Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Selfish Leftovers

God, I'm heavy with desire for love to be sent, not trampled by my enemy.  

God, I want the takings of Your sweet mercy wrap me with a grip I cannot untie.  

So confused...I feel love, I think love, I even convince myself I speak love, and yet it comes back to me declared a retched wound to whom I send it.  The scream floats before my eyes day and night; weeping they cry, saying I give out only darkness and I have pierced their life with selfish leftovers not even fit to consume. 

Am I alone?  Am I lifeless with death my conversation; is death all I have to give them?  Do I stand in mud and only track dirt into a white room?  Only Your power can clean my feet and love mend and sing us into the softness of joy.  

Take away my cover, take my hiding place where I go to feed on lies, and replace it with whispers that heal letdowns while it strengthens my courage to walk in repentance.  Lead me not into temptation but gather my wayward heart and provide me with instructions to set me preserved for pure love talk only.

Do not let me be deceived and then convinced I am not.  Save me from my own self justified blindness giving me a road to continue into thicker and thicker chains and traps that cripple.  Watch over me before even a sound comes from my lips, to bring it to the fire of Your Spirit, cleansing my motives and my safety net I build for myself, and my selfish rights to find blame.

With Holy Anger, shave off the enemy's division built to separate children in Your kingdom.  Send Holy Fire that frees all captives from the punishment evil meant for destruction.  May I see the light of this Fire and walk in its center without knowing, just trusting.

Unscramble words that twist in the hands of our enemy; and cause the life it is intended to be the power that sets the earth as the bridge we are on, only for the journey of raising the awareness of Your love.

Take me deeper and deeper into real love that sacrifices; and laughs at ten percent gifts in order to keep 90 percent for self consumption.  I want one-hundred percent giving to the call You fill me with and constantly pour in abundance more than I need, to make the gift radically spontaneously frivolous.  

Let me see Your Face, that I send love, first hand, not leftovers. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

He Is My Father

Abba Father, oh how I cry out to You.  Father, all my soul, mind, heart reaches toward You.  Oh how I just want to lay in thought of just who You are, Poppa, my God, the perfect Father, the only One true Father.  To encounter You, to be before You as Your child, You my Poppa.  To take that first glance and see that You are watching.  To see You have had Your eyes upon me as I came.  The tickle Your slight smile reveals as You wait for my first words as I walk up to this thought ... me Yours, You mine.  Knowing You have millions of children and yet it does not keep You from knowing my name, nor keep You from making my life greatly cherished by You.  Knowing Your heart is mushy over me.  Sharing my story, taking picture moments and keeping them as special times. I want to hear this sound, this move, this touch that brings Father and daughter together. I want to find out how it wraps so beautifully around my heart and carries me to desire only to be with my Father.  I want to hear footsteps that my Father makes as You are there before me.  To feel the wind moving as You travel around me, in me, through me.  I reach, with knowledge I am Yours.  I reach as I call Your Name and I dream with earnestness to hear my name called.  Nothing is sweeter than to hear happy when pulled tight to be together.  Can You feel my love pushing, shoving, moving as fast as I can to bring You my thoughts, my heart all consumed with You.  See my eyes slowing moving to see all of You.  To watch Your Hand move toward me. I have been won over and adopted into Your Name sake and I dance with joy.  

With all my soul, mind, heart, I say "Father", as one that receives enormous pleasure in knowing who I am. Yours, chosen with passion to come be Your child. Abba Father, oh how I love You.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Riches Unpacked Except By Praise

Find me today, 
Lord who has the waters 
and land set in place.  

Find me in this place 
waiting for You 
as the sound of alarm bells 
chime in my head 
telling me the slip of my feet 
are reaching the edge 
of a great fall.  

Searching with my arms 
swinging wildly into thin air 
as my mind swears 
nothing is wrong, 
causing the cloud of confusion 
to be my garment.  

Louder becomes the wind 
as I feel the ground vibrating 
as the whistle wants to prove 
its strength will destroy me.  

Fighting with my cry, 
“takeeeee meeee awayyyyyy,” 
as these words 
sing into eternity’s bounce.  

For alone with my self-talk 
I will fall by its heavy weights of pain.  

Why is my soul downcast… 
Oh, but I am asking as I pray.  

For my hope is stayed in Truth 
as it wraps my life in 
riches unpacked except by praise.  

For I set my foot 
within the house built of sand 
unless I am guided 
to the forest 
for the strong building equipment of faith. 

Come and sweep me up; 
and thrust Your love at me 
with remembrance mixed sweetly with hopes.  

I will sing sweet melodies 
because You sing within me.  

Come and tear away 
the thick wall of despair 
that tries to choke me 
with false, fabricated fluff 
to bring deception.  

Come and command as I surrender 
to the certainty of truthfulness 
that anchors my soul to Your heart.  

I am dedicated to Trinity 
with complete promise, and 
I share the desires of want with 
expectations of fire within 
keeping me panting for oneness, 
closeness that makes us 
ultimately free and loved.

Forever I am set upon knowing
the only way is to ask of You.
Forever I am set upon knowing
the only way is to cry to You.

For praise is built from
what appears disasters 
but is salvation 
for eternal LIFE..!

You have my surrender.
For my hope is stayed in Truth 
as it wraps my life in 
riches unpacked except by praise

Monday, December 9, 2013

Could Wilderness Be A Beautiful Place

Ever wanted to go to the ‘wilderness’. Let me share with you a new thought about this place that is working in me.  

Adam and Eve lived in a place called the Garden of Eden where they moved about with wild animals.  And the story in Genesis makes it plain that Satan dwelt there as well for from his temptation Eve then Adam caved.  But the beautiful story tells of how Adam 'walked' with God and was honored to name these beasts and call it good.  Somehow I have a hard time thinking Adam was in a tree horrified with terror at the animals before him while giving each one their name.  I see him as God’s helper, touching and being amazed at what was before him, (just a thought but can you see it?).  

When Moses was in the ‘wilderness’ they had amazing provision and miracles we often fail to notice because we honor the bad somewhat like the media does today.  Can you imagine waking to have your own agenda and not being forced to make bricks.  Playing with your children, going to see grandpa instead of being whipped for looking off from duty assigned.  Sharing stories and recalling what was just over the trees afar.

So here is what really gets me… !  In Mark 1:12 & 13 (NIV) it speaks of how Jesus was taken to the wilderness for 40 days and night (Moses had 40 years in wilderness).  Satan tempted or had conversation with Him and this I have often been taught about. 

But what I was unaware of was where each translation and paraphrase I can find speaks of how Jesus was WITH the WILD animals, AND the angels ministered or attended to Him.  Angels attending… awesome; but WILD ANIMALS as companions….hum, this sounds peaceful to me…. !  

So with the imagination and grace God gives me, I’m left with wondering… so where is and what is the ‘wilderness’ really???

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Being Right Is Ugly

Learning there is no other place, my Redeemer, I come weeping.  Sobbing from twisted ankles, broken heart, weak from sickness I can’t find a cure.  Finding offenses that bury me in anger and something within that wants its screaming way to explode for it has been convinced it will solve the wrong. 

Can I stay with You, can I come in, my thoughts beg; for I am confused in offenses, so turned upside down with what side of this fence to climb? Trust speaks sweetly with confidence and then turns, and I find it is not trust at all but as if the face I saw was dark instead.  Sour, my soul becomes, so sour with its troubled words tumbling from my lips; running faster than I can keep up with, such raised heat of anger. 

And most often, what I wouldn't want for anyone happens - a wall cements itself between lives, and in marches the guards ready to lay you to sleep in forceful self-assurance
I am right 
and all others are wrong. 

Being ‘right’ is ugly, bruising, and competitive with hostility as its weapon.  

Blinding as if the sun is at its brightest, shining directly into your eyes…nothing is seen clearly.  

But love takes what is Good in the sight of You Lord and stops the train that wants destruction.  Love answers wrongs with a scale built to dissolve the storm clouds rushing in to bring destruction at every path it takes.  

Love gives way to throw a stone if one has no darkness hidden in their own secret existence.  Love divides quickly good and bad and is careful to consume the good and block only the piece that is scared with the enemy’s deception.  Love is a language full of questions, but peace to calm if chasing its provisions.

Wisdom is my cry; for waking from stress to the Word that gives life like a new day is the finale of wisdom.  Removing locks you did not realize had its hold; releasing the name given another with such fresh beauty to the soul rather than buckling over to the pain it once carried.  

A beginning untold begins; for a new story of amazement is on the lips of those who find pardon or give pardon.  

Pardon announced, dancing begins.  The Spirit has wooed hearts to unity perfectly fitting with Father, Son and Himself; now seeing a picture of Trinity’s work.  

Oh how good it is, as Jesus declared, that Spirit would come.  How rich are those who find Spirit a friend to guide and draw in His discipline.  How enormously loved are those Discipline walks and sleeps with. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Desire Records My Every Word

To think I speak and it is heard, every word, can be so above what my mind catches.  Often it feels just the opposite; my words are not heard, I am only here to listen as others conversation holds the interest of all those around me.  

But creation has found my existence of such importance, I am recorded under such desire, I am brought to this very moment of time for pleasure.  

Pleasure being also my hope, I too find this emotion of high appeal.  Loving and accepting love as part of an exchange that keeps my life worth staying.  Pleasure that gives my day an aspiration to mark it as critical among the many I've been allotted.  Jealousy holding this fire of such passion causing words to burn forth and color the pages of my diary.

My words between my words, those floundering to create a move of thought as I focus to give a picture with my gathered speech, also recorded so the total of my character is expressed beyond the pretty forms I can come up with.  For even my thoughts take on substantial expression when the work of extreme love considered all my potentials that I find His altogether lovely place.

Dare my whole being jump into this realm so massive, where perfect gives a new city to walk.  

Where the fight has only a melted memory, for life now is forever and not measured.  Everything within dazzles all nerves created to enjoy the senses, texture, impressions, this ambiance of force of no push or pull.  

To be - is enough, to watch - is enough; to feel trust, to give a promise of yourself without uttering a word.  

Words no longer pound as they insist to be used; but it’s as if they are floating from a far, coming to delight me with the treasure of full meaning so I can connect them for a bigger picture.  Like picking the best of the apples from a beautiful tree so a delicious pie can be eaten together with others.  

Dancing with words as they form a scroll treasured and making a splash of love to strike His throne to One so illuminating with what love beats out from.  A record is made of songs I sing.  Angels are quick to sing such wonders from the heart of mankind.  Anxious to tell of how the teachings of Jesus expand to show the Father to those on earth.  Awaiting for each soul to make the creation of words cause them to enter His gates so angels can applaud in great loud thunderous music to One who sits upon the throne.  

Pride shining as this One looks about to see the sight of such worship among all creation. Words from my heart...!  He loves me.

His Spirit Is Sure Not Human

All factors or aspects of God have become my amazement.  

His Spirit, that Jesus said He would leave us when He goes, is here; but it’s sure not human as we started.  Jesus even said we would do greater things after He is gone as we are empowered by this Holy Spirit.  You mean than walking on water, multiplying lunch for thousands, raising a dead loved one?  Greater than these few examples? 

But this fire, this Spirit that is poured upon us, not made as human yet working within and around human, is available to us.  

Experiencing times I would define as if I were pierced with higher power, greater strength or enlightened to do what I couldn't a few minutes earlier, I can only say it is not controlled or manipulated; but moves at its own will as any fire does when the Wind (God) blows.  Even now I hesitate to speak of it and the total reasoning is not real clear except what if I speak wrong, what if I tell it without clarity for I am but a learner of its wonders.   

So often I feel like the blind man who was healed and knew not why or who Jesus was, but just that someone came by and healed him when he asked.  Questioned by many, he could only say “he came, told me to wash out my eyes, and now I see.”  I can so relate to this type of grace as I push in to find out who and what this story tells.  

Or I love the story of Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector, in the sycamore tree trying to see this man/God Jesus.  Who was He, what did He look like?  Which man was he among all the people?  Stopping to look up, Jesus must have smiled with such compassion as He tells him He wants to eat at his house today.  Full of my own folly, I often see myself like this small structured man of stand off curiosity; hungering so deeply to find Him among the crowd, in creation, following this wondrous Spirit that encounters my heart with such extreme passion.  

Learning what Word says since I was a child; but experiencing what or how this effects my life is fascinating.  

Could it be this simple, could it be such that it only takes a curious surrendered heart?  I believe so and I believe He placed that curious heart within so that He could continually grant new revelations to fill my eyes with more love and questions to keep me going.  No matter who you are or what judgment you or someone else place on you, He answers with new pieces of His amazing puzzle as we delight in His beauty.  

Going to the great and small, Spirit simply says, “Wanna come?”  Jesus continues to build His kingdom from surrendering curious hearts.  Our questions explode as He grows and stirs within … how come, where will it, which is better, when do I, etc, etc, …!  

Monday, December 2, 2013

If I Could Go To Your World

If I knew how, 
if I could find, 
if I could go to Your world, 
my heart says I would be there 
so fast I would not recognize 
when I made the decision to do so.  

My love burns 
for what I have tasted in this place, 
this lift to my soul 
that rocks away every care.  

Oh how wonderful 
it sounds and feels 
to the weak mind 
and the weak heart.  

Like the pillow one lays upon 
to drift into sweet dreams,  
I sink into my yearning 
cupped with tears of please come.  

Begging to be excused 
from earth’s call, 
so I might lay eyes upon love 
that whispers sounds 
changing my life 
from each syllable uttered within.  

Hear my push and shoving heart; 
hear my voice with silent sounds
that sends pleas to heaven of my desire 
to lay in this pasture so green.  

I have no other want or cry, 
I have no other love, 
there is no other story 
but to want for more 
of this breakthrough 
You designed for Your entrance.  

I want to soar in Your sight
as it connects my being to Yours.
I want to see You knocking 
and I will come running 
to unlock all fears.

I have seen enough that I am watching
for every opportunity to be in this Song.
To float upon its perfect pitch
as the Word speaks healing.

Oh how wonderful 
it sounds and feels 
to the weak mind 
and the weak heart.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unable To Catch The Story Of Jesus

Poppa with sincere Heart to respond to our cries, I lift my thoughts to You. 

I see other broken hearts besides just my own.  

Screaming from our justified stand, out comes our truth covered in the souls language “I am right.”  Frown lines upon our brow, we offer to clean up the world for you.  Striking at a target with hopes it will ease the pain of offenses, or give eye for eye or tooth for tooth satisfaction.  

Unable to catch the story of Jesus going to the tax collectors home for dinner attitude, we scream…. but it is our taxes he is taking..!!!  I can’t sit beside him, he is killing me.  

Take us deep into the love note written on the ground to the women caught in her sin.  Show us how to tell each other, “GO AND SIN NO MORE!” 

Love me so deeply that I weep for others when they sin against me, not scheme steps to make them fall like they made me fall.  

I see pain, pain so buried in self-protection rather than God protected; it discolors the face with deformed gladness. Blinded is the one it claims, only seen by others around them as it carries out the poison of their soul.  

Jesus came to bring peace on earth, truth to replace confusion.  

When we decide it is time to overthrow the money-changers, help us make sure first we have given time after time for hearts to hear the Way of love as vividly exposing our lifestyle.  

Shower us in Your unmerited love and favor so that we are so plump we cannot help but spill it over to others in our life.  Love that saves us from destruction we seem to head for.  

Keep praying Jesus, 
keep praying for my mind to be like Yours, 
for my walk to express God’s love, 
for my talk be only 
the Words of Poppa’s.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tourest Who Gather To See Your Work

King of glory, King of heaven and earth, how simple my words are and yet I search all of them to find what flows so freely inside. 

From the break-down of an atom to the assembling of millions ordered to fascinate Your own creation, I find my own yearning to see it all.  Be a part of the tourist who gather to find Your work before them. 

Master of all displays, You own all that I childishly call 'mine', and yet You are so kind to give me more. Crying out this morning for heaven to come down as I am here, upon earth, but such passion for heavenly treasures. 

As I played the keyboard and sang my prayers, I beheld so many of my failures, my broken heart spreading its poison among others. But I still cry out, I still want for the kingdom of Your love upon me.  Praying, "OPEN THE HEAVENS" as the keys began to pound harder and harder.

Captain of a host, come, for I am on earth and Your treasures are not of this world. Deep, I cry, deep I want to go so I am not subject to my own broken wing and crippled by my opinions running a heart that belongs to You.

And suddenly in comes the sights of heaven as my eyes shut so as not to be distracted by earths appearance.  Loud and clear comes the Name, Jesus, riding on the fierceness of mighty white horses, like a storm of wind mightier than any wall standing to control its path. 

Your Name wraps itself about me, forming a garment and gives a display of beauty unclaimable by any man of earth, yet its pleasure is to wrap about all mankind. 

Praise comes forth and heaven declares He is a garment of Praise.  Over and over as it builds, His Name, Jesus, is a garment of praise. What a sight to see garments, His garment wrapped about His body. Giving His kingdom boarders to be heaven upon earth. 

The keys of my keyboard begin to dance just like the keys of my computer play.  For all of earths trinkets are but ways to show His glory if the heart has eyes for heaven.  There is no 'mine' when the body dances to His song and yet His total creation is given to share within the kingdom of His Son. 

So I dance as His garment of praise wraps me in worship that floats with lightness unexplainable. For my movement is not for the eye of man, but for the Eye that sees this child and covers me in love so abundant, His kingdom has come on earth as it is in heaven.

Who is like Him? No one.  A fountain of life, giver of every good and perfect gift.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Storms Rage In The Heavens For Love In My Heart Aches

Heavy heart, heavy thoughts running their privileges within me, I want tears to be free to expose the pain.  Deep calling me to prayer as I carry loads I’m not created to contain alone.  Unable to say the right words I give my silent prayer to the One that can find this impossible language, His delight to hear and have absolute understanding.  Broken lives, some of my very own blood, some of friends so dear; such a mystery of this cry bursting to be dominate until I can’t take anymore.   My morning prayer for the winds to blow, storms to rage in the heavens for love in my heart aches.  Sin (ways other than God’s) steals in hope to kill the song that forms from Trinity’s bliss within the soul. Drowning hopes with logic for acts of violence against their own mind, tearing first the strength within so it can take the kingdom of hopes around them.  Out comes screams wanting company to form the army they can shepherd away from God’s love. 

But I sing of the Safe Place to He who owns the heavens and forms the thunder and fierce lightening of wonders around His throne.  Running to ask for the path that guides those I love to the fear that saves and restores true wisdom.  Spirit that moves like the wind, blow in His Presence from head to toe so complete restoration is brought back to broken bridges, broken hearts, broken trust.  Kiss away wounds that said they would never leave.  Hug tight Your arms around those who are scared to make the first move.  Only You can put together pieces not only broken but carried off with lies.  I lay my own strikes before You to cause my soul to humble where my feet have gone wrong, mending me so I might mend those I have stuck with my jagged spear.

God, my provider, my morning sun, the keeper of my surrendered heart; take this dream and put color to its script as the anointing of Your messages from heaven shower unknowns into our hearing.  God of angel armies, I won't be afraid, for You are salvation to its fullest.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Watch Begins

Warming me with constant whispers of love, 
I go about my business 
and suddenly caught, 
caught by Your thought 
as it enters my heart, 
I stop to listen and enjoy.  

Like a true lover 
You carry all Your doings 
with my face before You.  

Like a day dream 
motivating the minutes away 
so a union of intimacy can happen, 
You flash love notes 
before me in full color.  

Giving me earths treasure 
only in hopes I will picture 
how divine running with You can be.  

Unspoken sobs of joy accumulate 
and beg to be released 
as great weights of love 
fall upon my heart. 

Great is the passion exchange 
between hearts faced towards each other.  

It’s as if aroma escapes 
from my smile 
as I draw near to You, 
You draw near to me.  

Together the mix creates love 
that speaks in song and dance 
while a substance fills the air 
and love takes on an open vision 
to be seen by all.  

Arrows attack with its dark lies 
but what fills the air 
is so thick, their hit has no punch. 

Love swims upstream 
in speeds of great strength, 
the deadly current of lies 
losses its purpose and floats away 
with no remembrance. 

The watch begins.  

Time where no one says anything 
but the eyes reveal it all.  

so as to not miss 
a single heartbeat of the other.  

as pleasure consumes 
every part of your being.  

but moving 
with electrifying emotions love creates.  

as peace enters slowly 
as if She has all day 
to fill your cup. 

Making sure the results 
will bring the giggles 
of a relaxing 
mind, body, and soul.  

Assuring all things of concern 
is under the control of extreme care.

Watching, eyes fixed on Him.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

When Spirit Calls The Sound To Be Subject To His Command

My prayer comes from hopes that are set upon You.  From knowledge that I do not live this life alone, but that strength and power explode from within. Your life, Your Holy Spirit takes such as humans and shows the unsurpassed work that takes nothing and makes bountiful beauty. To my Holy God I lay out my prayer.

Chase my children with such kindness that gives what is needed to visually see the fear of You as truth awakened.  Oh, to know, to be so full of Joy of You that the dance from their feet is mighty, the song from their heart softly plays constancy throughout their day.  Do not forsake them but send the army of angels to battle the enemy that puts divisions between knowledge and lies.  Untwist and clarify the walk that You are after.  

How sweet Your voice that comes in such amazing times.  No one upon the earth owns the sound that comes from the Holy Spirit’s tuning to all we hear.  For the most common sounds that my ears may not pick up, what a delight when Spirit calls the sound to be subject to His command.  

Embrace my marriage with unity as focus of One God sets our future.  Embrace my words that come.  Embrace the heart that I have, Embrace the tries that I put out to find You, to discover where Your voice is singing.  Embrace to even the sound of a door opening, and may I hear the walk of Your footsteps coming. Embrace the sound of a light being turned on, and may I hear the power that cracks like lightening around Your throne.  Embrace the sound of eyelids opening around me and may I hear the sound of Holy winning the favor of those who are called by Your Name.  Take me deeper and embrace me as I journey this unknown where things are not as they might seem.  Embrace me as I wander around on a land You formed to contain the magnificence of beauty created.  Embrace my want to leave, be taken to waters that sound Your praise with a roar.  Embrace my hands that crave the touch of what sounds like heavens clapping.  Embrace my fascination with angels as they stand about me.  Melt me with Your embrace so I understand depths of Spirit more than my boarders might cry.  Embrace me with turning of the heart to handle more time in Your presence.  When time stops while in Your presence, embrace my mind to divide good from evil.  Embrace my eyes to discern things that fade so I fret not of its slip through my fingers. 

For can I know my next breath before I take it?  Can I map out my stairway to heaven’s door?  Would I be able to write Your words upon my children’s heart?  Would I understand how to commit to You so that I fail not?  Was I not born to die?  Am I my children’s shepherd?  Can my soul tell You what it needs? 

You only are the wonders of answers for the gaze of my heart.  Only You can place pressure to give me the gravity that keeps me where I am supposed to be.  There is no mountain that crumbles or sea that roars that has not gotten permission before change was made.  The changes I ask are my pleas as trust for all my days I place in Your hands. 

As God, reigning the span of universe after universe, sending Jesus from this open arena of infinity; to my single need and yearning.  Satisfy and embrace my cry as I burn with passion, Your passion all my days.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Repent

This morning, Lord of my life since I was such a small child, I come now on the other side as an elder – closer to my exit than when I first sang that sweet song for You to enter my heart.  What an experience to have had as I go there in the memories allowed to stay.  So close, so into Your heart I found my surrender.  Again, today, I’m repeating my surrender.  Like the rest of my life is not my own, but like then, taking a leap into the dark and knowing somehow again You are there to be the light when each step comes.  Recalling how something was working in me to save me; but before my surrender, I thought it was just irritation of a voice that didn't know me.   

But moving on, moving from here to there, Poppa, I want to be unafraid like I was as a child.  I want to hear this voice that corrects and guides and find it takes me to the new dawn of many wonderful moments of Your songs about me.  For I am Yours, completely Yours and I let go of what I think is mine.  This goes deep for ownership is big.  Ownership has a grip about me that demands reverence from myself and I put it strong on others.  "This is mine."  And if I pick ownership back up again, I want to be reminded of this moment.... like I am reminded of this perfect moment as a child, giving all my love and ownership to You. 

Come into my heart, come into my heart, Lord Jesus.  Come in to stay, come in today.  Come into my heart forever and ever. Amen.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Strange Looks Of Worshp

The strange looks of worship 
as a heart goes to the acceptance 
of something so real 
filling the soul.  

I've seen it often, 
this look of waiting, 
as if to freeze from normal life 
for the full effect.  

Like the stop 
of all intended directions 
the mind was on, 
when someone passes 
and has a brief moment 
they insist on giving a neck rub.  
The body, mind, and soul 
are owned by its gift 
of such great feelings.  

twinkling into the air, 
as your heart gathers enough information 
that it is convinced God is good.  

Finding a new courage 
to entertain such a miraculous moment, 
your senses become stained 
with the word of such beauty.  

And out comes the ‘look’ 
of what is going on 
in the inside of the rest of your life.  

An arm might go up, 
eyes may close, 
chin could rise 
as if to make sure the full face 
gets all covered in this moment.   

A clap may explode, 
followed by the jump 
that is guided by 
the time after time experience 
allowed for such an outburst.  

Or possibly the stillness, 
so welcome in our exhausting busy world, 
holds your attention 
and you breathe.  

But always, 
with all the moves of such a treasure, 
a time where the heart has been 
so connected to the greatness of God, 
a dance begins.  

The dance of words 
from your mouth, 
hang on different attitudes.  

The dance of actions 
make others want to know 
how life has been so good to you.  

The strange look of worship, 
as Holy becomes our confession, 
known because we find ourselves 
in such need of His.  

Humbled as the ‘no matter what’ 
only applies to Him 
even though we tried to get everyone else 
to be this for us. 

Worship from an empty-handed heart 
but discovering it is the timeless jewel 
He was wanting.  

The phrase 
beauty on the inside 
begins its dance within 
and we find His Holy Spirit 
feels like fluttering butterflies 
as we become His temple.  

The strange looks of worship,
upon our face,
and we dance.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wars My God Starts and Finishes

Be encouraged, oh my soul
for war is upon you.  
The fight my God manifests 
when I worship Him.  
The praise that extends 
into the heavens 
as His glory comes down 
to cover my life and situations.  
War more fierce than fire in wind.

The wonders of His sound 
that shakes all mountains I had.  

The assignments released 
as I cry 
my love to the maker, 
the only One God, 
whose goodness is my driving force 
to find the amazement.

The dance of my feet, 
give speed to His delight 
He breaks the enemy’s attachment 
to my mind and my steps.  

I give such high praise 
for it is all about who He is, 
who and what 
His work does in my life, 
His spilling of Grace 
over me; 
for I cannot obtain 
an ounce of freedom 
from my own worry and fret.  

I lift my thought, 
my complete exultation 
of how deeply I love Him; 
for He is absolute 
with constant out pour
 and the power 
of electrifying current 
goes from Him.  

His presence is like a fire 
that takes my total stare 
as I meet its beautiful captivation.  

Mighty, like a sound so high 
it is only heard with aid, 
is the warring God 
with all power, 
looking upon me and giving orders.  

I take what I am, who I am, 
where I am, and I offer to Him 
my surrender and acknowledge my praise 
to join the city of God 
and decorate this wall 
with voices of who He is.  

Over and over 
in waves non-stopping force 
is resurrection work 
piercing my heart 
to conform to the One I adore.  

He has fountains 
that will never dry 
and He connects their direction 
to my life.  

Revival fire causes war within me 
and His fight is fierce 
as I worship; 
declare who He says He is, 
who His existence melts, 
where mercy endures, 
why I am, 
to give my heart full of praise 
that His glory 
fills the heavens and earth.   

War, my soul cries, 
war as I blow the Shofar 
to call all my thoughts 
into right standing 
to inhabit He who comes 
to those who praise.  

For my God starts and finishes
Wars for those who praise Him.