Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mother's Prayer

How special to take the thoughts and concerns
of my own grown-up babies to my Father,
to whom I call Parent, Daddy, my Maker;
concerns for my sons You placed in my arms so long ago
 while I was a child myself. 
Forever grateful for the Gift of these babies
who have never stopped filling my heart,
birthed to me by Your design. 
What a wonderful inspiring prize they have been
as I watch them grow,
even to becoming grandparents themselves,
and how it has better developed my own knowledge of
Love from above. 

My oldest child holds keys
to the smiles of those he works around,
in constant servitude which brings such delight
as he views their pride of his work,
so happy to give. 
Always with the attitude of how
Good You are to him. 
Such a grateful heart.

My middle child giving me adopted children
 and enlarging my love strings
to be tied to the gracious world of
beyond children from my own womb.
His gigantic heart sees right from wrong,
peace verses stress,
and truly operates as the middle man
between so many situations
to bring balance and peace to hearts. 
I watch those who know him
see a unique tenderness as he calls upon God
for his life and family. 

My youngest a strong warrior
standing as a tower
for his children given to him as treasures,
like I do. 
Moving in the Life given him
with little ones in constant mind.  
Power of a strong man
but the heart of a soft daddy. 
His direction solid with eyes of steel.

Three boys Given to me
as a continuance of my own life! 
Your choices for me
as each of my boys have such Special Assignments
from Your above intelligent Foresight
and matchless Love. 

Oh the miracles I see as an overwhelmed receiver
of their love
from such miraculously enjoyable treasures;
treasures placed with me. 

Why me? 

These sort of splendid favors
are hard to understand
how I was granted such inheritance. 

I read yesterday how
Mary, Jesus’ mother,
was so surprised
when an angel by Your Request
 came to her
to tell her she would bare a Son. 
 How excited she was
as well as concerned
for her role in this amazing event.
  She pondered this call
as she accepted
Your Pleasure be done within her
and no doubt watched
it play out in her life
with eyes of love
and devotion to her Given son. 

I understand her great excitement
as I too find such joy in the Gift of sons. 
How I relate when Mary felt
such loss
and worry
when Jesus remained in the temple
while her and Joseph returned home
after traveling to Jerusalem
for the Feast of Passover
and could not find their son, Jesus,
in their party
for He had stay back
to speak with the temple scholars
to both ask questions and give His own Answers. 
When they finally found Him,
He was so at ease to tell His mother
that He was about His Father’s business. 

Oh Father, Daddy to my given and myself;
I find myself in this state of loss and worry
over my three treasures
and know only to come to You with these concerns
and run in search as Mary did. 
And when I do run to find them,
to find them at Your Temple as I do
puts my soul at ease.
For as I am put in remembrance
that they have
the dwelling of Your Sweet Spirit within them
and that Your Spirit
is greater than anything in this world,
I am put to ease of heart. 
My God
let the Mind of Christ be strong in their hearts
as You Dwell and Move them to the Knowledge of Your Love
 as they mature by walking out
Your Call within them. 
Stand them tall in Your Knowledge
Perfection of Your Love. 
As they stand
in the Temple of the Most High God,
Answer the curiosities
they hold of Your Kingdom
so they may declare
to the scholars of this world
Your Glory and Your Love’s Purpose. 
Carry out today and tomorrow’s Wisdom
over their own desires
as You so kindly did
when I ask
for things less than Your Greatness. 
Move the mountains
that tries to blind them from Your future
and the future of their children given
that far exceeds any desire
we might carry of our own flesh. 
Oh to hear they bring You Pleasure
as they have brought me. 
Thank You
for escorting me through the caring of such treasures. 
I know Your Eyes are in constant watch
and I see Your Favor upon them
as they grow in Your Wisdom
and find the favor of men
as their lives become closer and closer
lined up with Your Walk Designed for them. 
In humility I have this confidence
I cannot credit these treasures
as my work
but simply because
Your Work is/was/and forever will be
done through Christ who Dwells within us. 
Cause Your Love to be
Abundant in them,
just as Your Son’s work was accomplished
let my sons Work Through You
be done
with the Tremendous Power
of Jesus Blood
over their numbered days,
held Tight by the Sweet Holy Spirit.
I remain in Your Arms
and bring my children
in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name.