Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Quiet Shut-down

This day gives me a new quiet place 
with my Father. 
Feels like a shut down 
but I continue to experience a new peace.

A Quiet Shut-down 

Amazing to wander about 
in such a love 
that fascinates the mind. 
Surprises make life exciting. 

But what about expectations? 
Can I really lose this familiar 
so called friend (expectations) 
I’ve learned to believe?

As I lay pride aside, 
I'm hoping 
to find a walk that exist 
to give perfect peace 
with all the trimmings 
of beautiful surprises.  

My heart has not changed 
(I want what God is) 
but the path to this higher level 
may be greatly changed. 

Papa God, You experience 
the weep I do. 
Your Holy Spirit isn't being held back 
as I wrestle with my soul. 
I invite You to the center 
of this self-talk 
as the most serious Voice 
I could hear. 

Oh please, manage the scrabble 
of words and emotions 
that all find worth 
until exposed as death 
not life! 

It's okay to sit here and sob 
in a room full of people 
yet it does not appear any one has a clue. 
For this is a heart adjustment 
not a play to enlarge 
my imaginary followers 
to bow at my appearance. 

I'm asking my Pharaoh moments 
be crushed before I can hurt anyone else! 
Every fall be a record 
of Your enlightenment to Your children 
and not my insistence 
in where I can find a speck of self glory. 

Your Words lead on! 
I've never been disappointed. 
What could I ever be afraid of? 
I'm in Your health care facility 
and You have let 
the nurses(Angels) know I'm here. 
I'm in the waiting! 
Watching the action 
that is shattering darkness about me!  
I am being lead by a supernatural world 
that has the Sweet Name 
of miracles to show me Real! 

Fear takes on new leadership 
and becomes the 
beginning of Wisdom. 

Shaking is from joy unspeakable! 
JOY un-writable 
but completely saturated in experience. 
Vision and dreams coming alive 
with something more 
than approval needed of man/women!!! 

Fully Face to face 
with eyes matched to want good. 
Power that longs for Heaven 
as Truth feeds my appetite 
while I agree 
to its fulfilling waves of enjoyment. 

Who I am takes on Your description 
as I listen 
instead of heave forth 
troublesome attacks of dry places.

Waiting is 
being in Arms of Heaven Time 
instead of a calendar’s time slot 
doomed to expire 
or judged from self-accuracy. 

Waiting is listening to a song 
while work is being done. 

A Quiet Shut-down

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Blows Upon The Angels

The trembling of love has my heart in its captured position of please forever… please. 

I have been to the edge of my life and find only love to be the form of substance I can sing of, and always return to find it faithful to build. My heart tells me such amazing options within Love’s embrace. The dance, or song, or speech that finds the highest of atmospheres to go, takes the journey with joy as its source of energy. 

The trembling of love reaches beyond 
and into my breath; 
and blows upon the angels, 
who watch and find 
the aroma to be the blessing 
of being formed for Purpose.  

I’m carried to wonder about in abundant.  I’m carried to wonder about in my Father’s Thoughts. Returning me with sweet.  Returning me with power. Returning me with my own choices to want. My own choices to say my will or Yours. 

Passion builds desires that takes me into His Mystery of Love. To follow with great awareness of being alive, awake, and before Love abundance.  

I come to Crown Him as my Lord and find He has crowned me His first.  

Eternity please, oh eternity has such a beauty that I live now.