Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Language Connects To Find Love

Poppa, who went to all detail of creating me, where I would best be designed to live…I am overwhelmed with gratefulness.  For I cannot think of any other time I would want to be. Having access to so much history and knowing the future brings the amazing as well, how did You do this? 

And in processing my place, being aware it is designed to be closest to You with extreme consideration of my choices, You lift me higher and higher to be part of heaven’s existence. 

Made to want me as one with One, where You are, like You, holding the Substance of my movement in You.  I so want to go, be, have what You want for me. It is satisfaction no words can complete the description; experience must be a part.  

Like the constant strum of a perfect beat, my whole being begins to dance with such abandonment, as this intimate personal One connects such precision dreams to become my life.  

The I Am, who You are, sings as if to help me remember, like when I was a child learning the alphabet.  The complicated becomes the simple bases for my whole world of discovering You.  Communication has a foundation as our language connects to find Love in all things. The dance of life is on.  

My day begins and my desire is to make something beautiful of it for You; that each step is a stroke of color for a perfect picture at the end of this beautiful moment given.  That You see so deep in my heart You know what I’m communicating far past my choice of words or actions… see the yearning of giving it to You so my climb is prosperous and has Your great story to tell.  

This Kingdom… the Kingdom of Jesus’ Name, has found me and I confess Him as my Lord.