Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Which Road Do I Travel

I wait,
I just wait,
wait, and wait! 

sometimes it feels like that is my life’s mission. 

Sorry about that!  
I am so impatient, obviously. 

And I know we are not to compare ourselves
with one another
but I was looking at King David’s life
this morning to see Your Constant Rescue.

So often I can relate to David’s
outrageous love
for you, and then his
anger and frustration
of the whole ‘waiting’ upon Your Work
over his life that needs a break though
or Your Pardon for the mess he has got himself in. 

And then I see
Your Mighty Love
come Sweeping in…! 

What a Remarkable Prize of
Ultimate and Extreme Safety
You have Given in the Gift of Your Son. 

Allowing us to explore and seek
Your Kingdom
with Arms so Wide to carry all my
impatience and stumbling
to find Your Will. 

I am so strong willed and yet my cry is for
Your Will, not mine,
to be accomplished. 

Often this mix does not
make logical sense
for I get confused between
and Yours,
is whose? 

Your Life within me so dominate,
so wondrously Guiding,
yet the tearing too often of two roads to travel. 

Which road do I travel? 

So like David, I too look to You,
heaven-dwelling God, look up to You for help. 
Like a servant,
alert to my Master’s Commands. 

I am watching and waiting and even
holding my breath (if I don’t hear from You, I die)
awaiting Your Word of Mercy. 

I am trusting in You like a
Zion Mountain (singing praise). 

God, You encircle Your people. 
You encircle me… always have and always will…! 

My enemy is Your enemy
and so I stand against this confusion
with my hopes stayed on Your Faithfulness
and my life Stained by the Blood of Jesus Christ,
Your Son Risen
to be King and Lord of heaven and earth. 

His Righteousness Sets up a
Banner of Love
over me and I am Saved by His Work in progress on me. 

I wait, and yet when I didn’t wait long enough,
You are my Rescuing Savior
and I cry out for Mercy. 

Mercy, God, Mercy!

Psalm 123:1-4 (The Message)
I look to you, heaven-dwelling God, look up to you for help.
   Like servants, alert to their master's commands,
      like a maiden attending her lady,
   We're watching and waiting, holding our breath,
      awaiting your word of mercy.
   Mercy, God, mercy!
      We've been kicked around long enough,

Psalm 125:1-5 (The Message)
Those who trust in God
      are like Zion Mountain:
   Nothing can move it, a rock-solid mountain
      you can always depend on.
   Mountains encircle Jerusalem,
      and God encircles his people—
      always has and always will.