Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Gift of Jesus was Sent Again Today

Father, it is the most honorable day of the year here in the earth where You sent Your Son so long ago.  Before I was born, before I was able to hold His Hand and Hear Your Voice; before I knew how to weep, to laugh, to witness anything inward or outward, Your Son arrived so humbly.  The massive earth Formed by Your Hands accepted this tiny baby and the angels rejoiced for no One was or ever would be born like Him.  It was a history day Created for the Light of Your Glory to Shine.  Mankind would never be the same as heaven sent its Beauty and Substance to us in the form of a baby who grew and completed Your Will of Capturing our hearts towards You as He Gave even His Life to save us. Teaching as He grew how to Hear Your Voice and See Your Face.  And here I am this morning being Visited by Your Spirit that Sings to my heart the Glories of His Amazements; Visited by the same Gift sent to earth so long ago. How it makes me marvel.  God, the Father of my creation also, You who have placed the Greatest Gift within my heart… I am taken into a praise that Saturates my thoughts with a Powerful Love I crave from morning to night,  I am so humbled as I see the Worthiness of This Beauty and how it blesses my life and how Your Love Falls upon Your children as we can but seek this understanding. For our salvation was this done and the life we live be surrounded by abundance of Your Splendid Works.  Hidden for Your children only are the Unknowns.  Oh how Your Coming Marks my days with Moments of Love, how it Marks my days with Memories, Your Visits so Kind.  How my days become places and stories of Your Work as I speak His Name on earth.  The Name so Tender yet conquered this world with the Enormous Power of His Love. My Jesus who called me to Follow.  Who Whispers to my heart all the Marvels of a Kingdom not of this world.  Whose Beauty is so far passed my escape that I have been Set for eternity to its Claim.  For again I am visited by the Christ (mas) Love You Created for Your Glory and Presence to Manifest the Wonders of Your Story.  This morning I am awaken to the Song of Your Love as I hear of the Holy Night of my Savior’s Birth within my heart.  Sweetness of what this Christ child Gave in all His Walk, from beginning to eternity.  I am taken to the very thought of His first appearance to man and how Hope was revived in the weary world.  As I recall my own first recalled memory, so young but vivid to my mind, Your Acceptance and Love for me, I am overwhelmed with what a Mighty New Place I was taken to as I have grown and lived in Your Love.  The Christ child was born for me, for His Power and Glory was Shone in my heart and I wept with Joy.  I sang to my friends and my family.  A Savior had come; a Savior had Given me His Life to Live forever.  I proclaimed a New Place for His Dwelling.. in my heart to Live forever.  What a Marked Day for me and how I have treasured so many Marked days since of those Visits from Him that Changed my mind to the mind of Christ.