Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Is God Saying About Me?

I Love Thankful Thursdays...!  On This Thankful Thursday I want to rejoice in a treasure I received almost 16 years ago now.  A warm smile that took me into a new realm of laughter after I had crumbled from the disaster of divorce.  I met Michael a couple of years before my divorce in fleeting moments of time
and no thought that he would be a part of my future.  Years later, needing some paperwork he had I made a call to his office.  Michael, a great Christian psychologist, had given one of my son’s renewed reasons for life after a troubling time in his life and I needed this documented account.  I was so frightened to start life over.  He asked me to dinner, I shrank in fear.  He suggested we get to know each other by phone.  Ahhh, feeling safe I said okay.  His mother from out of state, came to visit and he took her to the church I attended.  As I worshipped in a dance team with all my might, he whispered into his mother’s ears that Sunday morning, “That is who God told me I was going to marry.”  I did not know this until after we married a year later for at that time he spoke to her we had barely seen each other.  I remember like yesterday the first time our hands touched and we walked along a river as we talked and hung on each other’s every word.  And then it began… we TALKED about each other…. to EVERYONE. 
Today I am thinking, what else and to whom has God been talking of me about?  Is it okay to say and think, He is?  I think it is!  I love talking about God and all the wonders He gives and shares with me such as the romance of my Romeo.  I am so in love with the Love He Gives me.  I find it absolutely everywhere.  Here is a thought to ponder… long, long ago… before I was born… He Knew me.. He pondered me and then He placed me in a moment of time that would best work to my good and His Glory.  I was born in the exact year He Purposed for me.  Carefully He Created me with such detail and the most amazing to me is that He keeps account of all my days…even how many hairs on my head.  I know so little about myself compared to what He knows about me…!  SO LITTLE… I could almost say I know nothing of myself in comparison of what He knows about me.  So why would He know all this about me and not Talk about it?  Why would anyone Love like this and not talk about it?  I have no idea and I am convinced that I have no way of ever knowing this fact… yet every day, all day, any day… He knows that hair count to the absolute.   Why?  Why would He keep such a record if He did not also have a multitude of other information about me?  Love swelled to extreme…!  Well, of course His Love is past my understanding but somehow I dare to believe that Him knowing that exact detail is such a small part of His knowledge about me.  So that brings me to stretch my imagination…I just wonder what else and to whom has God been talking of me about?  Have you ever wondered this? 
Hugs to you all,
Charlotte, Lover of His Name
Pray and Love with Michael and I's Recovery Process from TBI