Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Silence Even Has Sound

God I’ve wondered into something today.  Oh I’ve wondered into Your Song and it is Speaking with Love’s Silence.  I hear it Rising over my life and it takes Melody into the Ahh’s of unheard Words, Unknown but beckoning me to Listen with the whole of my heart’s ability to Know, dare to listen.  The Yea’s of Your Promises keep Taking Hold of my way and I am Awaken into Beautiful.  How fast can I run?  How fast can I consume these Tendencies of Mercy’s Song is all I can think.  Your Silence even has Sound as it Rides the Air of Your Breath over me.  Waving in and out as a heart beat of Life in a dead stone.  Ohhhh’s, ahhhhhhh’s Sings the Melody that Forms Pictures of Excellence from a Throne that Drips its Glory upon my world.  Laaa laaaa laaaaaaaaa Comes another Wave that Lifts and Rises to Your Heights among the angels as it Washes me with Blood Shed for the dominion of my entire life.  Ohhhhh, ahhhhhh goes the Melody that Forms Pictures of Excellence to Proclaim Wonders as Silence even has Sound.  Oh Morning Star, I am Here to shut the Door and allow the Intimacy of Secrets to Sing to me as You Find me wanting; Wisdom that Speaks His Name, Cloth me in Righteousness!  Honor be the Quality He finds as Alone I run to His Love.  There, with You, I will whisper my search of want.  Oh of much want.  Here, ready, finding Your Shadow I have only eyes to see His Love.  Finding a possible Sound of Your Voice, I run to see, I find Silence!  Finding a Movement about the corners of my heart, I run to see, I find Silence.  I look under every thought to find You and there again Unknown Silence!  Desperately I run for I know within, You are Here as Silence now Screams.  With all strength I hold, I seek to see You as I surrender to the Silence that makes all noise go away.  Oh I am Taken Away with its Glory.  I am Ravished by its Calmness of all anxiety.  Oh it is Lovely and I am overcome by its Width and Length and Depth as it is as far as I can see.  Kisses of Your Love are its Passion as it keeps me singing.  A Glimpse; a Treasured Moment that Holds my hand to this New Day.  I am Lifted up for I faint to all other loves.  Clinging to This Song is now my Purpose after Tasteing Love’s Name.  For I can trust as I hear His Love's Powerful Silence upon my soul; my Jesus, my Ruler, I am committed to Your Beauty, for in You Silence even has Sound.  I have but one heart and surrendered to Love’s Name is my pleasure, to He who Gave to me first His all, His Kingdom, His Song to Carry me Safely into His Palace.  He who stopped at nothing to Win my heart to His Love; Serving me with His Life so that I walk on Gold and wear His Glory Crowned with Splendor.  I listen and hold Silence as I run to this Water that Drenches me in Freshness. 

Listen, oh listen with me, hear His Name…. He is King, this Jesus who Thunders Love upon us.  Oh listen for I hear it Singing and catch the Melody.  It begins… and it ends of no point, it just is.  Rising in the darkness of our needs...! Jesus… oh Jesus Sings His Love and we listen.  Again and again Rising in the darkness of our needs, Jesus … Silence of Peace is so loud that all else is drowning.  Jesus is Sounded and the Ripples of its Power continue through eternity.  Jesus, I am Your Garden. Plant within me Your Name as I stay in Your Love and sing Your Song that Taps into the center of my being for

Silence even has Sound

that Carries Your Name.
JESUS, Silence of Peace