Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Service of Love

Weeping this morning I ponder how many tears will I shed in the knowledge of His Love.  In my world of so many distractions and self gratifications I am so caught up in a Love Connection that lays my own self findings as such minuet, puny pleasures. 

How Precious the Thoughts His Love Keep Giving to catch my attention; Delivering me from all hindrances that keep me from Him.  Watching me, I can’t seem to turn my eyes from His for they Reveal so much I want.  They Gather all my pain and accept them with such a Service of Love I can’t believe my heart.  Inside my soul is tearful knowledge causing my breathing to show deep sobs as I hear His Voice Hug me in so many Movements of Caring.  Arms so Wide, able to Handle all my cries and pains; Sifting through my confusions to find Him.

And then His Hug of Love slowly Pulling me so Close I can hear His Heart Beat for me.  Rocking me in Rhythm of His Song of Love He Sings over me; Rocking me as a Dance of Love between lovers.  I can only follow for all He wants is for me to stretch my arms and return Love Given back to Him. 

So I enclose my arms around His Love and we Dance.  Looking up I see He has Locked me into His Steps for Love has conquered the distraction of other idols.  Mercy is Extended as His Word allows me space to follow His Sweet Holy Spirit’s Gentle Wind through all my steps.  Guiding me with Eyes so Beautiful, where all the Emotions of His Love Pierce the insides of my being, to Talk me through our Dance, with Silent Sounds Love Reveals from such Loving Eyes. 

Kindness has Smiling Giggles as mistakenly I step on His Toes.  Kindness continues to Sweep me across the Floor of His Glory.  He knew I was coming so He Prepared the Dance Floor with plenty of room to learn His Dance.  Gazing into the Love Eyes of Passion I find a Way of Ever Lasting Waltzing with Gentleness.  

Whispering while we Dance, Trusting His Kindness I Open all the secrets of pains and confusions. He begins to cry as His Service of Love Shows me Much in Store for those He Loves.  A Place in eternity as Love Plays out its need to be. 

I begin to whither in Knowledge of Love so unworthy of; discerning my crippled ability to make a life crimeless, I watch as His Hands begin to bleed.  I can hardly allow my heart to look upon this Service of Love while Kindness Bleeds for my inabilities.  He Pleads for me to remain Dancing with Him.  Oh no, oh no… why?  Why, How can One do such?  I argue for I am crippled and need the stoning of one guilty. 

I fall for I cannot watch and I cannot dance!  I am unable to even watch my stumbling feet continue in what only moments away were the giggles of a laughing heart. 

But Arms are Open Wide as He Catches the fall of my heart’s eyes.  Closer now than ever, He Takes me into His Place where I find the Father and His Holiness Surrounding the entirety of my existence and the Dance now takes New Form.  I am United in the Renewed Place where sins fall away as the Spirit of this Ancient One Awakens Oneness of Capacity and I am Returned to Glory’s Floor. 

I try to look up as I share again my inability to do good but He who Held my hand, The Son of Man, Assures me I Belong; for His Service of Love was all that was required.  I cry with tears He Collects as I look again at His Eyes of Love over me. 

I find I am Standing and I know not how it happened.  My gown has changed colors to match the Glow of He who Holds me.  I bow with honor to He, my Strength. 

I Dance again...
 as I am Carried by His Service of Love with Eyes of Passion.