. Crucified Him; literally put Him to death.

Jesus came to save ALL for the glory of God, not man!


My heart is broken for You, my Lord.  I am broken under the pain of flesh that hangs its ugliness out for all to see much clearer than I might see myself.  You are the Perfect One, I am the broken one.  You are the brightness of pure light and there is so much beauty in Your Name.  A mighty Kingdom, the Name of Jesus, the I Am.  I can only offer my broken heart to the door of such a Kingdom as I call this Life Giver into my steps.  As You place understanding at our ears to hear, we listen with excitement for the pieces to fit.  Love crawls in to soften all the burdens we picked up along our way.  Stealing away its pain as satisfaction replaces discontentment.  New is the shoes put upon our feet so that we now spread Good News rather than the enemy's accounts.  Scales are dropped from our eyes and the world disappears while Your Kingdom blossoms.  I sing "Jesus", all the secrets of a Kingdom, simply because You want all to Know You.  I stand in Your Presence and see what You have for us that believe.  

Oh I rejoice that You have placed my name in Your Book of Life. Your Book... not mine... but THE BOOK that carry's eternity. You look at my name and cover my days with such Joy over me.  Gleefully written, my name; and yet it is YOUR NAME that has all the power and shakes the earth.  My name sealed to be kept in heaven, and yet Your Name "Jesus" to be a Place upon my life to be lived.  I do surrender all my life and dreams to Your Name  "Jesus", the Kingdom of heaven upon earth.  I say Your Name "Jesus", knowing now that when I do, I am laying myself down and raising You up.  I worship, oh I give You my heart as I continue to learn Your Name, "Jesus".  I continue to learn Your Name, this Place.