Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Friday, July 29, 2011

Acquaint Us With Unknowns of Your Love Songs

I move unhurriedly
 up and down life’s call today;
finding myself traveling like a song,
playing in everything I do. 

His Love
has Touched
the central part of my sensitivity. 

I am Bouncing
as His Hand Strums my heart
with His Vibrations
as a Fine Tuned Note that Rings
as I Float in this Solid Tone


He Changes the Pitch for me to Ride.

Then another Note Catches me
and Swiftly Carry’s me to the next Tender Sound
He is Orchestrating
with Precision
as I surrender and fall to the Grace of His Catch. 

I have been Beckoned
to Become part of a Song
much larger than a single note Called to be. 

Merged in a combination of His Assortment,
the Fine Tuning of my clatter
will move the Master Instrumentalist
to Compose what ears have yet to hear. 

Yielding all my steps to His Will
and His Love,
 takes all my mistuned struggles into a Sensor
of His Holy Sound,
which will Pull and Stretch me
into a Precision of His Accuracy Working in me. 

What was incorrect will now Sound Exact
as His Fingers Form such Reverberation
it can only be heard
by a Silent Profound Supernatural Listening. 

For His Name Chimes Ferociously
as the Name itself Thunders of its Power. 

Bolts of a thousand lightening flashes
do not come close
to the Piercing Explosion of One Sound
of His Name. 

Escalating, Rising, the Soar of just a Whisper ,
deafening to the human ear,
but by His Spirit it Becomes a Work of Art,
an Arrangement Organized
by the Master’s Structured Discernment. 

His Song, Singing through me,
one He Loves;
He Proved nothing was too much
to Give
to Win me to His Life. 

Sing, Jesus;
Play Heaven’s Song upon earth
through the instruments of surrender. 

Acquaint us with Unknowns of Your Love Songs.