Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stone Is Thrown And The Giant Falls

I put on Your Name 
as the power that nothing can cross 
and facts line up 
like a book writes truth to read.  

Whatever I have, 
pains or dance, 
I am dripping 
with new clarity on life.  

Where the edges of the road 
are marked with high barriers 
so I stay within the track 
and my journey stays in sight.  

I wear Your Name 
and the strength of my grip 
goes on supernatural, 
as if spiritual adrenalin 
was injected and the giant 
now appears to be against 
much more than he knew 
was before him, 
the kingdom of Jesus 
and all His Name involves.  

For who can fight 
the resurrection of the kingdom of God?  

For what destruction 
meant to accomplish 
(steal, kill, and destroy), 
meets the Name I am purchased under, 
destruction pleads to be released 
into the swine 
until their time.  

I remain small as David 
in statue 
but honor is declared 
when the stone is thrown 
and the giant falls.  

The Name “Jesus” 
bellows into the depths of hell 
as again they are forced to hear 
the Name 
that defeated their hate 
for the God who sits upon the throne.  

And I crown 
my God with my love, 
with His glory 
as His love flows 
to be heard on every mountain top 
and every valley.  

Gathering after gathering 
of the host of angels 
watch and sing 
Holy, Holy, Holy 
is the most high God, 
who was 
and is 
and is to come.  

Earth and all of the heavens 
watch as the weakness of man 
sees the might of God 
and trembles.  

Earth and all of the heavens 
behold the glory 
of the risen King of kings.


Sweet is the song 
that encircles those who surrender. 

As zillions of words created 
speak within 
as they dance across the heart 
to be chosen, 
the deep promises of God 
rule while nonresistance exposes 
the beauty of salvation. 

The Father is singing 
and the ears of surrendered ones 
hear the emotions 
and straight forward work 
of a busy and content God. 

You sense His look of passion 
as penetrated ugly lies melt 
that sold you the petty value 
of your heart. 

You see clearly His desire 
as it becomes the substance 
that touches all your pain.  

Difficulty hits 
as you work to return His stare 
for such power of love 
takes time to soak in.  

But like a song 
that rings one beautiful note after another 
with its own beautiful word 
riding upon its sound; 
soon comes the message He declares. 

All around you it circles 
like a tornado of mighty force 
love is, 
and you realize total surrender 
is the only move you can make. 

Now dancing in this wind of love, 
you are carried to be adored 
as His love sings.  

Walking with His angels; 
singing with Words 
that come from the presence 
of their devoted assignments. 

A journey set to hear 
Word upon Word 
that finds a picture 
of the One true great God, 

I become the color of His face.