Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Friday, March 4, 2011

Screams of Repentance

Oh God, take it, take it all. Take what I sell out that keeps me from Your Presence and Your Countenance upon me.  Uncover those traits that I hide in secret that will destroy me if continued.  I will only be satisfied with Your Work and yet I plan, hope for, and devise my own work.  Father of my heart, Father of my soul, Father of my flesh, show Your Power in the earth to Cleanse my impurities I so gladly accept.  Teach me how not to sin in the Name of Your Precious Son, Jesus.  Teach me to die to the god I serve and show me the Path that takes me to You, the only One True God.!  Help me NEVER judge my own place with You by Your Love for the people You Love and minister to through me.  You are my Judge and only You!  I find Your Judgment and I cannot stand. I find my judgment and I stand tall.  Oh my Savior who continues to Save me from my lies as I cover my own sin with why's and how's and what for's.  God Come to me, come to the place I am for I am weary and need Your Great and Mighty Gentle Corrections to find Peace that will Build Your Kingdom.  How beautiful is the repentive heart I see in others but how soiled and difficult it is for me to find the same place.  Oh God, Save me from the vision I have of myself.  Save me with Your Kindness as Your Love Falls Down upon me and causes me to only weep with sorrow of my sins.   Taking in Your Precious Fear to see the 'snake' that is hiding in my heart of tunnels so that I will run swiftly to kill and conquer by the Word of Your Great Power.  Your Affection amazes me.  It is horrid to the flesh but the Winning Boundary of Deliverance to my heart.  I know You are not out to bruise me but to Take me to Fresh Waters that Cleanse me into Your Kingdom of Wonders.  I am seeking, oh my God of All Creation, Continue to Search me and Rip Open the Gates of Your Banner Over me with the Love of Correction and Purity.  I hate the sins of my flesh.  I hate the love of this world I hold onto.  I am the Mighty Warrior only under this Banner.  I serve myself well and fall in serving You.  You are gracious, I am self centered.  Steady my heart in the Lap of Your Balances.  You are the Lord God of all, I am Your Workmanship.  I was born in sin and will die in sin unless Your Eyes become mine so that I will change not as I hold to the Only One God of all.  All the enemy’s accusations are built to kill me but Your Corrections are made to Save me into eternity.  Oh Father that I love, thank You for Your Love I am growing in.  Thank You for such a Plan that takes me to see Your Face with the Beauty of Riches unheard of and Sights unknown but Correct me of ever using this to hide my sins. I am grateful for the Spirit within that has my heart held to Yours. I listen to Your Heart Beat with a dance that Lifts me off of this ground and into a Realm beyond my imaginations.  You are Gracious and I respond back with wrong attitudes as the impurities of my flesh are revealed.  Oh how I hate with passion the lies and sins of my flesh.  I lay at Your Feet Waiting. Oh God, WAITING, WAITING, WAITING!  Oh GOD, I WAIT upon You.!!!