Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Awaken By His Love

What a Special morning after Christmas as I am awaken
with an extra satisfaction in my heart that
amazed me
and caused me to ponder its soft
and refreshing increase of affections. 
You know how mushy you feel when you received what
you wanted for Christmas or your birthday…
something that satisfies your heart in great measure
 and it carries an extra ump to it.
This is as close as I can come
to explaining my heart
as songs of worship
explored words of praise from my heart
 and stirred me awake
 out of my calm deep sleep this morning. 
Amazing yes,
as I slowly become conscience
 of the morning hour nudging me of its arrival;
speaking to me as I sense the vibrating
of songs happening inside me
and the Joy it offers me of Comfort
while the waves of its Messages make melody
all through my being of the One I love
and who Loves me deeply. 
The Sounds slowly penetrate my consciousness
with its tender kisses until I respond. 
So pleasing and rich to my soul
as my spirit is lifted! 
I understand in part
that this One finds pleasure in my praise
but reluctantly I must admit
I worship at times with almost a non-connected mind.  
Like entering a store and absent mindedly begin singing
the song playing while I shopped. 
But this morning there is a beautiful awareness of connection
 as a love affair is tied
and accepted in my mind, heart and soul,
with He who walked
the same earth I now find my days numbered in,
so, so, long ago. 
A Love that gives pleasure to both I and He
and causes the little girl in me to jump out of bed
with giggles! 
 Worship to honor generated from
true feelings
towards the One who has won my affection
and such Good towards me.
One who has awaked my eyes of love
to desire a playful reunion
after the slumber of a fulfilled night’s sleep;
excited for the day as the heart of my passion
runs for the search of which fun thing to do first?
A heart so completed and full;
choices so many,
oh where do I start? 
What a wonderful play-date He is,
this One who has knocked upon the door
of my awakened heart this morning. 
A firm foundation of Love
poured upon my thoughts,
causing the voice of my inward treasures
to expose its face with the words of my song to Him. 
My countenance speaks the loudest
of its fulfilled joy. 
Nothing within me has the strength to remain silent. 
All my emotions explode
as my arms reach to accept the call of His Dance. 
Carry me
in this abundance and power of its existence! 
I must begin the process
of shedding the weight of such Love
as it leaves its tracks where my feet walk. 
My body overly filled with this Substance
spilling in order to continue moving. 
I must hold hands,
speak with a smile,
give my ears to the sounds of all the beauty around me. 
The simple becomes brilliant
 and the complicated becomes simple. 
Heaven comes to earth
and torment has passed far from me. 
My eyes begin to wonder around
to soak up all the satisfaction of this Lightness
as the weight of weariness drops its hold. 
The sounds of this day
become the background for my song to He who I love. 

And there it is… I hear His Name again
I say and hear it with a smile
as Love boils inside me with this Heat of Passion. 
Over and over and over
I listen with Passion
of this love and soak in all His Name holds
for it carries
millions and millions of stories and pleasures. 
So many experienced
and so many more to explore! 
My heart beats more excitedly
as my entire attention has been captured. 
The Passion I ran to
has encircled the room I occupy
and its silence consumes all my hearing. 
With all creation, the earth and the skies,
I join in declaring it is He who I give praise
and my own heart of devotion. 
The air that fills the atmosphere
holds His Presence with this silent Power.
My love knows only to return to this Source
that first awakened me
this Christmas day after
 and express my affections
as I walk in its Life giving
I know only to enjoy…
only to accept His Touch
to my heart
and sing back my love. 
I love His Goodness and hold it dear today.