Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dream Place of Love

There is a place more real than the offering of complete devotion; for devotion is in pieces - giving as moment by moment thoughts surrender. 

This Place appears as a dream, with only its own words and actions required to respond and act. It's not filled with mumbling and distractions, no, only its story. Each moment belongs to finish the picture. 

Drawing me to this Place is a call so direct, so focused, I can fix my eyes upon it and still receive all my life's fulfillment. Not missing a note within my song.

Love, His love, is this Place. A dream with no wasted thoughts or moments. Retold over and over and in newness of its unfolding picture.

Love solid, Holy, like a dream without distractions.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

How Do I See God

My Lord, I am sitting here under the heavy of Your love and I hardly know how to handle such greatness.  

Like a child with delicious in her hand…I feast in its taste.  For I am here because You have called me to the table and I am confident You want me to stay.  

To be at a place of rest is the vacation of a life-time. A wonder within the soul, I will talk of its beauty forever and ever.  

How much is in store, my heart cries.  For on this mountain top, I can only think I have arrived.  It is the satisfaction above all other wonders I have experienced.  Yet, something inside assures me there is more.  

I marvel; I stumble at this Room so full of warming passion.  I have baskets to fill, spaces to stuff as much as I can accommodate; for my return to the mind can be so disappointing.  I am set on having more than enough; extreme is what I find, so I hope for abundance that will spill from my gathering upon those I will return to. 

Oh, the spin of emotions…as all I was made to experience is tickled with excitement.  Every emotion You gave has been given a delight, a part of Your love to carry its assignments to season my walk. 

Falling with the angels in a posture of awe, knowing this burning inside is the filling of unspeakable passion like the sun that brightens our path. Teaching and directing far deeper than the mind knows to understand.  

As this feast is consumed, I run with perfect love that causes Your Image to form; and places the Light to reject all darkness.  Salt flavors the earth and You put within a Salt that fills us with Your glory.  Making my story a tasty bite of delicious…Your work in its beautiful unfolding.  Taking my fall and creating a dance, taking my stumbles and creating a color that blends Your love into a picture of wonder.  

Sipping on this cup of meekness, I see upward and not down upon others.  As Jesus walked in meekness, He is the example to follow.  For He has taken my failure and assured me His blood sacrifice was capable of covering the whole world in whom He loved.  

True love…this place of filling up and seeing what You have done.  True and perfect love…a witness of my life and how You have taken up my cause, my existence as Your work. Proving love that has this ‘making a show among the darkness’ Your overcome and worthiness.  Openly for eternal beauty… giving revelation of wisdom on grace and mercy that follows Your owned ones.  Shaking me into knowledge of soberness, fruit that sees Your Face! 

For how do I see God? 

I live for Your Presence and long for its Substance to soak within my pores, my whole being. Allowing the depth of Your call be.  Coming as Your call chimes out to my heart to partake and eat up.  Feast with open heart and unafraid; taking on Your safety and not my own created walls. 

Standing in the ring but all fights choreographed as Your love instructs my moves.  Standing in Your love's embrace and eating of the greatness of who You are, I see.

I choose the more excellent way, Your Way; as I sit under the heavy of Your love and sing Hallelujah!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Climbing To Reach God

It often feels like a climb, to reach God emotions… those moments where you feel God so large within, you feel as if it is your own.  

Emotions are an expression of what is going on inside and can be so loud, it scares us back into a false state of mind or deception of safety. And then, to break down this wall we put up so fast, can be exhausting and met with confusing screams to keep this door closed. 

Courage is the mountain now. Courage to open up is the ‘climb’, and the impossible, as we look up to imagine how far we would have to go. And depending on how many hands are cupped to help lift, we can find our climb ‘seems’ beyond the clouds. 

The answer is the adventure. We are looking for the top, but He is looking for the climb in us. 

God emotions… the sweet climb of adventure as we open up and seek Him!