Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Spirit Works Without My Understanding

     Just want to thank You Poppa for sending Your Spirit to me. Thank You for the talks and walks so kind. I’ve enjoyed them just like You said… more than I could imagine.  It’s a Place where I’ve wanted only to remain and learn more and more of. 
     I can play, I can war, I can be all that I am designed to be and do.  If I slip and slide, Your call has that draft in it and I’ve learned to shut the door and stay inside. 
     Continue to teach me all that I can hold. You know best.  Reach deep into my heart and let me never be afraid of the adventure. When I slow down, You nudge me with assurance You won’t leave. 
     Every day is so new, so full of Your preparations made to surprise me like it was my birthday. Another day so blessed with new sounds and new thoughts broadening my understanding of such amazing love. I truly cannot see Your beginning and I cannot see Your end but I am watching. Oh, I am watching this event so fascinating and know only to enjoy the ride.

     I just can’t tell You how excited I am over the heartbeat of last night’s sleep. Please, Holy Spirit, give me a better look at what is stirring in my heart. I woke with an excitement but can’t put it into thoughts. Renew my mind. Renew my thoughts so that I am placed in heavenly places. 
     Come, Lord Jesus. Make today the final episode for what is needed. How exciting to finish and see. Building upon the foundation of Truth so Pure.  This day was made for Your Work in me. I will rejoice and dance for joy. I live in the heart of favor. I live in the abundance of One. I live in the Song of His purpose on earth. My whole being is a dance of Holy hovering and creating new about me. 
     The sky is open and Heaven is on earth. Thy Kingdom come Lord Jesus… thy Kingdom come…!