Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How Do You 'Taste' the Lord...?

Sometimes I chase the things that this world has to offer with strong desires. 

So many things can be of so much pleasure.  Just the very thought of taste and flavors found on earth is delightful.  My mind usually always goes to ice cream which has always been my favorite delight. There is a song that the group I praise Him with sings that says, ‘oh taste and see that the Lord is Good…’  Sort of a strange expression and some may even ask, ‘how can you taste the Lord?’ But the Truth is... there is nothing of greater pleasure, NOTHING!  We've all tasted the Lord if we know Him, but I like to think that I have tasted the Lord many times when His Presence fills me inside-out.  I just take my heart and surrender to him.  That’s it…!  That is all there is to it…! THEN... all the unexplored Flavors of the unknown begin to Gather and Form to Make something Special just for me…! 

Lord, You are the Breath that I breathe; Air that fills my being with Your Wonder, for I seek deeper than my own wonders could ever go.  I knock upon the Creation of Your Kindness today and find my whole being in want; to come to You for a Treasured Visit.  May I see the Wonders of You as I express my desire to be with You.  I acknowledge that You are the Floor beneath my feet and the Ceiling above my head.  I declare that You are the sides that hold me together while I walk in and out and about.  I run and know my entire journey is in Your Love, Poured upon my Life as a Constant Place in time by Your Purpose.  I was Given a birth in Your Universe and then Shaken into the Form of You to Enjoy such far further Pleasures than my own ability has to find.  I am Held by Gravity of Your Power for Work of the Kingdom that has Come to my heart and Filled my soul.  I open the eyes of beyond me and reach out to see More, Your More, Your Obvious, Your Radiant Colors and Flavors as I set my thoughts into motion of praise and release the Seeds of Love's Passion.  A smile breaks across the skies of my countenance as the Warmth and Blanket of Your Existence Shines past all barriers I had of fear coming before You.  As I come Dance with my heart to Notes of Your Joys, I am overcome with Aromas that tell me there is an abundance of Flavors of Your Divine Existance for me.  Now my house, my temple, my body, is filled with the Smell of what You have Cooking and my attention is set on You.  No longer am I satisfied with such notions of earth offerings.  Now I am Moved by Your Insistence into a Kingdom of Higher Requirements and I sit in Your Waiting Room with my name upon Your Registry Book.  For One went before me to Make my Reservations and so I come simply because I was Called His.  I have only my surrendered heart as offering which is Your only requirement; all fees were paid before I got Here.  With Passion from You I am Encouraged to Feast on Pure Flavors passed Gates of Eternity.  Now and forever I am caught in thought over my next return to this Place where the Eminence of Smells and Flavors are of Greatest Spender!  Oh I Taste and I see… You are of the Grandest of Holiness which has no fault.  This now Owns the Guiding of my eyes for I Taste Your Love as I share Hearts with You, and it is Unsurpassed. Your Love fills the entrance of my soul with Flavors and Completes me.  Completes and Satisfies.  Oh I taste of You as I simply come before You and Your Table is Spread.  I offer my thanks and take pleasure in feasting with You today.  My cry will ALWAYS be... May I come again and again and again?