Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whispers Like A Fragrance Slowly Moving Into A Room

Father, You are my everything; my energy, my power, my heart, my friend…
All my time,
my very breath belongs to You
for I want to be so close to You that my thoughts are Yours without division.

How captivated I have grown from
each moment Your Love Touches my heart,
and how I want more.

I groan with hopes
for I have untangled my needs from wants
and found fresh Paths that carry me
like a swift running river to each Gift of Your Supply so satisfying. 

My eyes lower but my heart rises to catch a Glimpse. 
I groan with passion;
intense craze inside my heart
is a pulse that beats violently for my Place near You. 

My heart weeps as it knows little other emotions
that release the attraction it has to Your Magnetism.  

Your Tender Greatness has my interest
and I must investigate all avenues
of such Frolicsome Thoughtfulness.

There where I find Your Love
Pouring upon me Carelessly
to Nurture the awareness and curiosity of Your Knock upon my heart. 

Your Fondness for me is mesmerizing
and I want to somehow keep it
as an ornament or keepsake,
to cherish like a prize of great value. 

has me placing it in top priority
of my life, daily! 

I rest in Love’s Arms,
as the Benefit is hearing
Your Whispers
like a Fragrance slowly moving into a room
to touch the knowledge of all who populate the area. 

Not in a hurry,
oh no,
and not of demand that one catch the scent all at once;
but that it stays until it has penetrated all space
for the enjoyment of those in reach. 

One Whiff of its Beauty and comments begin to articulate as a Song develops of Your Presence so Divine. Each comment forms a Note of Praise and together this Song Rises to Heaven’s Portals for the Pleasure of Your Love seen and heard over Your Kingdom. 

I want, oh, I want to know more
of this Love
even if imperfectly
or in my deficient waywardly failures
I come,
I want to be close to You so that my thoughts are Yours. 

Disappointments do not come from You,
as You Set Your Eyes upon me,
so I can end all panic
and recklessly pioneer
my way to this Kingdom of Love’s Presence. 

You are greater than my catastrophes of collapse
and can take even the throbs of hurt
and make Recreation from it. 

For when Your Son Conquered all things
by His Perfectness,
He brought me along side Him
as He Sat beside You for eternity’s Reign. 

Now I immobilize fears of the g-o-d
I created
and become acquainted with the True God
that Considered my life of such worth that He Sent His Son
to Catch me away to His Dwelling Love. 

I groan inwardly to know more,
I will follow hard after Your Love. 
Listening for the
Whispers that move slowly into the room
and Touches my senses with its Scent of Love's Glory.