Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Secret Love Songs

Singing my ahhhh’s and ohhhh’s with a lifted heart to the Highest - in perfect pitch, in perfect silence; how can it be?  Without a sound heard from those around me, I hum within my disguised countenance, my secret love song to my God who Hears every note I make.  Singing to the top of my lungs yet hidden away where no man can go, music and harmony come together where perfection has found Bliss.

I utter words of praise to my Jesus, my friend forever, as my heart now begins to dance with eyes closing and opening to something going on inside.  How Passionately He Bends His Ear toward my heart to Catch my thoughts so miss-matched and jumbled but carrying a smile for Him. 

I send out love seasoned with age. 

For as a child, barely remembered, I sat on a floor of red carpet and sang a song learned. 

Come into my heart, come into my heart,
come into my heart Lord Jesus.  
Come in today,
come in to stay,
come into my heart Lord Jesus

Love Shifting the heavens as the angels came rejoicing of my decision.  So excited to Announce the beginning of New Life in His Kingdom,
me – a child moved by Love’s Song Knocking
as I Sang – Please Come in…! 

Deep, Deep Love Planted as I cried,
nearly a baby of maybe 5,
as Real Life Held me Close to His Warm Heart Beat. 

Come into my heart”, I sang, as I stayed on the floor wanting to remain, enjoying something phenomenon not experienced up to that moment. 

Tears streaming down my cheek as Love Came with just the Right Amount of Tenderness. 

How could I have known what this Song would do? 
How can I even imagined what my Songs still do to His Heart as I pray and praise and allow the tears fall that make my heart soft. 

I was Loved First and Love Stayed.

I am changed by Compassion that Bends His Ear toward my heart to Catch my thoughts so miss-matched and jumbled but carrying a smile for Him.

Tremendous Ache

Father, how I need You…!

In such a degree that I start this prayer
of this dominating thought. 

The need for You feels massive.
I am so fragile
and have no strength
aside from finding Your Voice,
Your Heart,
Your Incredible Love. 

I am so broken, Lord,
For with Eyes upon Your Word
I find I am in Your Heart so Safe. 

I am Sacredly Entwined
in Your every Thought
as You have Eyes so Wise for me. 

I am Carried about by Your Holy Spirit
In to the Purposes this day is Designed
while I bend over,
lean fervently,
feeling my need of You
with tremendous ache. 

How do You take such a fragile heart
and make Your Secrets and
Love Potions
Release in and out from me? 


I weep. 
I weep and weep and weep
of such Handiwork
Revealed of You from broken pieces. 

I never want to forget what You have Done
and forever rejoice in what You are Doing,

but I can not

destroy my own troubles;
it means I need You, Your Life,
Your Name, Your Power,
Your Unending Love
And then all things are possible. 

In all that surrounds me, the Ultimate is
Our Relationship
You Building in me, to Know You.  
You and I in communication
as I evade false foundations
and escape self righteous labor. 

Your Romance brings me to this
tremendous ache
Oh God, tremendous ache…
in the core of my being…
for Intimacy
You Created for I and the Triune Godship.

Matthew 6:30 (MSG)
If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers—most of which are never even seen—don't you think he'll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you?

I take a journey of mind
one flower… just one wildflower…
one that I have never seen
nor any eye ever positioned
to see its detail of great beauty and color. 

Not one person on earth. 

It came, it went,
yet it was Designed and Placed by Your Love,
Beauty that is Constantly being Released.

You took Thought, You took God Time,
God Energy, God Power
to Dress that flower,
make it for such a time. 

Oh God how beautiful it must have been. 

How sweet its scent so Carefully Chosen
by the Delight of Your Creations. 

The Tremendous Unknowns
of Your Love
that Operate
to Extend past any human mind,
is Stretched from beginning to eternity.  

Majesty, I am so falling in to Your Arms
that Wrap Them Self so Warm about me. 
You who have Created this same Beauty
around a flower never seen,
Dresses me in Your Glory. 

Sounding out the Color of Life
over me with Love
that Immerges as the Son Shines Brightly
over my soul and heart. 

Oh my Lover,
My God,
I have such tremendous ache
for You day and night.  

I need You with every breath. 
I need the Pride You Take in me. 
I need Your Best over me. 
I need with such a
tremendous ache
within my soul. 

I rejoice as You Dance and Sing
over me
for I am in Your Heart,
Sacredly Entwined
In Your every Thought
as You have Jealous Eyes
for me.