Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, July 2, 2012

Relationship Stares of Love

My Lord God, 
a path, 
Your path 
has me crunched inward this morning.  
Like a wrenching desire 
that causes all surroundings 
rate of less importance 
while concentration takes control of my duties or play.  

I hold a mystery 
and it compels me with its chauffeuring weight.  

I cannot look right or left 
to unearth this tenderness 
that throbs with the fire of desire in such extreme.  

The world holds only disappointments, 
yet its sting often drives me 
to this bliss of attention 
satisfied in the solitary of a single love, 
Your love, 
foundation for all else.  

I am complete in this foundation 
as I yield entirely 
all my heart and soul to submission 
belonging now to this, 
the greatest love.   

have discovered 
my sacrifice 
is no sacrifice at all, 
but a leaving of dry country 
to a land flowing of fragranced fresh streams 
which soften life’s drama 
to visuals of perfect love.  

Failure is just a moment to seek further 
as You hand me extreme passion 
while You conquer defeat for me 
so I stand firm in love’s exchange 
between You and I.  

I wait.  

I wait for the voice that satisfies 
in the solitary of a single love…. Your love. 

My desire, 
my weight of search, 
is astonishingly encircled 
with such brilliant obsession 
that wondering within this treasure hunt 
for Your path, 
I am raged with the outburst 
of love’s song to praise.  

Going into the raptures 
of such sudden occurrences 
has pleasure 
like flavors upon the tongue 
that cause one to react with joy of find.  

Come taste, my heart sings… 
come join the journey to eternity.  

Set free the fire to desire, 
void of lies 
that displease and stop the intimacy 
of relationship stares of love

My Savior (Jesus) 
whose kingdom 
is the Name I break beneath 
to live so rich and free.  

I confess of my desire 
to mature to Your example 
of walking not Your own will 
but the Father’s.  

Never to turn back, 
finding the path designed by only One, 
for me.  

Finding within pure eyes 
the acceptance of untarnished motives, 
I expose my heart My Lord God.  

I unveil all my words, 
my actions, 
my intentions, 
so the solitary of a single love… 
Your love, 
has my approval to guide me through this path, 
Your path.  

Without fear, 
for I have found perfect love, 
Your love, 
casts out all my fears 
and the walk takes me to commit all the way.  

All to You, with gladness, oh how I surrender in joy
to relationship stares of love,

Your path set for me.