Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I See A Glass Reflecting Light

Father, I am so moved today.  I live for the moments I can be with You.  I seek out where, how, when, please now…!  Sometimes I wonder, how did I get to such a place?  I mean, I’ve always known Your Love but not to this degree, not with the obsession that has taken over my senses, not to this ‘begging’ state to see Your Glory, Your Beauty. 

Even now I am going deep with thoughts.  Oh God, may I go deep.  It is my choice to take this step but it is Your Choice to What I Find.  If I go deep, what will You Say …. What are the Songs that You are Singing today?  

I have no expectations except to Find Your Life to make Changes to the very existence of my eternity.   Building upon Your Knowledge is Rewards of Faith that Creates a Higher Secret Place of Wonders. 

Oh to see, oh to have vision of the Sounds of Your Love.  The Whispers of the Wind Circling in my soul to Reveal Your Eyes of Passion and Devotion as it Gives and Gives and Gives and Gives.  I may find my heart leaping with untold energy or my find my knees in a complete buckled fall as I take in Your Life with Knowledge for my day. 

But whatever the outcome, what ever the Beat of Your Heart has Going, I want to Hear, I want to Feel it.  Surrounded by the pain of what the world has to offer, I reach and stretch as far as I dare to fall, fall quickly, fall with swift want as I cry for deep.  I feel my grip as if it was my last chance to make it.  I cannot let loose.  I can only assume, as seen from the past, that You are Far Ahead of my yearning and have Ordered Heavens Best for my Craving heart. 

 I know that is why I keep coming back.  I cannot find disappointment in my return to You.  I cannot find rejection when I ask for Your Love, Hope, and Safety.  I cannot find sorrow but so the opposite.  I can count on the Absolute of Purpose and Steps that Lead to Happiness not predictable. 

Finding You is like having all confusion dissolve in such a way that I forget that pain was even there. No wonder I want to stay Here, seeking, knocking as You Open Doors so that I Find. 

I am in a Perfect Climate, Perfect Atmosphere, Perfect Treasures as Love Gives Everything.

Singing, oh God, my heart sings…. How does a heart sing like this?  How can a song be so Rich?  It’s as if my thoughts sing, my movements sing, it’s as if I am a song…! 

I feel like an instrument playing a song just by my thoughts as Your Vibrations take me to something of Heaven’s Beauty.  I hold tight to this sound as I desire to complete its melody.  I have come to reach into Your Kingdom and stand Here. 

I have something inside that I cannot identify.  I have Movement that is working like curiosity captures one away.  I walk closer.  I peer into unknown.  I look as if I have others wondering also.  What is this object?  What is this that is always available? 

I see a glass that is reflecting light.  I know only to go closer to the glass.  I can’t wait to look inside.  Oh what… what will I see?  I look just above the rim and I see my own eyes.  I see my own face. 

I do not understand…!  I do not want to see myself but the One that has Wooed me to this Secret Place.  And Your Voice Reaches to my hearing.  With something More than I can understand Your Love so Deep Speaks that You have Come inside to Live every moment of my life with me.  Your Love is so Extraordinary that You have taken on my appearance with great Pleasure. 

You have Created me before I was born with the High Light of getting to Love me and Walk with me as Your Dwelling Place.

Father, I Welcome You, You are so welcome to Live within my life.  I will be still and know that You are always with me.  To know You are God.  Trusting in Your Work within me as You Love me with Complete Pureness.  The Light that reflects off the Glass (me) is Your Presence.  Oh how I love Your Presence. 

Come, Dwell, please Shine Your Light within me so that Your Kingdom comes on earth as it is in Heaven…!  I love Your Presence.