Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Peace - Lost Connection With My Sinful Heart

Sweet sounds not heard around me
Released from my heart to Yours, Lord. 

My smile speaks a whisper
that I continue to give,
as it reveals what my thoughts create
from seemingly the same thought
yet it generates as if it is new,
moment by moment. 

Silence is not silent at all
but shooting forth from my being
like an explosion heard from city to city. 

I have touched love and it gives light. 
I have touched love and it soars to His throne
this message I send. 

I fall toward the suggestion to come. 
Close my eyes in surrender to its pleasure. 
I have lost connection
with my sinful heart
and walked into glory,

which defines
His realm of Peace.  

My breath becomes irregular as I try to consume too much cloud that has engulfed me.  

I pause to soak love in return for my entrance.  My heart begins to sing.  

Sing oh heart, sing the Name that it beats for…!  I hear its sound; hear it now…. Ahhhha ahhhhhh  J-E-S-U-S, the Name sounding, coming in waves of tinkling notes then pounding to beats of loud attendance.  Jesus, again the Name sounds and a magnitude of pictures pose before me to bring His face so beautiful.  Ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh Jesus, softening now, ahhhh Jesus, His Name sounds, and I melt as if it is a substance pouring over me.  

I cry for I am so lost and He assures me ‘never’.  “But”, I want to say; and He takes me and somehow I know He has this amazing understanding that is all of what heaven is about.  

My face exposes my cry - I can’t live how I want to live, just and holy before Him.  I sob from inside out, for His pureness brings out such difficulties within me. 

He steps in front of me and it’s as if I see His eyes looking across to me, eyes to Eyes reaching to each other.  We stare.  I do not know what He will say.  

I wait.  

I wait.  

I wait.  

Then, weakening by His love speaking, I am encouraged to sit, rest. I become aware of the tightness that had griped me like a rope around me heart.  I inhale as I begin to feel a change.  I breathe in again His gaze, for He remains before me.  

I look again with a heart that loves but stretches too hard to find.  Could it be, could it really be? A resting that brings its wonders greater than any sleep could ever perform.  Could this moment be a Sabbath my soul longs for.  

It’s like I am in a garment created for me, totally outfitted for comfort.  I lose the sense of where I am for my neck has to twist and turn to examine freedom it is having a hard time understanding.  

My soul has the softness of rain refreshing the air I breathe to the dry ground my heart walks with.  My shoulders are loosed and I raise them to verify what I feel is real.  

My arms are lifted to the sky as His Name again begins to form from my thoughts to a song I want to sing.  A song that dances with every word spoken. 

Jesus, You mark my heart with joy.
Your glory colors my eyes with songs.
I dance as Your Name showers me with heaven.

Jesus, keep me everywhere You are
That I lose connection with my sinful heart.
I love You, I love You, I love You.

Jesus, You win my love in abundance.
Your the song that makes me dance.
I bring my heart to play in the kingdom of Your Name 

Jesus, keep me everywhere You are
That I lose connection with my sinful heart.
I love You, I love You, I love you.