Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Corridor of Heaven's Road

I come running, 
running so fast I can hardly slow my thinking down 
that I might offer You myself 
in return for Your peace 
within this night.  

Are the stars brighter 
or is that my imagination?  
Is the air made of nutrients 
for soul healing, 
or am I just following sounds of love 
that I drink with gulps of frantic passion.  

Can I stay?  

May I give You my eyes 
that plead to enter 
the Room of Glory 
with fullness I have yet to experience.  

I open my soul 
to find Your Name has colored my heart. 

I open my mind 
to wade deeper 
and find I stay afloat 
no matter how far I journey.  

Sunken are my feet 
into the corridor of heaven’s road.  

For the blood 
of One who died for me 
is my wading path.  

Sweet was His course 
as choice was given 
and He choose to bring me to eternity 
of Oneness with Him and the Father.  

It’s as if I stop breathing 
but I know I have not.  

It’s as if I stopped 
forming words learned as English 
but I know I have not.  

My world spins in dances 
I have never seen 
as my thoughts travel words of emotion 
I have never had.  

Love has shared its moment 
within a sphere encircled 
to enclose me 
as it covers the party 
my heart has induced. 

Generated from seemingly nothing 
has come the miraculous.  

I only knew to want.  
I only knew to ask.  
I only knew to make myself available.  

In this place are the songs 
that reach to the Ears of Holy.  

In this place 
are the wonders of unending delight.  

No care can find voice 
for all supplies of completeness 
has taken management.  

Closing my eyes 
to see myself atop a mountain 
and peace has ceaselessly entered.  

I sleep in Your Arms tonight
in the corridor of heaven's road.

Where Your Glory Roams

Oh my obsession, my great focus, 
my Father who reigns 
and holds the heavens with deepest passion,  
which guides me towards acquaintance 
to seize me in its grip.  

I jump out into Space, 

Your Space where angels have remained faithful, 
where Your Glory roams to fill its capacity, 
where sights exceed the worlds traps 
and common food of weariness.  

Oh let me swim in Your heavenly aroma 
where every breath fills my being 
with sweet thoughts 
and challenges me to hold it as long as I can.  

When it is time to exhale, 
let it spew out from me 
and spill upon Your creation.  

Fill all my secret hiding places 
that have yet to know what love offers.  

As I fulfill Your desire to hold such love, 
fill me with Your overgenerous essence 
so that I soak with its fragrance.   

Fan this passion that burns; 
ignite it into an uncontrollable fire 
to consume every place I walk.  

As I fumble 
with awkwardness of such love towards me, 
see past my stumbling 
and join my heart 
with Your whispering love talk.  

If I turn in embarrassment, 
chase me anyway.  

I write Your Name 
a thousand times a thousand 
upon the pages of my life.  

I see it and giggle with childish behaviors.  

Finding such True Love 
gives riches beyond emotions, 
beyond words, 
beyond attempts of search on earth; 
yet it fills earth with its Glory.  

It locks itself within 
and all of hell has no entrance.   
My enemy falls 
as the war is outside and not my own.  

Your love lifts up my soul 
to hear of passion 
that moves every chamber of my existence 
to experience.  

I jump out into Your Space, 
freedom’s space 
that has length and width past visual and knowledge.  

Where love comes in 
even to rescue while I play, 
trusting Your watch as the ultimate Father.  

When I cry 
because I am not getting my way, 
Your love comforts 
until I can know Your best is the matchless intellect.  

When I laugh, 
Your love takes it all in with pride 
as Your Eye is fixed upon me to watch.  

When I sing, 
Your love sings with me 
to teach me new songs 
as You listen to my own melodies.  

You will never leave me, 
nor forsake me.  

Love has its arms around me 
and I JUMP into Your Space 
where angels have remained faithful, 
where Your Glory roams 
to fill its capacity, 
where sights exceed the worlds traps 
and common food of weariness.