Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Prayer for His Life to Sound

Father of All, and to the One I carry my heart to daily; tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Christmas but a moment away.  Glorious holidays that ring in Beautiful Songs and Melody of hearts turning from our own gratifications to those we love.  I have such an enormous amount of things to give thanks for.  So numerous in fact, I am embarrassed of the list when I think of the struggle within my heart at times; but grateful for Your Eternal Hand so Strong, so in Faith of You I am setting my thoughts to You this morning to redirect unhealthy mourning or things of dread into dancing, senseless crying and whining into laughter, and the worry of unknowns into excitements of Your Plans.  

I am setting my need before You as a call to Blow Your Mighty Breathe into the lungs of my being so that my vision is vertical and not horizontal as I inhale the Fresh Newness You have for us in this season.  I ask that You Lift my head as I open my eyes to see You. 

Take the discouragements or disappointments of my heart, and of all those who happen to come across my path, whether it is through this blog or as I travel my day, into a Knowledge of Merriment and Hope.  Give us Discernment to focus on Appropriate Details that have been Placed in our Path by Your Generosity and for the Enjoyment of our Life in You. 

Help us let fall those things that try to weigh us down and keep us from Singing Openly Your Praise with our voice and our countenance.  For we are excited to be the sons and daughters of the King and have Open Door Invitations into the Royal Company of Your host of Universal Praise that will Sound the Song of Jesus’ birth and celebrate His Life Given for us so we may be a part of His Kingdom.  How Awesome You are, how Generous You are to Yours. 

How Special is Your Love that takes us to see things so differently when Your Guidance we are following.  As we Soak in this Abundant Generosity from the Belly of Your Own Laughter and Joy, we are challenged to let go of all upside down thoughts and step out into this unknown Place of Rest and watch what happens as we hold nothing back; giving all rights to Your Arm of Mercy as we call for this Mighty Blow of Your Life Giving Breath into our spiritual lungs that Swells with Knowledge of Kingdom Promises so we Grow more Alive in our Walk with You. 

When out of our lips cry the ridiculous lie that life seems unfair, we speak the Truth that we are Favored by the King and Taken into His Courts with Praise as His Own.  We are Rich in Blessings that are eternal and Locked in Your Heart.  We have Steps of Fruitfulness yet to discover that give our eyes Vision beyond the sight of our known.

Doors of Prosperity for our soul await us now and forever.  We are pregnant with the seeds of His Righteousness that will burst through all darkness and reveal the Son of Glory.  Jesus' Blood flows in Constant Motion through our life, Giving us an Exaltation for His Work and Power forming our days.  We are resting in Who He is.  We are free to rest not in our own work but in His.  This is our desire… to follow Him all our days and Sing His Holy Name forever…!  Amen.