Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Innocence and Trust

God Speak STRAIGHT to my heart…!

And in You Come.  My head spins with the Mighty.  I wiggle and cry as Pureness has its uncomfortable Justice that Stirs every emotion I was Given.  Holy Walks into my thoughts and I fall in worship.  I realize above every fear and thought that You are Worthy of my completeness. 

Your Throne I prepare in my heart for Your Pleasure.  Beautiful becomes a Visual now as Mercy Covers over my kingdom. 

The Ancient of Days
of no beginning and no end
Takes my hand in His;
Lifts me to look into His Eyes. 

How can I? 
How can I, for I have sinned. 

He Bleeds and I become Snow,
Faultless and Righteous according to His Purposes in me. 

The Light
that Created the sun of lesser light
Looks into the eyes of my heart. 

I am Taken to His Love with Excitement He Acknowledges. 
His Light begins to Shine like a Jewel of Pure Worth
as His Glory makes my heart His Home. 

So full of Majestic Splendor His Shine I feel with devestation.  He has a Better Way, His Love Sounds to my hearing.  His Mystery starts His Fire within.  

Dare I ask for 'the cause' of my spinning headache
rather than relief of such Jealousy His Fire Burns?

Dare to turn toward this Wind and walk forward
rather than hide behind a wall to escape its Force. 

Dare I seek Word
from the Heart of He who Gives from Pureness
rather than from man
who will speak it carefully so I reject not his loftiness. 

Dare I give up my reputation to the Hands of His Heart’s Cry who Walked in when I asked, rather than the opinion of man’s discernments. 

I shout with earnestness…
CALL ME… Take me to the Mountain of Your Glory. 

I know I am not ready but only Your Love can Do This…!

How Shocking to flesh when Holiness comes with its Passion.  Every dirty dish in your house seems exposed and yet the Eyes of Holiness remains so Focused to only Love with Help, not condemn.  

How overwhelming as flesh looks upon dirt as impossible laundry while His Holiness just picks a start and Rejoicingly Cups it with Beautiful Smiles of Encouragement to Join His Work as He Turns ashes into Beauty. 

I fall as His Love Informs me,
“Obey Me.  Follow Me to a place you haven’t seen yet.  I want you to return to the place of ‘innocence and trust'”. 

Weeping takes over and every muscle in my body withdraws and expands with brokenness.

I Ponder His imposible Thunder:  ‘Look for Innocence… Look for Trust’  

I have none, I cry…! 

His Love Breaks the burden I cannot carry.

Don’t go back, go forward.  Clear your closet (inner man) of what you should keep, not what you should destroy.  We are looking for innocence and truth to take out and save, as we destroy the old you. Don’t mistake your old innocence for the new innocence that I am giving you. The old innocence was ignorance.  The new innocence is wisdom.  A child does not cover his gown with a robe (heart with reasons).  It does not need covered.  It’s too innocent, too full of truth and trust to cover.  …

I run, I shut down, I cry, I cannot go here! 
I am ugly without make-up. 
I am old and I cannot climb like I used to. 
 I cannot rescue myself…!

His love Gives Instuctions and His Love Gives Its Own Kindness..!

I am dissolving the guilt you feel,
like saliva dissolves food with acid. 
There’s a lot of it,
it’s been going on so long. 
But I will destroy it naturally.

 I lose all my words for response.  I shake with fear as He Holds me Tight within His Loving Embrace.  I only want Him even Closer; Closer than I’ve ever known or felt. 

Today is dark to flesh so strong, for His Love Gives Hope and there will be no return. 
 Oh my soul, why so downcast… oh my soul, worship His Holy Name..!

I have been Taken with such I cannot explain.  Oh God, I am falling so Deep into Your Love.  How could I ever go any other way.  You are my Strength, my Fortress.  My Help in all times…! 

You have set ten thousand angels to my side
as my strength deminishes
and Your Strength Takes me to this Place I have never seen. 

Call me…. Take me to the Mountain of Your Glory…!