Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Friday, June 16, 2017

Depression Is...

Father, this mystery of such height, I can only float to its water flow. I am nameless until You bring on my name. I can feel separated and drowning in despair without this fear that has delight as the fixed connection to belong. 

For depression is the weak union, where one is unknowing a fountain is exploding inside the heart. The pressure to soak is so mighty, a reaction has to be given to lift up, let out; spread forth the rhythm of what we are created for. 

A hunger for daily bread will give such glory to wisdom, the Spirit of His Word on earth.  Just as the rocks will cry out to worship if high praise is softened to dull, so will the soul cry for daily bread and fall under burdened and barren if not feasting on bread that moistens the hardened heart unfed.  

Take hold, see the ribbons of praise spewing into this land from my heart to decorate life and the air that I breathe.  See the lift and waves they make to sound forth the eternal timeless beauty of what you create as more glorious than the birds of the air.  

Show the awesome welcome of incomparable love returned to You from the mix of all I have learned of You.   See how it brings me joy from being clothed by Your Love. 

Soaked in this mystery forever. Knowing that when my heart drops, I need but come to the river and swim about in beauty that moves my inner heart to new outward appearance of radiance.   

Lost in assurance.  Consumed in abundance.  Weary of nothing. Depressed forgotten. Laboring only in following the feast of being together forever.  Forever, and EVER…!!!

Pocket Surprises

The time has come. The time has come! 

I live again something so fresh, it is partaken as a constant and yet it has no duplicate. I've come to new, fresh, unpackaged... straight from the throne that rules with such beautiful music, my soul is changed upon every click of now to now. 

The experience is named and built as a greater. Filling out peace on earth, good will to man/woman. The dry bones of want pleads for this rapid river to keep drenching as the guard of my heart wars off the intruder of mindless thoughts. Staying in truth so I can offer me and not someone He does not know.  Recklessly listening to hear a crumbling heart so I can run to push down its remaining hardness, for I am here.  The time has come for yet another unveiling mystery. 

I find love much like I find money in a forgotten pocket's safety.  It was there all along but it had never crossed my mind to look.  Suddenly it is cold and my hands slip into a comfortable position, a pocket of mysteries. Expecting empty but finding riches, the retreat adds a smile and story to tell of a surprise. 

His love has so many benefits. Should I waste it? Should I take such a rich find and spend it on silence or shout out my find of big opportunity. What and how can I put this Good News to its fullest sound? 

Packed in my hands, my heart throws a party. A song spills that requires an army to sing and my decision is made. I join my gift found to invest in His kingdom. Together we put our treasures found. and suddenly. the very picture of the Father who Jesus wanted us to see is before our eyes. Walking and talking on earth as it is in heaven. His kingdom has come.!!!