Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your Aroma Came for the Attention of my heart

Taking my heart to my favorite Place this morning… to You, Father, as I ask Your Sweet Holy Spirit to come and bring Alive the Knowledge of Sounds and Sights of Your Kingdom.  Where the angels join the earth with the voices of Joy from the Rescued bride who stays in constant Jubilance of what awaits as we sing and celebrate Your Love Forever.  Fearing in reverence I am so watchful of today.  I am so excited over today.  Yesterday was so Full, so Abundant with Love that Washed over the fears and Gave to me New Thoughts and Announcements of Grace for my broken paths.  The day before that, Oh, it was again the Blood of Your Holiness Applied as I speak the Powerful Name Jesus in which even a thought of its Declaration Takes Hold and Shakes and Delivers me from my fallen attitudes and Sits me up in Places I otherwise have no rights to.  I am wising up by the Continuation of Your Love over me as Your Promises are so Full of the unseen my eyes can’t even imagine; making a Way for me to begin a New Life in You each day to find everything I could ever want. Love me Father, Love me with Abundance so that I see You.  Love me Father… Love me with Passion for the day before, day before, day before, again another day… You are so Faithful to Redeem my soul from all the wayward falls I seem to find.  Hungry and thirsty for unhealthy fool’s food, You Take me out and Show me Better so that I am astonished and satisfied with only Your Life Giving Food I knew nothing of.  I want to live in Your House forever.  I want Your Hand over my soul as I fearfully come knowing I am in need as I watch death leave my previously aimless directions before Your Aroma Came for the Attention of my heart.  I saw… oh Papa I saw the Sight.  I saw and Fear has a beginning of Knowledge I am seeking.  Oh Bring to me this Beginning.  I am so far from even its Beginning.  Bring to me the Sweet Song of Beauty that I may adorn He who I love.  I find this Fear so fascinating and so unlike what I thought it would be.  Fear to ALWAYS ask for Your Love and Acceptance over my falls.  Fear to have Hunger and Thirst for Your Pardon and Eyes upon my every thought as it travels silly places.  Fear to only be Safe in Your Care and Discipline for I get to far over the edge.  Fear to Know the need I have to only breath Your Word as it unfolds my wrapping I try tightly to conceal.  Love me Deeply, Love me with such Passion I am Sunk in its Grip and Trapped in the Security of its Place.  Love me far past my expectation and known revelations of what Love is.  Show up at all my words and deeds and Give me the Task of Measure so I can know to bury the unclean.  Dwell inward and Expose Your Life from me so Your Love is Manifest on earth.  Stricken me with Kindness so that it is Oozing from the Secret Place we Meet and can be Carried to the Boarders of my walk You Design for this bride in waiting.  Stop my hiding and Find me daily.  Almighty I only want to Hide with You so that I stay under the Shadow of Your Safety.   Your Aroma I seek and I Fear to not ask to Know You More.  Your Aroma has come for the Attention of my heart and I Fear to not ask for Your Love.  I Fear to not give You my heart so broken.  I Fear to not Hide in the Secret Place so that I be Risen to the Refuge of Your Peace.  Comfort me with ALL Blessings that I may Fear Your Name and conquer all raging storms that hit.   I bring to You, You whom I Trust, my children that they Run into You like the Shelter from the storms hitting them.  Give them Supernatural Blessings that cause them to Rise and not faint.  My children are broken and buried, as I, in mud that attaches to the heart so cold.  Warm us with Passion so that we Shed the covers we tried to hide under.  False warmth that wonders about our thinking to confuse.  You… oh God… YOU are our Deliver.  Take in Your Arms my babies and I, my husband and partner in this life.   For the Life of Your Glory upon this earth… take us…!  Each day, today… I look to You TODAY..!  Jesus You are the Cover of my prayer..!  Jesus You are my Friend FOREVER…!