Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, March 14, 2011

For This I Lean Into

I could NEVER outlove my God, only return to Him my own passion.  But communicating with Him is a Treasure I LOVE...!

I AM the One that your heart saw before you knew you saw me.  I AM was there in the design of your existence.  I AM was there when I placed the breath within your lungs and I Placed my Desires within your tiny heart.  I gave a Plan that would take you to the Road of being who you are.  Your soul was made in the Music of my Pattern.  Listen to the Tune of my Love as you give way to my Sounds.  Step in to my Chambers and know that you are the Harmony of my Melody.   I Took such deep Care in my Creation that the very ancestors of your making is ordained and part of my Plan for your life.  I Am in the making of your walk for eternity.  With your name I have given to you in the Book of Life I have Given you everything of Mine.  Just as you do not understand the process of your birth, neither can you grasp the Total of my eternity.  Just take all of Me and seek the Things of My Kingdom and you will continue to grow as you see a child grow.  For I saw you as I was placing the stars in the sky.  I saw you when I set the earth spinning.  I saw you as the fruit of my Son’s Walk.  I Hear you call Me, I Hear you making the cries of passion.  I Hear you when you do not even know you are speaking.  For this I Lean into the sound of hearts turned to Me.   For this I Search the earth to find my Son’s Adornment;  clothing Him in praise from the Image of His Love.  Reflecting His Walk and Surrendering to the Intimacy He Enjoys.  Keep searching your heart and offering those places to me.  I will Heal and Restore.  I will breaks down walls that divide the heart with fears.  I will Place the Solid of My Heart within you and Build your Trust in me.   My Hand is in Constant Work for the Union of my Son’s bride as Reward for eternity. 

God, the Wonder of all existence, I bow my heart to the Sounds of Your Love.  I bow the gift of Your Making to Your Design of Love.  With a grateful heart I make my sounds of love in return.  Not with my voice but with my doing and being I offer the song of my own love as I raise what I have been Given to Your Ears so Turned toward me.  You Make Known Your Love in constant Flow to my life and I lay softly in the Arms of Your Passion.  You Rescue me from all harm with Knowledge of what will help me grow to know more clearly Your Total Accomplishments of Completeness.  I sing my la-la-la’s with the heaven’s choir to sing love much deeper than words of my own comprehension.  I sing with heart of His Love and as a child of You, the I Am.  For my body dances when the world see’s no movement, I sing while the world hears no sound.  I seek while the world sees only outward gathering.  I am a temple of Your Intimacy soaked in the Midst of Thick Clouds that forbid me to move quickly but Encourage me to Stay and Talk and Commune with the Sounds of this New Love Song.  Each moment Richer than the moment before; each Sound clearer than previous Sound to the heart of one who stays to study.  I ponder this Place with the eyes of my heart searching diligently for there is so much to explore.  I desire to stay in Your House and will make all the arrangements I can to live here.  Keep me here, Guided by the Light of Your Wonders.  Keep me here in Your Presence.