Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, February 23, 2015

Am I Worth Anything

Ever wanted something (I don’t believe it matters what), and when it is not obtained, you measure yourself – your very worth as a person.  Out comes your judgment, “Well, I’m not ‘worth’ getting that, I guess.”  The very value begins its scale over a very small item or by the strength of another as you take second to its place.  You can’t seem to change your want, so you work harder at getting; but by golly, you still can’t find satisfaction and you’re drained with anger and worry on top of empty.  Now your worth/value statement not only lowers but the passion of what you want shrinks to question severely if you should have ever wanted it.  Unnoticed to your own soul’s destruction, your value is so low, your decision making gets clogged with ‘don’t ask’ time and time again; or even this thought - just look the other way to who you are.

Love’s entrance becomes limited with your own measure set, by yourself,  according to that scale.  By failures to control a person, place or thing, (yeah, that ol’ noun that entered my world and caused me discomfort) I told myself I can’t have it and I measured myself as non-lovable, second best, or worse – no worth.  Now, who cares if I get what I want?  I’m trying to survive under ‘not loved, not of worth, no value.  Swimming in echoes over and over that tell me I am second to everyone, everything.  I sit, I cry.

Crying to my Poppa God has worked in me the same magic it did when I was a child with my earthly dad.  I was blessed for my dad would sit and listen as I cried, and then give me options and thoughts to consider, as I shared.  Somehow I knew he had taken this time because he loved me.  This memory seems to be how my Poppa God works with me…always, somehow, I have known He loves me in spite of my search and wants; whether I get what I want or not.  And my conclusion was always that finding His Love was so much better than anything I could get from this world anyway. 

But oh the pain when my painful soul drowns as it sinks down, down, down while I continued to fall in my self-measured scale. 

I’m not talking about knowing my sinful nature, my wayward heart that scatters selfish screams.  No, I’m talking that measure of value that comes when something or one crosses you with a value statement that ‘this’ is more important than you; and you become a fallen vessel unable to hold your heart as valuable as you know your heart is worth.  I, not them, begin to trash my value.  I begin to wonder in despair with the ‘I’m not worth nothing’ attitude.  In desperate attempts, I make demands that are not met, I follow the lie rather than heal the soul that is battered and torn.

What a tragedy, to discard the heart with such a low measure of worth.  God’s extreme love demonstrated the ultimate sacrifice of His own Son to individually show my value is like an open check with a bank account larger than this world; with reserves extended to heaven’s eternal bliss. 

What a tragedy when I become distraught because a person, place or thing tried to rule my heart and I swallowed a lie of my worth.  Swimming in echoes over and over that tell me I am second to everyone, everything.  I sit, I cry.

But what a miracle when His Love rescues the heart and I dance away with knowing, I am His delight...!  Worth the gift of His Son, Jesus.  Worth the demand made, "Peace, be still" to the storm's invasion.  Worth the saving at the cost of Word leaving heaven to come in human form so "I" can find His Love never fails.  I am of worth...!

Empty Heart

The heart 
has worlds to explore 
and yet it can feel 
so empty.  

But taken to His moment, 
taken to His open gate, 
I wonder about 
like I am the tiny 
and He is the Big.  

And the fun begins...! 

As the run takes me over 
and I sing 
from depths I surrender to 
only when I think I am alone.  

And out comes 
the funky dance 
that was created 
from my beautiful careless 
choreographed childlike happiness.   

Giggles are the sounding notes 
that carry my spectacular, 
yet ridiculous, 
fun steps 
towards unheard promises 
that take a hold of me 
with power I am amazed 
have my life written about them.  

As if a stone 
was rolled away 
from the burdens of my weakness, 
music burst forth

causing me 
to be its very vessel 
to bring forth melodies 
to heights and depths 
of heaven on earth.  

I forget I felt empty.


A conversation has purpose.  Do we really consider what we are saying or what others are trying to get across?  

Jokes – what is behind such a story, and when is it used to truly make things light? Or could it be used to get others to laugh at what you your self are angered over?

Lord, I love 'funny' but help me line each of my words up and give account to their reason to be spoken. If I can’t seem to find this possible, help me breakdown at least each conversation to hear my purpose for even making sounds into this atmosphere.  

Wickedness What Do I Do With It

What do you do with eyes to see wicked?  How are these horrible acts of violence and deception dealt with as we live and move in God's beautiful grace.

John the Baptist was a strange character who came to be a visible voice, before Jesus made His voice heard by the multitudes.  In Luke 3 I read of how John spoke to those who came to get a glimpse, and hear what all the talk about him was and I can't seem to find a single kind word to anyone, that is of course, except Jesus.  But all others (human kind)... he placed them as terrible sinners and in great need to repent.  Seeing right through them in such a degree that many apparently 'came to him' to be judged. WOW.  Luke 3:10 AMP And the multitudes asked him, Then what shall we do?

John the Baptist did not hesitate, then or prior to them asking, to tell them that they sin. Luke 3:3 AMP And he went into all the country round about the Jordan, preaching a baptism of repentance (of hearty amending of their ways, with abhorrence of past wrongdoing) unto the forgiveness of sin.

But here is the love beyond my understanding of who John the Baptist really was, and how he gave such deep guidance to sinners when they came to wonder if he was the Christ. Luke 3:16 AMP John answered them all by saying, I baptize you with water; but He Who is mightier than I is coming, the strap of Whose sandals I am not fit to unfasten. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

AND THERE IT WAS... my thought on what to do with eyes to see wicked..!  Oh yes, we all want to do the pointing, but do we have the heart of John to walk in such repentance that we realize WE DO NOT EVEN HAVE RIGHTS TO LOOSEN JESUS'S SANDAL or do we basically just point out wrongs we think we have conquered so we are just a little higher than the one to whom we speak?  This thought took me into a new Room with Poppa. Through another door, so to speak. For I saw a man who saw the wicked of mankind, but with great conviction himself. Who spoke to those who would listen from his own place of humility. He knew he was a messenger - not Jesus - or anyone to be placed above those he spoke to.

Walking in the grace of what Jesus did, we can declare what is shown and the message we are given, but we can never place our self in a position to instruct like a creator. No, we are saved by grace just like the next guy.

And how do we see wicked
 - by the ability to know we struggle with wicked.