Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tears That Speak The Unknown

Take all the jumbling thoughts I have in my mind Poppa, forgive those that question You; that search for prof as if the worldly mind can understand Spirit.  Forgive me for missing so often Your song that sings to me the abundance of compassion and I cry thinking it is chains to tie me to my sorrow. Confused I sort through my thoughts as if I could pick and choose night and day.  Your glory falls and I tumble until Spirit comes to rest upon my heart that I fear not.

Spirit flow freely as I turn my heart to eyes watching for what is happening around me.  As Your love continues to rush in, melting hardness and bitterness, I rise above ground that thinks it can hold me down.  My soul that struggles, loses the jabs that tailored themselves specifically to my weaknesses.  Circling, Your Face strikes its stare as I rise and fall in trials and tribulations; taking me to a kingdom made as Jesus lives and breathes in me.
What are tears, Poppa, during these times?  Why does this flow so often take me to this reaction?  Is it that I feel the hurt of my broken heart or might it be I am experiencing Your broken heart?  Is it power that signals emotions above a walk about with earthly pleasures as my consumption?   Will I ever be able to stand as Spirit renews my mind, as my heart watches Your work?  Have I yet to see the rise of my walk?

As I am drawn into Your love, tears smile upon my face as all my body rises to be soaked in abundance.   I know only to continue to watch.  For I am at rest that Spirit has a pull richer than any question or search this worldly mind can understand.  Broken to come, broken to be unfolded and march through a kingdom that sets before me a pathway.  Broken to see Your glory that blinds me to be guided only by Teacher.

So Spirit swirl with Your wind as quickly and extravagant us You only know I can gain.  Ignite Your fire under my love-sick soul to burn as a red fiery sight, as love flows with sparks that crack and snap while I walk.  Take my breath and may it fan this flame as my thoughts wither under the repentance of my souls return to see Your Face.  Tears that speak unknowns, be the strength that heals all hidden sins into light as if purifying the finest of gold. 

Spirit join me in the instruments of praise from universe to universe, heaven to earth, east to west… the forever song joined by saints and angels.  Spirit join my conversation spoken and heart unspoken of His love to the winds that chime beauty as unspeakable and so full of glory.  Weave who I am to the canvas of His song of truth.  Cause my voice, my heart to be what contains the echoes of Holy that lives within me. 

Move mountains, move valleys, stretch oh soul, for the King takes me to dance in His kingdom brought through Jesus, my deliverer… to the Song of all songs.

Logic Gone

Hi Poppa, 
I’m so tired and yet I am so fulfilled 
from abundance of  Your love 
that has washed over me recently.  

So fresh 
is the pictures of Your face 
before me as life swiftly embraces me 
with opportunities to find You calling.  

I’m running, 
running to this fire 
that can open me up in a split second 
and then mend what spills 
by the wonders of Spirit’s voice 
just as fast.  

Love fascinates, intrigues me 
with such extreme; 
I push with all I've got 
to get there.  

Pushing with all I've got
because I've yet to learn 
the art of achievements 
to rest in this race worth my life.  

When love faces me so close 
I feel its breath,
I lose all logic 
on how it came, 
just that it is here 
and I am wading it its substance.  

Moving about has this simple song 
vibrating within 
that steals all my wants 
and packages them 
into an enormous explosion of joy.

And I wonder....
How did I get here?

Logic gone!
But I'm changed and refreshed.