Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Found From My Own Drowning

Father, oh God of my soul

I weep this morning for I am
so Found.

Found by Your Love,
Found by Your Caring Hand,
Found from my own drowning. 

I have been Found by Love’s Gentle Care
I ran to;
as tears drop faster than I can write,
I am forever grateful. 

For how could I of ever Found myself?

Oh no, You Found me!

You Found me lying in a puddle of despair,
Your Found me struggle to live. 
You Found me in moments of my life
in painful cries that speak to You. 

But You Found ME! 

My Loving God, I cry, I weep,
I am so grateful!

I was bleeding inside
but You put a stop to its disease. 
You Sent Your angels to Cover the wounds. 
I am forever Threaded
with a Garment that Seals
every opening
for Your Love has Come. 

I shake for I See
Your Mercy has been the Moisture
that ran from my heart. 
I sing tears
as You Gather them
for a Garment about Your Heart. 

I was so lost but now Found. 

How does one stop tears
that take this Thought
from Your Love Come down. 

 You have Touched my heart and I was Found. 

I join with many
who have lived to Know this Place. 
Violently is the fight
to Stand Here
as flesh dies a slow death,
but Sweet is the Surrendered soul who lets go 

I am even now in this moment
being Kissed by Your Love so Abundant. 
Kisses that Touch
as my tears roll
to show ME
that it is You that Comes
from eyes so tuned to Your Heart. 

You are Sweet,
so Sweet to all of my emotions Given
to Teach me of You. 

The Wind of Your Love Blows so Gently
when I am being Carried in its Current.  

I want to build a Tabernacle and Dwell here forever. 
I want to sit before Your Throne
and cry Holy, Holy, Holy
in Unison with the creatures before You. 

My soul cries out for this Place
to be my eternal destiny. 

When Love Comes
in such Extravagance like this,
I have no strength to do anything but Stay. 

My tears are a fountain of respect and ah
of all the
where, what, and how
of my flesh’s pity. 

I am Moved to See what I did not see. 
I am Wooed to Rest from all I was trying to rest from. 
I am allowed to Cry for all the things I was crying from. 

Truth being Your Love Rules
Saturates all the stings and worries I had. 

See my tears,
See them oh God,
they are my passion for You. 

Your Passion for me has Risen so High,
I can only weep back
with knowing I am Loved so Greatly. 

I cannot give You anything You lack,
but my heart I give
with such excitement. 

I cannot stop crying. 
Like a river that cannot find its end,
I am in awe of this Place
and continue to run with Your Current. 

I will sleep in Your Current
as Your Dreams and Visions become mine,

wake in Your Current
as Your Foot Steps Play out in me,

I will rest in Your Current
that Takes me to this Place of Eternal Love. 

Swiftly You Flow so that no one is lost. 
Pushing me with Force
that creates an unbelievable battle
to fall from Your Grace. 

Your Violent Heart
that Beat the enemy
has been Given to me to Live by. 

When the enemy tries to move me
from Your Current,
a Violent Force Given me
will battle against him. 

Your Love has Conquered death, hell and the grave. 

to See Your Beauty,
I surrender all. 

You have First Place.