Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Even In Dismay

My lover, 
my dreams in the night 
and my pillow in the daytime.  

My strength that takes me 
from one room to the next 
as I wake 
for His wonders about me.  

How can I not go 
to His whispering meadow 
that blows across my heart 
with kisses so soft 
I can carry them all.  

Silver and gold have no shine 
in comparison to the emotions 
love sweeps through my being.  

All my ability to be 
is taken 
by a want to feel each spark 
that fires beneath my heart.  

I was made to wait 
as the fire grows 
to show its blaze higher and higher 
so that it is all I see.  

Even in dismay, 
love burns the night hours away 
within my soul 
and I pour out my love in return.  

For it matters not 
if my eyes are open or shut, 
love is a fragrance within me
 and it releases its pleasure 
before His altar that consumes my offering.  

I have spilled myself out 
and gave the value of all I have, 
my heart.  

I have cashed in all my thoughts 
and summoned a vow 
to be spent as His rose, 
plucked and cherished 
as a bouquet of love songs.  

Could I ever find any thing more? 
Absolutely impossible; 
for this love is the ultimate 
that refreshes me 
as it comes to waltz in new beauty 
for me to wear.  

I have entered its gate 
that has showed me a brightness 
that combs my face with its fingerprints.  
A brightness that forms to make corners 
that turn any darkness 
to a scene of color and relationship.  

If I cry, 
it sounds an alarm that love acts 
in a fight so lovely.  

If I lean, 
a bolt of revival 
flashes so my weakness 
has new vision to move.  

A camp has been set up
 to war 
for my stay to be eternal.  

Struggle is met with orders 
from on high 
to send extra help.  

Where does such extravagance wait 
as I take my heart through its journey?  

Where is my song hanging out 
as I move in life?  

Will I ever come to the fullness 
of His Love with understanding?  

I run to the lap of satisfaction 
as my longing pulls 
with all my might to this search.  

Loves want 
for everything I am.  

Oh lover, 
my dreams in the night 
and my pillow in the daytime…
I see fire 
with my name upon its flame; 
a name You call me 
by the yearning of Your love.  

I leave nothing to keep for my self 
but reach to take every move 
my soul can make 
to this place.  

The chamber of heaven’s dew 
that draws me away 
and into a no returning.  

For a taste of heaven’s Love 
has completed the make 
of who I am now and forever,
even when my soul is in dismay.