Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, July 15, 2013

Whistle While You Work Poppa

Oh Poppa, I declare You are a friend of all friends.  Your ear is always listening and yet I will travel afar looking for an ear to speak to that will somehow hear my heart.  Looking for someone that will respond like You do, for my best and not for my own gratifications or to get at-a-boys.  I fail to remember this is impossible; for if I could find such, they too would be God and there is no other god but You.  I know You speak from those who know You, those who seek Your will and not their own.  I am not talking about this amazing source of Your love and energy.  No I’m speaking of wanting another to take away the fear, another to make answers work for me, another to love with total Spirit and not flesh involved.  I want another to be what I could never be until I no longer walk in this flesh but by the new body which will be made of Spirit only. 

Burdened with sights and unknowns, helplessly I fumble.  Thoughts roaring as they serge into high gear for a response now, leaving results to be worried about later.  But when I can’t find, I come running back to You knowing it is where I belong.  

Come, love me with the command that sets angels in motion, stops the raging sea, and settles the arguments within.  Call my name and I will arise.  Take my heart and I will follow.  Shut the lion’s mouth where I stand in view of their want to devour me.  Swing down to catch me away as the battle wars against itself to the doom of its prediction.  Kindness that melts the wall I placed as resistance, shower me now.  Jesus, whistle as You work me into His love exposed.  Totally focused on correcting the worldliness I added, prune and water me with the saturation love demands from me. 

No one, absolutely no one has walked my life, so I am wrapped in the pleasure of Your one-of-a-kind productions.  Sacredly developing in Your salvation, I joyfully stay in this secret place with a dance that comes from knowing and being told repeatedly of the specialty I am to Your plan, Your fulfillment as God.  My song, though it may sound like another, has tones unmarked except by my voice.  You hear my thoughts for they are rings coming from a source only designed to be me.  Even my whispers have color that fills the sky with brilliant light as Your Spirit forms perfection in me.  Floating weight is measure upon the scale when in this secret place; for the burdens of heaviness have gone.  Often I say nothing and yet my life itself creates a memory upon the wall of heaven as its praise declares only One God I am united with.  My soul rest as my heart is mended with the stings of angels sewing their work assigned. 

He who dwells in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of the most High God (Ps 91).  

Why would I ever go outside?  Why would I ever tremble?  Only when my eyes fail me; only when I have forgotten the Maker’s plan will I make stress my conversation.

My inheritance is Your gift to me and it fills me with wonders.  My strength holds acceptance of Your timing, Your choosing of days and what fills them.  My attention embraces help with new vision.  Who is the servant, who is being served has no level as His kingdom is painted for His Son, Jesus Christ.  Love plunders the fake stands and builds upon the Rock, His church, in which the gates of hell cannot prevail against.  I love what God loves and I hate what God hates.  His love transforms me to know the difference and hunger to cultivate pure.  My heart pants for life, not life for flesh but life for movement within - of the living God.

The secret place, dwelling in this place I abide under His shadow.  A place of His blessings that keep me from being lost.  Found, kept safe, walking and talking and living (dwelling) in the secret place (Your Love). 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Who Is God?

Who is God?

Every living being on earth has an answer but I want to travel across the bridge, across the safe landing, away from the mind that boasts it can answer anything.  I want to travel to unfamiliar places where words are feelings; words are emotions that design the answer with heart.  Words that move so quickly, at times they get away and the chase is on to catch this Wind.  A game begins to happen and colors speak and letters are silent.  As I would blurt all kinds of history to prove who I am, I want more for my answer to who God is.  History is my congregation, always there ready to applaud or boo as they expose my life.   But I yearn with desires of my heart, who is God.  Jesus came and He knew who God was, He was Father and Jesus was son.  I am so intrigued with Jesus the Christ, the way to Father.  The Voice that holds demands that I crave with fear; I am caught by its lure.  Clinging to the way it moves me, the pull to the eternity of its song.  How obtainable ‘more’ feels - right, not wrong.  Looking with a run that has a slow-motion pleasure to it.  Secrets so intimate that experience is the only voice it has.  Eternal hunger with pure pleasure its drink that satisfies.  God, eternal noise of Joy, eternal feast promised to my yearnings, eternal awakenings, eternal more to be had. 

-Who is God-

Broken into segments of preparations, God has my attention, my heart, my eyes.  For who He is, He is creator of the air I have not yet breathed, He is the creator of the feelings not yet experienced, He is and always will be tomorrow and all that is needed with abundance in the making while His love stirs my todays with His Wind to play.  He is the lead that wars my battles to victory in a higher calling than the finale I would settle for.  He is ultimate beauty and crowns me with light that wears me as His decor.  His Name entitles the royalty of all existence and with this honor He points to me and says, “I want her to love.”  I am clueless which delights the Teacher to have a vessel to fill.  God is a place, put in simple form, like my family who was designed by generation of Ford’s and Burger’s.  God is and who He is, is within me to expand and multiply His love and work for my pleasure in Him.  My place is His place, His place is my place.

Who is God?   
He is secrets  so intimate, 
experience is the only voice it has...!

Peace - A Beautiful Fall

In comes His Peace, 
and everything 
within feels like a beautiful fall. 

It’s as if my body 
found a trust 
that has me lifted 
above the shaky ground 
I was standing.  

I stop to breathe it in 
and allow it 
to wave about 
my heart and soul.  

I continue to fall 
as sweetness 
feeds my mind 
and I wonder why 
and how 
did I get so tight.  

Unwinding the tangles 
I made, 
I just give in 
to this trust.  

His love, 
whispers as it swells 
to be a cloud 
of friendship about me.  

Telling me 
I am loved, 
telling me I have purpose 
and encouraging me to rest 
in my fall.  

My face drains 
its stiff hold 
and my eyes 
find a pleasure in closing.  

A smile rises 
just enough 
that it changes my countenance 
but not enough 
to give notice 
from those around, 
for this smile 
is from the inside 
coming out.  

It's the heart 
that has begun to smile 
as the fall 
pumps lightness 
to the steps.  

Fear dissolves 
as I feel it 
breaking from me 
piece by piece.  

What was limiting me 
is beginning to merge 
into the substance 
lies are made of, 

I am left with a dance 
trust choreographs.   

Happy tears escape 
as a sign 
worry is leaving 
for it has no place here.  

the wonders of His love 
painting the life given 
to those 
falling into His Arms.