Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, October 22, 2012

Temporary Insanity's Love Call

What richness, pondering the many stories of the bible.  Tremendously identifying me as human, following Christ and seeing the Father through the heart Jesus had for Him; now my Father also. The good, bad, and even the ugly of those after God's heart. So overwhelming I often feel I have only tapped into a minor portion of its power to understand and mature as His child. But what about our own daily story?  How does it reveal Father, Son and how His Spirit dwells to speak into our lives.  Did the 'bible' stop with Revelations?  Are we not also being written as our life has a beginning and end upon earth and then travels to this amazing place He has prepared for me?  Is my life small and insignificant as I fight to lean into His Glory, or is it one that shows weakness but Power unrelated to my own abilities, trials and blessings that show His Face.

I saw a bible story the other day in my son's life.  It was most beautiful.  I want to share it.

One of my son's was in his company vehicle that displayed his phone number on the side.  Twice someone called to report his aggressive driving. He received a text but continued to be as careful yet determine to get to a destiny called as soon as his vehicle would take him.  Love had exploded in his heart and absolutely nothing appeared to have power to stop this moving train.

He received a very disturbing call from the school his 12 year old daughter attended while she stood trembling from a near assault by darkness.  I was on my way home from work when I felt I was supposed to call him.  He was on his way to the school.  Hardly able to find words to talk to me, he attempted to tell what he knew so far, as his foot demanded speed from his vehicle.  Locker room, roughed up, threats, attach, chase to capture...words trying to make sense.  Racing in his heart was this 'temporary insanity (he calls it) to hold in his arms a treasure from heaven's gifts to comfort and experience this trauma with her, not after the fact. Every motion in his body ran at top speak to fight for, fight against, fight as love carried her heart back to safety in his arms.  No obstacle was too big, in his mind, that would keep him from tenderness he had to deliver to this pain and confusion he imagined she held.

Tears refuse to hold their emotions as he breaks down from the strain, while love for such a gift as a daughter gives voice to one he knew would understand, the grandmother. Five hours away I am unable to make a physical touch to such pain my arms now needy to hold them both.  As he later gives report of the incident, the police, the teachers responses; as my granddaughter held tight to her daddy, safety in a dark moment. Awakening all through the night, I marveled at how rested I would feel as each time my eyes would look to see the clock.  I would say a prayer for love was totally focused on what might be ahead as charges were made and other school children witnessed her run for life.  But my heart could not be swayed away from such love that pierced his heart.  Unspeakable, unbreakable drive to get from where he was to where she was.  Temporary insanity as he tries to describe this emotion that swelled by the second.

Not until he had her in his arms was he satisfied.

This story, this bible moment shows me also that I'm Father's daughter and no love is deeper than His.  No love is like His, for He gave His Son for me.  Not until he has me in His arms is He satisfied...!  He paid the total price for all my misconduct, my love/hate for others, my self centered world that I claim as mine.  Great bolts of lightening flash as He looks about me when I call upon His Name (kingdom) to save me.  Assignments are made, heavenly weapons are put to flight.  A party was thrown when I said 'yes' to His Life as mine and He reaches at the speed of lightening to rescue and hold me when I am scared and troubled.  Holding me tight as I tremble and tell my story.  Holding me with purpose as I speak my fears so real that I ran and ran and ran.  He holds me and I cry.

This world holds much darkness, and the enemy wants it to destroy our trust to call upon One so Holy.  Someday we will not have this to deal with but growing in His Love, I am discovering that there is always a call I can make, and it shows me I want to forever be in His care. Does this mean I do not have circumstances I face before darkness and run.  I do not think so; for I have experienced much darkness slamming into my world but I have learned that the rescue of Father is great, aggressive in His pursue, but His arms are reaching me with abundance.

Like my granddaughter in distress... I just call and love comes running...!