Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Adventure Has Me Talking

Father, You are so Amazing. 
There is no way to guess Your next Step in our lives but this
Adventure has me talking. 

Following You involves such a mystery for each day.  I love the unexpected times Your Glory Shows up to Surprise me; and yet at times I sure wished I knew a little better Your Plan of Action. The Beauty of it all is that I’ve learned to have confidence in Your Directions however Your Display as I seek this greatest Gift.  It creates in me a wonder of the Well-Hidden, Untold to me yet, Secrets You have Created for the exploration of my deep questions of who You are as I walk not my own, but with You.

Oh, how I wonder ….

What do You Speak to the angels?
What do You Sing while the sun slowly rises to shine its light for my eyes to awaken? 
What does Your Belly Laugh Sound like and to what would cause such a Sound? 
What makes You Cry and how do You come though at a time of such brokenness? 
Do You ever whistle?

I love having such inquisitiveness
that I know only to come prying into Your Life
as my Eyes become firmly set
towards You and my heart lays before You. 

I love how You are Cracking open the hard shell I’ve tried to protect myself with and replacing it with Truth that Fascinates and Dares me to come Play in Your Love. 

The Adventure has me talking,
oh yes,
talking all the time of what You did last. 

There is no greater subject than the Wonders of Your Life.  I want to roll over in laughter sometimes as the day Gives Sights of You, Sounds of Your Work and Play. 

Listening to every word I say
and even to the very thoughts of my grandchildren. 

For word came to me a prayer was said by a grandchild. 
I cried… did You?   

It was so moving as she prayed for her momma in concern.  Only thirteen years old but a giant in moving You at the sound of her voice, just like I move You. 

What a mystery. 

The Creator of all,
Moving with Passion
as we call Your Name,
Lifting us up Higher and Higher
in Your Knowledge and Trust.

What a mystery…!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Want A Hug

Father, I want a Hug….

A really, really, really BIG HUG…! 

I’ve received so many Hugs from You that I want them all the time now :0)   Hugs can say so much… it is amazing how loud they speak and what comfort is brought. 

Their Message is clear as day. 

Your creation has lots of them to give, and they have amazing effects on the hearts of those who are cuddled by them. 

 I love giving them out, also. 
 Oh my goodness, I love giving them out.  

 I’ve gotten so many now that I find myself just looking for someone to Hug.  Big Poppa Hugs… not little petite ‘ahhhh whatever’ hugs… but the kind that leave a Mark on its receiver like Your Touch always does.   

Everyone needs them and it doesn’t have to be during sorrowful times, but can be a tremendous expression during ecstatic joy. 

 I just love Your Hugs. 

They tell me You See me,
 I guess,
maybe that is what I like best about them. 

It’s really hard to feel seen sometimes.  Lives are busy and everyone has commitments so tight that just going home to a quiet place would be such a luxury. 

So I want another Hug…
a really, really, really BIG HUG..! 

I won’t keep it, I promise…
I will give it away and pass on Your Smile ..!   

Thursday, August 25, 2011

His Love Has Taken Over Our Lives

Psalm 117 (MSG)
   1 -2 Praise God, everybody! Applaud God, all people!
His love has taken over our lives;
   God's faithful ways are eternal.

WOW… !  The whole chapter in two verses!  I stopped reading here and began to wonder, “What was behind this session David had with God, his Creator.  What brought on this burst of praise and encouragement for others to do likewise?” 

You know, I think I said these exact same words today….. well, maybe not as pretty as David did, but I said them.  I know I sure enough meant that --- but what a gruesome story behind it. 

With others, I used to think that the Wonders of God come to those who mysteriously made the right choice in the first grade so now they experience rain that drenches their yards in the exact needed moment, before a single blade of grass can even think about being thirsty (or something just as silly).  But knowing David’s life as he revealed his heart to us so openly, I tend to say he did not get called a man after His God’s Heart by finding this sort of rose garden lifestyle thinking.   No, I think David often waited, like I do, until he couldn’t seem to get anything to work.  All his tricks no longer work, his pleas stop moving anything, and even his attitude begins to become obviously distasteful to those around him… and he falls… falls flat on his face.  But the secret, and I love this… he falls ‘to’ God.  Oh yes, yes, yes…I love how David taught us to do this.  

So I was just wondering… just wondering?  Is this praise to God after the most awesome battle David faced was won; or was it while down on his face, troubled, knowing his complete existence relied upon God’s Eternal Stand with him?

I’m learning, for I fall, but I want to always fall ‘to’ God as the Redeemer’s Love Rescues over and over and over; and then overwhelmed with God’s Love, I will declare like David did His love has taken over our lives. 

I shout to Him in gratefulness “Hallelujah!” 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Made To Be The Expression Of You

made to be the Expression of You,
is so overwhelming
and yet
what a wonderful Obsession
You share with us…

Existing with the Demonstration of You within our walk on earth. 

Outrageous Generosity and Tremendous Joy
as Your Pleasures take Form by Your Sweet Holy Spirit and Manifest in me. 

It’s like I would imagine owning the largest house in the world with all the trimmings, and I had the pleasure of sharing it with others as I lived in its walls.  Going from Room to Room as I made mention of the Promise each Room held and how it provided so much for me. 

This Room is where I rest,
This Room is where I play,
This Room is where I grow and mature,
and then the very special
Secret Room -
where I am Face to face with the Creator of the house. 

What a Treasure Given to me… 
the beginning and end,
Living Your Love in me
with constant construction of expansion. 

I know I underestimate the house You Built for me
though I am very grateful for the Journey. 

You Prove daily
 that You are Working to Display the Mighty
of who You are through me. 

So overwhelming…! 
So unimaginable..! 

You, the Maker of the sun that burns always,
placed me, as well,
in Your Creating Plan
to Show Your Works
and Shine Your Love even Brighter than this burning sun. 

Supernatural… absolutely supernatural, You are! 
Jesus, I thank You for Showing me the Father...!

Psalm 111 (MSG)
Hallelujah! I give thanks to God with everything I've got— Wherever good people gather, and in the congregation. God's works are so great, worth a lifetime of study—endless enjoyment! Splendor and beauty mark his craft; His generosity never gives out. His miracles are his memorial— This God of Grace, this God of Love.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Takes My Focus Into His Stare

Father, I am taken
by the Safety of Your Arms
as I Run to Your Presence
like my life is ending. 

I want to stay Here, Here in Your Arms where I can scream against that which is so wrong.  I Hear Your Voice as You Gather me Close, against the Passion of Your Understanding while my thoughts scurry to sit upon Your Lap. 

 I know You are bigger than my pains,
my anger,
my troubles,
so I can’t leave, and there is no other place to go. 

I hide in Your Eyes of Fire for even if my big toe gets outside Your Circle, I know I have gone into a land that bites with fierce. This Place of Satisfaction keeps me coming back as I experience each Instant where Your Ear Bends my way to Hear everything I have to say. 

Steady my heart beat,
steady my hearts pain,
steady the hurt done against me
so I can be strong and stand against the evil one. 

The lies and deceit swallowed to give rights to wrongs, playing games in the dark against my unsuspicious mind.  You, my God, are the Eyes that Search and Fight weak ones as we lean upon Your Power that Divides Water for the Crossing of Your children to Safe Ground. 

I am weak in flesh
but I am without doubt
that You Conquer
and I pity the evil one
that tries to cross Your Name. 

For how could a creation say he was mightier than the Creator?  How could a blade of grass say it will knock over a mountain?  How could one that sings a song say he is more Powerful than the One who Created Song? 

Oh God, the Heavens Declare Your Glory as it Fills the temples of our hearts. 

I scream
against the giant
that thinks it can divide and blow smoke
in the Eyes of God. 

How ridiculously foolish as I watch Your Wind Puff its Thunder to Deafen the foolish.  Arise oh army of the Most High.  Arise and do battle against the principalities that tries to throw sand in the eyes You Love. 

For wicked is shut-up by the mere Finger of God’s Command. 

The Voice of my Beloved Comes. 
Takes my focus into His Stare
and Gives me His Assurance
that He Sits with Smiles as He Enjoys my run to Him. 

Bidding me to Come Away with Him, Sing, oh Sing as if the more I Release Love's Song, the more expansion I will have.  Dare to Dance with HIm in my storm.  Dare the Song be Raised as my storm clouds fade and move away.

I Escape, I heed to the Call
of His Might
and all pain is dissolved. 

 I am Tuned in to a New Melody coming from brokenness. 
 Time has stopped and of no importance. 

What is going on outside looses my grip.  My body has a weightlessness now that previously was so heavy I could hardly lift one small finger. 

I have Gone!  I am Gone as His Presence Lifts my own voice as He Encourages me to speak. 

He Paints with my voice. 
He Decorates with my voice. 
He puts Beautiful Jewels
on the voice I give Him
as I Trust only in His Way. 

I felt so abandoned and yet now I am Assured I was the Center of His Attention. 

God, You have no stress or worry of my advisory.  You are not hoping to hit the right timing with Your Strike.  You have been Leaning to Hear me, Hear my heart abandon a single note song to the creation of multitude notes to create Heaven’s Melodies. 

I go…
I push my thoughts
to the Highest Mountain
where Praise Raises the atmosphere
and accusations have no voice. 

I go away, I go and find nothing is too mighty against You. You Restore my soul as I take on Your Yoke. 

 I find Rest
to sleep
in the midst of storms.   

I Rest and Wait.  Your Victory is an Absolute.  I Rest and Wait as Softness Pillows my head. 

Beautiful is Jesus
who Rescues me
as I sing my New Song
to Him who Sits upon the Throne.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I See A Glass Reflecting Light

Father, I am so moved today.  I live for the moments I can be with You.  I seek out where, how, when, please now…!  Sometimes I wonder, how did I get to such a place?  I mean, I’ve always known Your Love but not to this degree, not with the obsession that has taken over my senses, not to this ‘begging’ state to see Your Glory, Your Beauty. 

Even now I am going deep with thoughts.  Oh God, may I go deep.  It is my choice to take this step but it is Your Choice to What I Find.  If I go deep, what will You Say …. What are the Songs that You are Singing today?  

I have no expectations except to Find Your Life to make Changes to the very existence of my eternity.   Building upon Your Knowledge is Rewards of Faith that Creates a Higher Secret Place of Wonders. 

Oh to see, oh to have vision of the Sounds of Your Love.  The Whispers of the Wind Circling in my soul to Reveal Your Eyes of Passion and Devotion as it Gives and Gives and Gives and Gives.  I may find my heart leaping with untold energy or my find my knees in a complete buckled fall as I take in Your Life with Knowledge for my day. 

But whatever the outcome, what ever the Beat of Your Heart has Going, I want to Hear, I want to Feel it.  Surrounded by the pain of what the world has to offer, I reach and stretch as far as I dare to fall, fall quickly, fall with swift want as I cry for deep.  I feel my grip as if it was my last chance to make it.  I cannot let loose.  I can only assume, as seen from the past, that You are Far Ahead of my yearning and have Ordered Heavens Best for my Craving heart. 

 I know that is why I keep coming back.  I cannot find disappointment in my return to You.  I cannot find rejection when I ask for Your Love, Hope, and Safety.  I cannot find sorrow but so the opposite.  I can count on the Absolute of Purpose and Steps that Lead to Happiness not predictable. 

Finding You is like having all confusion dissolve in such a way that I forget that pain was even there. No wonder I want to stay Here, seeking, knocking as You Open Doors so that I Find. 

I am in a Perfect Climate, Perfect Atmosphere, Perfect Treasures as Love Gives Everything.

Singing, oh God, my heart sings…. How does a heart sing like this?  How can a song be so Rich?  It’s as if my thoughts sing, my movements sing, it’s as if I am a song…! 

I feel like an instrument playing a song just by my thoughts as Your Vibrations take me to something of Heaven’s Beauty.  I hold tight to this sound as I desire to complete its melody.  I have come to reach into Your Kingdom and stand Here. 

I have something inside that I cannot identify.  I have Movement that is working like curiosity captures one away.  I walk closer.  I peer into unknown.  I look as if I have others wondering also.  What is this object?  What is this that is always available? 

I see a glass that is reflecting light.  I know only to go closer to the glass.  I can’t wait to look inside.  Oh what… what will I see?  I look just above the rim and I see my own eyes.  I see my own face. 

I do not understand…!  I do not want to see myself but the One that has Wooed me to this Secret Place.  And Your Voice Reaches to my hearing.  With something More than I can understand Your Love so Deep Speaks that You have Come inside to Live every moment of my life with me.  Your Love is so Extraordinary that You have taken on my appearance with great Pleasure. 

You have Created me before I was born with the High Light of getting to Love me and Walk with me as Your Dwelling Place.

Father, I Welcome You, You are so welcome to Live within my life.  I will be still and know that You are always with me.  To know You are God.  Trusting in Your Work within me as You Love me with Complete Pureness.  The Light that reflects off the Glass (me) is Your Presence.  Oh how I love Your Presence. 

Come, Dwell, please Shine Your Light within me so that Your Kingdom comes on earth as it is in Heaven…!  I love Your Presence.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Innocence and Trust

God Speak STRAIGHT to my heart…!

And in You Come.  My head spins with the Mighty.  I wiggle and cry as Pureness has its uncomfortable Justice that Stirs every emotion I was Given.  Holy Walks into my thoughts and I fall in worship.  I realize above every fear and thought that You are Worthy of my completeness. 

Your Throne I prepare in my heart for Your Pleasure.  Beautiful becomes a Visual now as Mercy Covers over my kingdom. 

The Ancient of Days
of no beginning and no end
Takes my hand in His;
Lifts me to look into His Eyes. 

How can I? 
How can I, for I have sinned. 

He Bleeds and I become Snow,
Faultless and Righteous according to His Purposes in me. 

The Light
that Created the sun of lesser light
Looks into the eyes of my heart. 

I am Taken to His Love with Excitement He Acknowledges. 
His Light begins to Shine like a Jewel of Pure Worth
as His Glory makes my heart His Home. 

So full of Majestic Splendor His Shine I feel with devestation.  He has a Better Way, His Love Sounds to my hearing.  His Mystery starts His Fire within.  

Dare I ask for 'the cause' of my spinning headache
rather than relief of such Jealousy His Fire Burns?

Dare to turn toward this Wind and walk forward
rather than hide behind a wall to escape its Force. 

Dare I seek Word
from the Heart of He who Gives from Pureness
rather than from man
who will speak it carefully so I reject not his loftiness. 

Dare I give up my reputation to the Hands of His Heart’s Cry who Walked in when I asked, rather than the opinion of man’s discernments. 

I shout with earnestness…
CALL ME… Take me to the Mountain of Your Glory. 

I know I am not ready but only Your Love can Do This…!

How Shocking to flesh when Holiness comes with its Passion.  Every dirty dish in your house seems exposed and yet the Eyes of Holiness remains so Focused to only Love with Help, not condemn.  

How overwhelming as flesh looks upon dirt as impossible laundry while His Holiness just picks a start and Rejoicingly Cups it with Beautiful Smiles of Encouragement to Join His Work as He Turns ashes into Beauty. 

I fall as His Love Informs me,
“Obey Me.  Follow Me to a place you haven’t seen yet.  I want you to return to the place of ‘innocence and trust'”. 

Weeping takes over and every muscle in my body withdraws and expands with brokenness.

I Ponder His imposible Thunder:  ‘Look for Innocence… Look for Trust’  

I have none, I cry…! 

His Love Breaks the burden I cannot carry.

Don’t go back, go forward.  Clear your closet (inner man) of what you should keep, not what you should destroy.  We are looking for innocence and truth to take out and save, as we destroy the old you. Don’t mistake your old innocence for the new innocence that I am giving you. The old innocence was ignorance.  The new innocence is wisdom.  A child does not cover his gown with a robe (heart with reasons).  It does not need covered.  It’s too innocent, too full of truth and trust to cover.  …

I run, I shut down, I cry, I cannot go here! 
I am ugly without make-up. 
I am old and I cannot climb like I used to. 
 I cannot rescue myself…!

His love Gives Instuctions and His Love Gives Its Own Kindness..!

I am dissolving the guilt you feel,
like saliva dissolves food with acid. 
There’s a lot of it,
it’s been going on so long. 
But I will destroy it naturally.

 I lose all my words for response.  I shake with fear as He Holds me Tight within His Loving Embrace.  I only want Him even Closer; Closer than I’ve ever known or felt. 

Today is dark to flesh so strong, for His Love Gives Hope and there will be no return. 
 Oh my soul, why so downcast… oh my soul, worship His Holy Name..!

I have been Taken with such I cannot explain.  Oh God, I am falling so Deep into Your Love.  How could I ever go any other way.  You are my Strength, my Fortress.  My Help in all times…! 

You have set ten thousand angels to my side
as my strength deminishes
and Your Strength Takes me to this Place I have never seen. 

Call me…. Take me to the Mountain of Your Glory…!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Father, I have to hear.  I have to know.  I have to see. 

You have Given me such Glimpses of Your Amazements
and I have become so bold
to come with my hands out. 

I only know to ask for the Revelation You are to be in Extreme.  How can I not?  How can I restrain when I know there is so much more? 

I feel like I am at the top of a huge waterfall
watching all the Beauty and Sounds
its Power possesses
as the rushing Mighty Water demands with Control. 

The Wind it causes is blowing my whole being as I stand in awe of its Intense Force.  Do I jump?  Do I dare go closer and be Taken by this Ultimate Surrender.  Nothing will survive once I jump.  There is no return. 

The Valor of this Sound has a Song of many voices. 
Voices that Speak with the playing of unfamiliar musical instruments. 

Bells that do not ring,
they Tremble in a Fear of the Mighty
and Beauty is heard that we hush to hear. 

Notes that Roar like drums
as it Splashes praise and Strikes the Heavens. 
Raising the level of tears as the Song continues. 

The Swift fall of surrender
creates a sound like strings
being singled out, chosen,
selected by the Master Musician for Perfect Pitch.

Each surrender offering a different Sound of Heaven’s Tune.  

Great is the Depth of this Waterfall.  Great is its Song that Roars. 

The Name of Heaven’s Thunder Sounds
as the Hum of ‘Jesus’
Stretches as a Note Held for many measures.

I call with all that is within me for the Courage,
for the Confidence,
Assurance that Your Commitment towards me is complete Loyalty. 

Why do I hesitate?  What is the step that will take me over this edge?   

I hear as this Song Bounces
and is Tossed with such Waves that Build
to Top every obstacle;
owning all that might try to complicate the Journey.   

And then it happens. 

It just happens; and there I am

- in the fall -

with no idea how it came. 

Falling as I sing with those who have fallen also. 
The multitude of words that come forth
make a Sound of one meaning, one Song….

Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord God. 
Who was and is and is to come. 

Falling, I soar as He Owns my path, my heart, and my life. 
I fall to His Wonders….!