Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ultimate Romance Before the Wedding

Ahhh, I am smiling for I have a Romance going on that my heart is swimming in.  I have a fire within that burns for One so Pure.  I am in Waiting and have taken in the Countenance of Love as I give through my thoughts and ways to He who Loves me in return.  Our eyes meet and I blush with knowing I was caught…caught loving with heart felt passion.  He Saw me staring at Him and I shrank.  But then His Hand was extended and I rose with excitement, knowing somehow that what was ahead would be Pleasures in a multitude of captured emotions?  I fixed my eyes upon Him as my mind connected with my heart and spoke its vow that I will never look away for I have found Love’s Song.  And the Music began!  I stopped to listen for its Notes were Sounds unfamiliar but Lifting the weight of my soul into an unknown.  Dare to enjoy I wait as I ponder this event with its intense Fulfillment.  Captured and willing to stay in this moment I linger with enough ecstasy I'm sure I could live here forever.  Oh the Sound of Love to the ears of desire.  Oh how limp the battles of fear fall when the foot of your whole steps into this realm of Love.  But then I am Touched with the Nudge of Closeness and I surrender to go further.  The Music continues as the Romance of Intimate Glances becomes stronger and my heart beats intensely.  I am showered with His Passion as I sink into His Arms that Hold me so Close now.  I look around and find another who has come to this same Fountain that woos the heart to surrender.  How amazing and wonderful to find one with the same heart.  Together now we share while our Tunes of Love beat so deep.  We can't help but dance as we see One before us who has Reached a depth within us that makes no sense to the senses but complete satisfaction to the abandoned heart towards His Love.   A Song of Melody now develops as together we Sing to the Heights of heaven because Love has taken over all the moves of our days.  We giggle together; we play together, speaking of our Romance of Love’s Song.  We are smitten by the length of it Amazements as we continue in its Beauty.  As Melody Rises, another voice joins the Song so we reach to catch its Colors and join it to our praise.  The Color now becomes of more Brilliance than one can voice.  We can only again stare as the Love rumbles and forms its exposion to be poured out by moves and passions of Life’s Song.  In unison we shout 'Rejoice, for yet another has become a Note of His Love'.  We look out over the horizon and behold many who are of the same Sense of Love's Embrace is Singing of One that has brought them to this Fountain of the Father’s Son. The Dance of Love has overtaken the mulitude of hearts and the Romance of Beauty now is the Gown we wear.  For together the choir blends its colors and sounds and we join our worship to One who Gave His Life for us, His bride, as we leave all that holds us and abandon any fears.  Circling around us is the Halo of His Crown and on our finger is the Ring of His Compassion of never ending Acceptance.   We Dance into Bliss together as His Presence Carry's us as one heart while we walk towards His Embrace of eternal.  We stretch every thought to behold this Moment while we delight in the Romance over Him.  Captured in this awaiting moment we Drink of Love in unison of heart, soul, and mind with our Father of Creation before the awaiting Wedding the Father Arranged for the Son, His Word.  Captured in His Love and so saturated with Gifts, we open Them each one with excitement of a bride knowing she is about to be His without reserves.  Oh the oozing of words as Love Speaks its Place.  Romance takes on its Face of the multitude, His bride’s expression, as Love reveals its Truth to all.  The Son is COMING...! We are Dancing with our Father as He bids all to come.  The Wedding is Announced and we are the bride…!!!  Today we are Kissed by the Passion of His Romance as we Sing of our Royal Engagement.