Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Worth Has No End

The music of creation has my attention today. 
Sounding from my thoughts; 
you know, like when you see a baby smile. 

Something happens within 
that softens your emotions 
and your attention forgets 
what you were thinking, 
what you were doing 
and has to ponder the smile 
that has entered for your pleasure. 

God's creation has that same sort of music. 

You see it 
and it’s like a song of thoughts 
come to soften and steal your heart 
to the wonders of 
'what is He smiling about?' 

Then all of a sudden you realize 
that His eyes have caught yours 
and that is what brought on the smile... 
just like the baby. 

Having no fear, 
no judgments, 
no offenses
....just looks at you and smiles. 

Yes, the music of creation (me) 
has my attention 
and I just saw God look at me and smile.

In seeing such a beautiful smile, 
I know only to continue my question of thoughts.  

Why have I caught His attention 
that He would show such pleasure?  

My first response might go to my failures 
I have judged against myself 
and so I might want to cover them 
with a quick reason why I acted as such.  

When I see that His smile has continued 
I wonder if my good has outweighed my bad; 
but something within knows 
that is never going to happen.  

Is His smile locked towards me forever, 
I wonder.  

Have I anything to fear?  

Should I try to understand?  

Should I ask, 
why is this Love stretching so low 
to reach between my zillion thoughts 
that cram into my morning, 
to catch my attention, this music of creation? 

Like a baby whom I have no acquaintance 
searches his world for eyes to fix upon, 
finds eyes everywhere 
and smiles of pleasure are expressed 
across his face.  

Satisfied to watch 
as the entertainment of life plays out; 
Poppa God takes my world 
as His responsibility 
to cover in unconditional love.  

His smile sounds of bells ringing, 
as suddenly I hear 
coming from my walk in His Garden.  

His smile is taking on a song 
that tells His Story and I listen.  

He tells of how this Love 
has no end for He has no end.  

“No end?” I ask.   

His voice, 
now a beautiful song sounding 
responds, “I Am.”   

My chin lifts 
as if I might better understand infinity 
if I look up 
but it’s as if the impossible 
surrounds my mind.  

escapes my thoughts.  

His response, 
“Worth has no end.”  

I ask.   

His response, 
“I have placed ‘Worth’ 
upon you 
and nothing can take away this mark.”  

“So I have ‘Worth’?” 
I ask.  

The Song responds again 
to now saturate every part of me, 
as if I have stepped into a heaven realm 
that takes away the ground beneath me, 
and it Sings to me, 
“My eyes see 
the dance of my Spirit 
day and night.  
For I created the sun, moon, 
and all the glory of breath and life.  
My Spirit dances 
within all I created 
and is centered within 
each of my children.  
My gift to you, 
my Spirit, 
gives ‘you’ Worth which has no end.” 

Oh Poppa, 
I see that love 
has enlightened my thoughts 
and I rejoice.  
For in portion 
I understand 
as I ponder my own children 
whom I adore.  

With fresh thoughts 
I carry Your Name 
with new insight.  
I am Yours, the “I Am”.