Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Friday, May 20, 2011

Invaded By Your Irresistible Devotion

Wonderful Lord, I choose the word
today because it just feels so appropriate. 

Wonderful as in the gasp of air one takes, as a breathtaking sight or thought comes raiding my heart and suddenly a vision is caught and
a million words
can’t describe all the details.   

I’ve been Invaded by Your Irresistible Devotion and can only stare at its

Oh Wonderful Lord, I am crippled with the Spoiling of Your Commitment.  

Your Pledge to Abide and Loyalty to Watch over my life down to the seemingly insignificance of knowing the number of hairs upon my head.  This very Reflection of Your Steadfastness of Constant Gaze has me staggering in Your Matchless Love. 

I am still feasting upon this early morning’s Walk with You as You Guided me to see the stars and note that they are each placed very carefully by Your Handiwork.  The extension of such Beauty spreading far past what my eyes could see or understand.  Even as the instruments of great visual has given man new abilities to see Your Wonders, we still have only tapped into the beginnings of Your Work. 

The sky is but a fragment of much Depth You want us to see of who You are. 

Then I was shown the body of mankind. 
The individual body,
a single body,
so intricate and complication of design You Carefully Elaborated on to Involve a Complex Work upon earth
so You could Dwell within our thoughts to Further Expand the Palate of Your Wondrous Beauty.  

So Designed that to begin the study of its
Flamboyant Abilities set within by the Presence of Your Life,
I've really not began to know.
Like the sky so full of life and endlessness;
Your Exquisite Designs are far,
far from my comprehension or knowledge of
how to search to Your Level. 

So I ask, 
"The same Work of Infinite,
You say,
within me?" 

"The same Endowment Given,
by what Your Son’s Death did for me?" 

Existing within is the Inconceivable Handiwork of the Master Craftsman who Created every individual with more unreachable Knowledge than we could ever go! 

Undreamed Places Existing,
Unthinkable Spiritual Wonders,
Incredible Life not even imaginable to explore. 

Oh Wonderful Lord, who has Busied Him Self for me; You know I do not know how to say thank You but I do accept Your Gifts and I do enjoy them tremendously.  I will seek today’s Treasures as I listen for all Your Directions.  I will seek You for the Management of all the heart Jewels of God Value I can.  I will cherish Your Love and speak highly of it for it is the Path to all Righteousness.  I will search for the unseen and unknown of Your Love,
for each Piece I find will form me more like You. 

I will study, oh Wonderful Lord. 
I will study and shine like the stars of Your Love so Vast and Infinite. 

Place me like the stars so bright that shines Your Glory.  Place me in the Plan that is inestimable, immeasurable. 
Boundless is Your Love and Extreme is the Beauty You Display. 

I will look deep as You Guide me through Your Kingdom of everlasting Love.

For I’ve been
Invaded by Your Irresistible Devotion
and can only stare at its