Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waiting For the Next Glance, Sound, Movement

God, I am so messed up.  I am so, so messed up.  I have been smitten by a Love that Speaks to me night and day. Oh, with a whisper it keeps my soul in constant awareness of its Sweetness and how delicately it Gives me a tingle all over.  I know I am walking about on ground but inwardly I am sure I have risen above the ground ,into the air, as I cannot feel my steps, they just happen.  I stop and curl up in a comfortable position with the Pillow about my head and I Wait for a New Slumber.  A Slumber that eases everything about me and assures me of a Safe Place where the heart goes into thoughts of the Love I want to tell and the Love that I receive.  Slowly it Falls, the Perfect Slumber, as it begins with the Passion of Realness; without pretense and no shame.  My mouth begins to form a light smile before I realize I have even made an expression.  I reposition my head in my Pillow as I listen to the Sound of Love over me.  I take a deep breath, for it is a moment that seems too good to be true.  Your Voice holds so much more than sound, so much more than words that tumble from a mouth.  Your Voice has few Words yet what comes from Them Creates in my mind  more than I can write of or gather.  It’s like Your Glance even has Words that I cannot catch for they are too numerous.  I wait with the arms of my heart open to hear them, yet it is too much.  I wait for the Next Glance, Sound, Movement; anything for I lay down to sSumber in the Rest that takes me away to a Place that fascinates me. 

What do You see in me?  I know that who You are is Love Unending, Unselfish with Abandonment of all that is Yours towards me.  Willing to allow me to take on Your Name and Sing with its Joy.  But why Chase me?  Why, my thoughts question.   Why Chase after me with such Wonders of Gifts and Love so Pure.  I am of such want and my needs are from such brokenness and yet You see something that delights Your Hearing.  You Hear me coming to our Place of Captured Thoughts and I see You afar Running to Open the Door for me.  Heavens make Note of the Time, makes Note of our exchanged words.  The Stir is all about as I watch Creation Forming for a Moment with You is never the same. It is always New. 

Who is that Singing?  Tones of such as a City.  Many, so many Bells that Ring New Taps of Tunes, so many unspoken Love Sounds coming from an awaken gathering.  I wait, as I slumber in such Softness for I have found Safety in Your Arms, the Softness of This Pillow.  I am falling in Love over and over as I wait.  Waiting for the Next Glance, Sound, Movement; anything for I lay down to slumber in the Rest that takes me away to a Place that fascinates me…!